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DB2 Version 10.1 Fix Pack 3a for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

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Contains links to download DB2® 10.1 Fix Pack 3a servers from Fix Central for AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows operating systems.

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NOTE: DB2 10.1 Fix Pack 3a includes all the fixes present in DB2 10.1 Fix Pack 3 plus the following Security APAR's: IC97737, IC97471, IC99480, IC99475 and IT00686. Affected images are available for download in this document.

Signature: Build level: s140513 Release Date: 23.May.2014

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Download other DB2 fix packs using the DB2 Fix Packs page.
Download the Clients and Drivers using the IBM Data Server Client Packages page.

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DB2 10.1 Database features and functions
DB2 10.1 Database server comparison

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In the United States and Canada dial 1-800-IBM-SERV
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DB2 Version 10.1 Fix Pack 3a
Product Fix Pack description More info Download
DB2 Universal Fix Pack
The DB2 Universal fix pack contains all the fixes to APARs up to the current fix pack. It is used to upgrade any installed DB2 product.
More info Download
DB2 Server Fix Pack
Contains the DB2 Universal Fix Pack, plus the base code for all DB2 products. Install the DB2 Server Fix Pack if you need to install any of the DB2 server Editions at Fix Pack 3a.
More info Download
DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (AESE) Product Info Download
DB2 Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) Product Info Download
DB2 Workgroup Server Edition (WSE) Product Info Download
DB2 Express Edition (EXP) Product Info Download
DB2 Connect Server (CONSV)
Use the DB2 Server Fix Pack to install all DB2 Connect server editions such as
Enterprise Edition, Application Server Edition, Unlimited Edition
Product Info
DB2 National Language Package
Download and install this package if want to use languages other then English.

IBM Data Server Client
This is the all in one client package and includes all the client tools and libraries available. It also includes add-ins for Visual Studio.
IBM Data Server Runtime Client
This package is a superset of Data Server Driver package. It includes many DB2 specific utilities and libraries. It includes DB2 Command Line Processor (CLP) tool.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Information Management DB2 Connect 10.1
Information Management IBM Data Server Client Packages 10.1

