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JR53438 - Mandatory cumulative Interim Fix for WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Fix Pack 9

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This cumulative Interim Fix includes all of the individual Interim Fixes that have accumulated since the release of Fix Pack 9 up to June 30, 2015.

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This fix addresses known issues and standardizes the code level of your Fix Pack 9 environment.

For more information about the fixes that are included, see Cumulative Interim Fixes for Fix Pack 9.

All individual Interim Fixes for Fix Pack 9 that are released after this cumulative Interim Fix will require this cumulative Interim Fix as a prerequisite.

WebSphere Commerce Update Installer English 1

Installation Instructions

This Interim Fix can be applied using Roll Out Update.

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)? 29 Jun 2015 English 9077151 FC 29 Jun 2015 English 8425761 FC 29 Jun 2015 English 8411162 FC 29 Jun 2015 English 8396366 FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
IT05823, JR49296, JR49587, JR49600, JR49710, JR49762, JR49784, JR49835, JR49911, JR49944, JR49998, JR50041, JR50043, JR50104, JR50129, JR50130, JR50131, JR50161, JR50191, JR50195, JR50350, JR50373, JR50437, JR50438, JR50448, JR50455, JR50507, JR50509, JR50514, JR50552, JR50553, JR50613, JR50628, JR50674, JR50677, JR50683, JR50684, JR50689, JR50691, JR50698, JR50703, JR50712, JR50727, JR50740, JR50747, JR50748, JR50749, JR50754, JR50755, JR50762, JR50763, JR50832, JR50913, JR50967, JR51007, JR51034, JR51048, JR51053, JR51059, JR51086, JR51102, JR51133, JR51134, JR51140, JR51141, JR51142, JR51262, JR51265, JR51272, JR51278, JR51279, JR51280, JR51290, JR51324, JR51413, JR51416, JR51427, JR51428, JR51458, JR51494, JR51556, JR51579, JR51586, JR51602, JR51605, JR51608, JR51610, JR51650, JR51668, JR51679, JR51713, JR51723, JR51724, JR51732, JR51748, JR51771, JR51792, JR51800, JR51839, JR51847, JR51908, JR51968, JR51974, JR51982, JR51997, JR52031, JR52033, JR52035, JR52047, JR52058, JR52068, JR52072, JR52092, JR52099, JR52117, JR52125, JR52147, JR52166, JR52167, JR52168, JR52192, JR52193, JR52195, JR52217, JR52224, JR52225, JR52226, JR52228, JR52229, JR52230, JR52231, JR52234, JR52235, JR52239, JR52240, JR52241, JR52242, JR52245, JR52246, JR52247, JR52249, JR52261, JR52262, JR52298, JR52306, JR52319, JR52320, JR52328, JR52329, JR52330, JR52332, JR52333, JR52337, JR52373, JR52398, JR52418, JR52446, JR52463, JR52540, JR52552, JR52604, JR52605, JR52614, JR49228, JR42126, JR46543, JR46729, JR46915, JR47425, JR48163, JR48819, JR48850, JR48976, JR49362, JR53438, JR52306, IT07134, IV72757, IV73834, JR51779, JR51793, JR51983, JR52331, JR52337, JR52361, JR52407, JR52450, JR52475, JR52495, JR52512, JR52515, JR52538, JR52612, JR52625, JR52650, JR52686, JR52690, JR52695, JR52719, JR52745, JR52757, JR52768, JR52818, JR52835, JR52912, JR52972, JR52981, JR52983, JR53011, JR53017, JR53043, JR53045, JR53061, JR53085, JR53094, JR53107, JR53136, JR53163, JR53166, JR53211, JR53213, JR53239, JR53245, JR53252, JR53266, JR53289, JR53293, JR53333, JR53335, JR53346, JR53362, JR53377, JR53380, JR53386, JR53387, JR53389, JR53390, JR53393, JR53399, JR53402, JR53404, JR53408, JR53434, JR53435, JR53436, JR53452, JR53463, JR53473, JR53477, JR53484, JR53485, JR53486, JR53497, JR53511, JR53521, JR53524, JR53536, JR53539, JR53596, JR53616, JR53618, JR53621, JR53622, JR53623, JR53625, LI78441

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