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Version 8.5.0 Fix Pack 2 for the IBM Business Process Manager products

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V8.5.0 Fix Pack 2 is for the IBM Business Process Manager products.

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In this document, IBM Business Process Manager Advanced, IBM Business Process Manager Standard, and IBM Business Process Manager Express are collectively referred to as the IBM Business Process Manager products.

IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive business process management platform that gives you visibility and insight to manage business processes. It scales smoothly and easily from an initial project to a full enterprise-wide program. IBM Business Process Manager harnesses complexity in a simple environment to break down silos and better meet your needs.

V8.5.0 Fix Pack 2 (V8.5.0.2) is the second fix pack for the IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.5.0 products, which first shipped in June 2013 on the following operating systems:

  • AIX
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Windows
  • z/OS

This fix pack addresses product defects found both by clients and through internal testing since the IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.0.1 fix pack was shipped. Overall, more than 500 fixes were included and tested, which leads to improved product stability and quality.

A complete list of the APARs that are addressed with this fix pack is available in the Fix list for IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.5 products document.

The links in the download section link to the downloadable packages for V8.5.0.2 for the following products on all applicable operating systems:
  • IBM Business Process Manager Standard, IBM Business Process Manager Advanced, IBM Business Process Manager Advanced - Process Server, and IBM Business Process Manager Express (one download package)
  • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced for z/OS
    Note: This download is available through the "IBM BPM Advanced Process Server for z/OS" download package.

You can update IBM Process Designer from the Process Center after installing the appropriate fix pack.


You can install this fix pack on top of IBM Business Process Manager Version V8.5.0.0 and V8.5.0.1 products only.

Installation Instructions

The following links contain the installation and upgrade instructions for the fix pack. You are strongly encouraged to read these documents prior to installing the fix pack.

Installation Instructions English 99999
Profile upgrade instructions English 99999
Fix list for V8.5 English 99999
Recommended interim fixes English 99999

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IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.0 Fix Pack 2 (V8.5.0.2)

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Change history

Second fix pack release for the IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.5.0 products

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
IBM BPM 1 Dec 2015 English 1208710832 FC
IBM BPM Advanced Process Server for z/OS 1 Dec 2015 English 570666263 FC

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Business Integration IBM Business Process Manager Standard Installation / Configuration AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows
Business Integration IBM Business Process Manager Express Installation / Configuration Linux, Windows

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Problems (APARS) fixed
IC96545, IC96845, IT00409, IT03915, IT05286, IT05359, IT07386, JR42984, JR44543, JR45952, JR46225, JR46278, JR46724, JR46828, JR46829, JR46891, JR46894, JR46917, JR46922, JR47117, JR47445, JR47596, JR47706, JR47720, JR47857, JR47860, JR47879, JR47929, JR47995, JR48034, JR48052, JR48053, JR48061, JR48151, JR48172, JR48217, JR48227, JR48321, JR48345, JR48348, JR48364, JR48366, JR48395, JR48398, JR48407, JR48427, JR48445, JR48446, JR48448, JR48474, JR48482, JR48484, JR48487, JR48497, JR48503, JR48507, JR48508, JR48511, JR48513, JR48515, JR48521, JR48531, JR48541, JR48549, JR48550, JR48553, JR48568, JR48570, JR48584, JR48590, JR48600, JR48638, JR48657, JR48663, JR48664, JR48676, JR48696, JR48699, JR48701, JR48704, JR48710, JR48720, JR48745, JR48752, JR48757, JR48777, JR48781, JR48787, JR48804, JR48808, JR48813, JR48814, JR48817, JR48820, JR48854, JR48859, JR48877, JR48879, JR48881, JR48886, JR48896, JR48981, JR48988, JR48991, JR48995, JR49006, JR49012, JR49014, JR49021, JR49032, JR49034, JR49037, JR49040, JR49041, JR49045, JR49047, JR49056, JR49068, JR49074, JR49104, JR49113, JR49122, JR49123, JR49129, JR49131, JR49132, JR49147, JR49150, JR49157, JR49168, JR49178, JR49189, JR49214, JR49244, JR49261, JR49267, JR49270, JR49272, JR49281, JR49290, JR49303, JR49304, JR49308, JR49327, JR49330, JR49335, JR49355, JR49359, JR49360, JR49363, JR49373, JR49374, JR49375, JR49380, JR49392, JR49408, JR49413, JR49421, JR49423, JR49478, JR49486, JR49490, JR49503, JR49505, JR49509, JR49510, JR49514, JR49549, JR49555, JR49557, JR49570, JR49573, JR49579, JR49581, JR49585, JR49599, JR49606, JR49635, JR49638, JR49642, JR49645, JR49647, JR49657, JR49658, JR49660, JR49661, JR49679, JR49684, JR49707, JR49730, JR49742, JR49744, JR49764, JR49777, JR49811, JR49812, JR49816, JR49829, JR49831, JR49844, JR49848, JR49853, JR49893, JR49895, JR49919, JR49924, JR49928, JR49943, JR49948, JR49949, JR49964, JR49972, JR49990, JR49994, JR50001, JR50003, JR50008, JR50014, JR50021, JR50028, JR50039, JR50050, 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