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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V6.4 fix pack 3 (6.4.3) client download maintenance packages and READMEs

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Note: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.4 will reach End-Of-Support (EOS) on September 30, 2017. There will be no support extensions for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.4 products. Clients are encouraged to upgrade to a current product release that has not yet reached end of support. See in TSM Family Products with Support Extension contracts available which releases are supported or which are the recommendations for replacement.

Download maintenance fix pack packages and READMEs for the TSM V6.4 Fix Pack 3 (6.4.3) clients, including both English and non-English clients where supported. 6.4.3-TIV-TSMBAC-FP0003


  • For customers upgrading from a Linux x86 B/A client datamover to 6.4.3 on RH 5 with 6.4 TSM for Virtual Environments:
    First upgrade to Linux x86 client level 6.4.0.x (where x>=1), 6.4.1, or 6.4.2, then apply 6.4.3, so VMware incremental backups can continue uninterrupted, as described in APAR IT09781.
  • A security vulnerability fix for the UNIX and Linux clients was included in the 6.4.3 fix pack, as described in this security bulletin:

List of APARs fixed in this fix pack and their descriptions:

Latest TSM client and server downloads:

Overview of TSM client and server system requirements:

Note: the READMEs can be viewed and downloaded first, independent of the package, by following the package FTP link below.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
AIX 64-bit client 1 Jul 2015 US English 143465529 FTP
HP-UX Itanium (IA64) client 1 Jul 2015 US English 181785033 FTP
Linux x86_64 client 1 Jul 2015 US English 127815680 FTP
Linux Power (PPC) client 1 Jul 2015 US English 33617920 FTP
Linux System z client 1 Jul 2015 US English 32419840 FTP
Macintosh client 1 Jul 2015 US English 39030322 FTP
Solaris SPARC client 1 Jul 2015 US English 68849519 FTP
Windows x32 client 1 Jul 2015 US English 1366256 FTP
Windows x64 client 1 Jul 2015 US English 236534000 FTP
AIX autodeploy files 1 Jul 2015 US English 985998218 FTP
HP-UX autodeploy files 1 Jul 2015 US English 444986987 FTP
Linux autodeploy files 1 Jul 2015 US English 184661744 FTP
Solaris autodeploy files 1 Jul 2015 US English 275198496 FTP
Windows autodeploy files 1 Jul 2015 US English 309227950 FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC93988, IC96493, IC99055, IC99553, IC99798, IT00630, IT00831, IT00888, IT00935, IT01219, IT01521, IT01551, IT01582, IT01641, IT01749, IT01824, IT01856, IT01944, IT01959, IT01961, IT01982, IT01994, IT02276, IT02287, IT02460, IT02464, IT02715, IT02837, IT03384, IT03497, IT03524, IT03566, IT03613, IT03665, IT03775, IT03840, IT04037, IT04057, IT04115, IT04140, IT04201, IT04232, IT04313, IT04330, IT04334, IT04403, IT04406, IT04465, IT04620, IT04672, IT04803, IT04810, IT04872, IT04874, IT04959, IT05014, IT05046, IT05174, IT05237, IT05265, IT05356, IT05413, IT05420, IT05494, IT05514, IT05597, IT05654, IT05675, IT05713, IT05777, IT06199, IT06211, IT06277, IT06402, IT06428, IT06479, IT06598, IT06643, IT06707, IT06829, IT06909, IT06932, IT06985, IT07090, IT07118, IT07234, IT07255, IT07267, IT07302, IT07312, IT07622, IT07629, IT07640, IT07673, IT07679, IT07751, IT07889, IT07898, IT07960, IT08013, IT08418, IT08493, IT08502, IT08517, IT08701, IT08801, IT08984, IT06016

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More support for: Tivoli Storage Manager

Software version: 6.4

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, iOS

Reference #: 4040185

Modified date: 10 July 2015