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The business events driver is a sample application that demonstrates creating business events in z/TPF. Information is included about the IBM z/TPF Business Events Starter Kit.

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The business events driver (BEVD) simulates a simple flight reservation system that books tickets for predefined flight routes. When a flight reaches 80 percent of the plane’s seating capacity, a business event is created with information about the flight. The business event is emitted from the dispatch queue to a remote queue on WebSphere® MQ. A remote system is required to process the data and send a SOAP request, by using the web service descriptor that is provided, back to the z/TPF system for making a price change on the flight. For information about how to configure your z/TPF system to use the BEVD driver, see the Business Events Driver Readme and the Business Events Driver User’s Guide.

The IBM® z/TPF Business Events Starter Kit adds to the business events driver by including complementary Java EE applications for WebSphere® Application Server to process the business events on a remote system. The starter kit captures the business event and processes the data, along with information that is provided through the web application, to create a SOAP request to send back to the z/TPF system. Additional software requirements for the sample Java EE applications on the remote system are documented in the Business Events Starter Kit User’s Guide.

The Windows installation package of z/TPF Business Events Starter Kit, which installs and configures the required software suites on the remote system, also is available for evaluation purposes by request. For more information about the process for how to get this installation package, send an email to with the subject line “Business Events Starter Kit”.


Common deployment (APAR PJ39754)

Business event processing (APAR PJ39759)

BEVD Driver Readme (Text) English 11052
BEVD Driver Readme (PDF) English 33212
BEVD Driver User's Guide English 153282
Business Events Starter Kit User's Guide (PDF) English 194534

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More support for: TPF

Software version: 1.1

Operating system(s): z/TPF

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4037998

Modified date: 2016-06-13