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Cognos Controller 10.2 Fix Pack 1

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This fix pack is an update of IBM Cognos Controller 10.2 for existing IBM Cognos Controller customers.

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This fix pack includes all updates from IBM Cognos Controller 10.2.

Installation Instructions

To Install a Fix Pack on Microsoft® Windows®

1. Change to the directory where you have downloaded the fix pack.
2. Using your file compress and decompress utility, decompress the .tar.gz file. If you are using WinZip® , select the option "use folder names".
3. If you want to see the version of a component before you install it, unpack the tar file to disk, or read the table of contents of the tar file.
4. Stop Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (the Default Web Site)
5. Shut down the IBM Cognos Controller Consolidation COM+ application through Component Services
6. Stop the following services through the Services Manager (if you do not stop them before the installation you will be prompted when installing):
- IBM Cognos
- IBM Cognos Controller Batch Service
- IBM Cognos Controller Consolidation
- IBM Cognos Controller Java Proxy
- IBM Cognos Controller User Manager
- IBM Cognos FAP Service
7. Back up the content store database.
8. If your IBM Cognos Controller environment is customized, back up the entire IBM Cognos Controller location.
9. Go to the location where you downloaded and extracted the files.
10. Go to the win64h directory and double-click the issetup.exe file.
11. Follow the directions in the installation wizard, installing in the same location as your existing IBM Cognos Controller server components.
The issetup program prompts you to allow the interim fix to create a backup copy in the installation folder before copying new files.
12. Open IBM Cognos Configuration, save the configuration, and then start the IBM Cognos service.
Start the following services:
- IBM Cognos Controller Batch Service
- IBM Cognos Controller ConsolidationI
- IBM Cognos Controller Java Proxy
- IBM Cognos Controller User Manager
- IBM Cognos FAP Service
13. If you have a distributed environment, repeat these steps for all remaining IBM Cognos Controller servers.
14. Start the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (the Default Web Site).
15. Start the components Services IBMCOGNOSCONTROLLER.


  • When you apply the IBM Cognos Controller 10.2 FP1 update, the Cognos Controller COM+ application (IBM Cognos Controller Consolidation) may be recreated. After the update you must then specify the COM+ account information in Cognos Controller Configuration.
  • IBM Cognos Controller users running with IBM Cognos TM1 will need to upgrade to IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2 when updating to IBM Cognos Controller 10.2 FP1.
  • IBM DB2 is affected by a problem with the handling of certain SSL messages. If you are using DB2, you need to upgrade to the latest fix pack. Please find the fix pack download and security bulletin details here:

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This is the latest fix pack available for Cognos Controller 10.2.

Problems solved

Fix list for IBM Cognos Controller 10.2 FP1

Note: For APAR PI21293, any limitations defined for Companies, Extended Dimensions, Forms or Closing versions in the “Maintain/Rights/Security Groups” menu no longer have an impact on a user’s rights to maintain the respective structures.

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What is Fix Central(FC)?
IBM Cognos Controller 10.2 FP1 26-Sep-14 Language Independent 621040000 FC

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More support for: Cognos Controller

Software version: 10.2.0

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 4038369

Modified date: 28 September 2014