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Recommended Updates for WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager V8.5 and V9.0



A comprehensive list of recommended, generally available (GA) fixes for IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager server version 8.5 and 9.0.

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V8.5.0.0 and V9.0 Combined WP & WCM CF16
- Refer to the Fix list for a complete list of integrated fixes
25 SEP 2018
Current IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager V8.5.0.0 and V9.0 Combined Cumulative Fix (CF)
V8.5.0.0 CF13 / V9.0
16 DEC 2016
Can't select a 2nd WCH item when in a Project
V8.5.0.0 CF08
22 OCT 2015
Search Crawler fails with NullPointerException after content is created underneath Portal page via new Site Manager
V8.5.0.0 CF07
4 AUG 2015
If you cannot update an existing content whose type of authoring template has changed from Resource to Content, then the problem may be related to PI46053. Please refer to technote 1963782 for more information.
WAS 8.5.5 fix pack 5 or later
V8.5.0.0 CF06
13 MAR 2015
If you use memory to memory replication in a cluster, a large amount of memory used by Portal could lead to an out of memory condition. Please refer to Technote 1720190 for more information.
V8.5.0.0 CF01 through V8.5.0.0 CF04
19 DEC 2014
If you use virtual portals on V8.5.0.0 CF 01 through CF04 please install the fix for PI31398 after you apply the CF. Please refer to this Technote 1692870 for more information.
20 OCT 2014
If you are unable to manage page properties using the toolbar when Portlet Container Fragment Caching is enabled then the problem might be related to PI27275. Please refer to technote "PI27275;8.5.5: Issues with portlet fragment caching" for more information.
Recommended base level:
09 MAY 2014
You can download the V8.5.0.0 release from Passport Advantage.
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Avoid encountering known problems in the underlying WebSphere Application Server and IBM-provided Java SDK used with WebSphere Portal by installing, testing and deploying the latest recommended levels documented in the technote, "Recommended fixes for WebSphere Application Server," for your specific version of WebSphere Application Server. Because WebSphere Application Server has a different release cycle for fix packs from WebSphere Portal, these later releases are not always fully tested with the portal. However, we expect full compatibility to remain with such service releases. Applying these recommendations reduces the risk of rediscovery of problems corrected in these subsequent service releases. Customers should ensure that the fixes required for the Application Server are either incorporated into the later service release or available for download. For a complete listing of fixes integrated for the Application Server, follow the link under the "Additional information" section in the Recommended fixes for WebSphere Application Server technote for your version.

For additional information regarding the support for later service releases than were tested, review the WebSphere Portal Support Statement in the Version 8.5 and 9.0 Information Center.



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Fix Central 9 May 2014 English 8500 FC

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