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Cognos Controller 8.5.1 FP1 Interim Fix 1

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Cognos Controller 8.5.1 FP1 Interim Fix 1 addresses security vulnerabilities found in Cognos Controller 8.5.1 releases.

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Cognos Controller 8.5.1 FP1 Interim Fix 1 can only be installed as a new installation. Therefore, before installing Cognos Controller 8.5.1 FP1 Interim Fix 1 you should uninstall all previous versions of Cognos 8 Controller. This interim fix will check for the existence of a version 8.5.1 Controller database before proceeding with the installation. Review the installation instructions section for before you begin your installation.

Installation Instructions

Uninstall Cognos 8 Controller

1. Check the prerequisites section above.
It is not necessary to back up the configuration and data files on Windows®. These files are preserved during the uninstallation.
We recommend that you close all programs before you uninstall IBM Cognos 8 Controller. Otherwise, some files may not be removed.

2. From the Start menu, click Programs, IBM Cognos 8, Uninstall IBM Cognos 8, Uninstall IBM Cognos 8.
The Uninstall wizard appears.
Tip: Cognos 8 is the default name of the Program Folder that is created during the installation. If you chose another name, go to that folder to find the program.
3. Follow the instructions to uninstall the components.
The cognos_uninst_log.htm file records the activities that the Uninstall wizard performs while uninstalling files.
Tip: To find the log file, look in the Temp directory.
Delete all temporary Internet files.
For more information, see your Web browser documentation.
Uninstalling does not remove any files that changed since the installation, such as configuration and user data files. Your installation location remains on your computer, and you retain these files until you delete them using Windows Explorer.

Install Cognos 8 Controller

1. Check the prerequisites section above.

2. Download the appropriate .tar.gz Interim Fix file using the links in the Download Package section.
You can either choose to access the FTP folder directly or you can use a Java™ applet called Download Director to download the files.
Note: Some browsers may change the downloaded file type from .tar.gz. to a file type not recognized by the operating system. To correct this, change the file type back to .tar.gz or use Download Director to avoid this issue.

3. Uncompress the Interim Fix:
Interim Fix installation images on the FTP site are in compressed format. Before you can install the Interim Fix, you must uncompress the Interim fix installation image in a temporary directory

3.1 Uncompress Interim Fix (Windows®)
To uncompress a Interim Fix installation image, perform the following steps:
3.2.1 Change to the directory where you have downloaded the Interim Fix installation image.
3.2.2 Double click the .tar.gz file.
The WinZip window opens.
3.2.3 Click “yes” to decompress the file to a temporary folder and open it.
3.2.4 Click Extract.
3.2.5 Select the option "use folder names" and select a target to uncompress
3.2.6 Click Extract.
All files are unzipped to the specified folder.

4. Install the Interim Fix.

4.1 Launch the issetup application found under the <operating system> folder
For example under Microsoft® Windows® XP, the issetup application is issetup.exe and the <operating system> folder is win32.

4.2 Follow the install wizard steps.

Download package

Please click on the FC link below to start downloading your package.

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14 September 2015: Original version published

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Software version: 8.5.1

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Modified date: 05 October 2016