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC97737, IC97471, IC99480, IC99475, IT00686, IC92698, IC91732, IC94074, IC89718, IC89707, IC92760, IC91755, IC87047, IC87086, IC92764, IC96282, IC92763, IC92759, IC91746, IC91607, IC93806, IC91676, IC93086, IC91221, IC94721, IC92599, IC93301, IC92253, IC89738, IC89555, IC90443, IC90146, IC91323, IC96385, IC92805, IC94033, IC90557, IC92661, IC91790, IC91762, IC91366, IC91761, IC88781, IC89765, IC92566, IC92067, IC94163, IC93122, IC91777, IC90602, IC95642, IC93375, IC89698, IC90779, IC91774, IC94344, IC90047, IC92197, IC91284, IC96041, IC91724, IC91730, IC89251, IC89906, IC91731, IC96277, IC96267, IC92230, IC94085, IC92664, JR43257, IC94081, IC88755, IC91953, IC96270, IC91268, IC91752, IC92616, IC87451, IC91739, IC91292, IC92437, IC87640, IC87079, IC90117, IC94183, IC89720, IC91725, IC95044, IC91627, IC83840, IC91734, IC89035, IC89703, IC92226, IC89697, IC89867, IC96281, IC91791, IC90805, IC92026, IC96286, IC89023, IC96257, IC94378, IC92594, IC92736, IC89494, IC91305, IC92517, IC91721, IC90908, IC93000, IC91737, IC90241, IC89415, IC93811, IC93009, IC89044, IC91197, IC92052, IC91822, IC92731, IC91989, IC91743, IC92001, IC91639, IC90798, IC89631, IC91741, IC90017, IC91689, IC92513, IC93789, IC91283, IC86715, IC90906, IC89710, IC92353, IC94465, IC89700, IC87452, IC94377, IC91117, IC90770, IC90452, IC91744, IC92571, IC87506, IC86835, IC91803, IC90756, IC92732, IC91800, IC91405, IC89975, IC91990, IC90914, IC89978, IC89541, IC91756, IC96394, IC89706, IC91740, IC96283, IC96260, JR46839, IC96255, IC91681, IC92712, IC92173, IC91776, IC89783, IC96284, IC96386, IC91302, IC92178, IC91807, IC92966, IC91805, IC96287, IC92081, IC91771, IC92079, IC91767, IC93738, IC93060, IC94088, IC91794, IC87379, IC96396, IC96449, IC94243, IC91306, IC89580, IC91168, IC89100, IC92799, IC94173, IC92699, IC94160, IC95010, IC95993, IC88134, IC91763, IC89203, IC94720, IC90269, IC91801, IC91297, IC94134, IC90772, IC91792, IC93013, IC88474, IC91704, IC94987, IC93053, IC91272, IC89228, IC89200, IC93161, IC84263, IC90126, IC92015, IC94728, IC94114, IC90510, IC89675, IC90952, IC90923, IC90695, IC92474, IC93281, IC91656, IC91789, IC91266, IC89312, IC92997, IC93536, IC91793, IC93405, IC94252, IC89732, IC93241, IC92623, IC91779, IC92696, IC90960, IC96259, IC88511, IC93167, JR48045, IC96754, IC96258, IC91455, IC89715, IC91289, IC96269, JR47218, IC93252, IC96256, IC91768, IC91286, IC96275, IC96412, IC88789, IC96266, JR46877, IC91813, JR45770, IC87539, IC89699, IC96411, JR46425, JR46976, IC93251, IC96413, IC91719, IC91773, IC91775, IC91780, IC91722, IC91671, IC92990, IC90039, IC92798, IC89032, IC91650, IC89288, IC92146, IC88239, IC86929, IC91894, IC91709, IC90894, IC91351, IC89543, IC93092, IC91824, IC95081, IC93982, IC91613, IC89175, IC91806, IC91745, IC91941, IC96262, IC92405, IC91038, IC96451, IC91271, IC91736, IC86755, IC89735, IC89957, IC89155, IC92056, IC90825, IC89048, IC90839, IC90783, IC90953, IC96252, IC94634, IC90790, IC92293, IC89737, IC89154, LI77216, IV37139, IC90505, IC90132, IC90161, IC84303, IC92497, IC91904, IC91164, IC86862, IC96397, IC91282, IC91094, IC93316, IC90512, IC91727, IC93074, IC93123, IC88377, IC91349, IC90691, IC87176, IC90152, IC90574, IC90300, IC89695, IC92160, IC88767, IC90826, IC90103, IC91304, IC92482, IC89202, IC98624, IC90437, IC91262, IC91171, IC94485, IC90686, IC88582, IC92105, JR47914, IC92891, IC91277, IC93638, IC90281, IC91475, IC90784, IC91753, IC91616, IC89816, IC91495, IC89151, IC95141, IC93177, IC91279, IC94180, IC90794, IC93056, IC91854, IC90069, IC91855, IC91367, IC87633, IC91440, IC91322, IC90911, IC87091, IC92831, IC89502, IC88745, IC96026, IC88994, IC94387, IC96273, IC91715, IC93690, IC92325, IC89879, IC92134, IC89949, IC89606, IC91825, IC90349, IC92793, IC89859, IC92158, IC94172, IC90242, IC90531, IC96395, IC95167, IC94305, IC87527, IC92031, IC93472, IC91193, IC91288, IC89716, IC94382, IC96276, IC90190, IC91228, IC91287, IC90501, IC89705, IC89615, IC92555, IC87160, IC91542, IC96271, IC91409, IC91810, IC91728, IC96279, IC91913, IC91703, IC91758, IC91705, IC94545, IC87014, IC93170, IC91670, IC91765, IC91757, IC90716, IC89927, IC91747, IC91488, IC89731, IC94153, IC91823, IC96393, IC94011, IC91251, IC93932, IC92866, IC94224, IC95078, IC91799, IC96261, IC93949, IC91659, IC88212, IC90056, IC91735, IC96392, IC88925, IC91808, IC96337, IC91909, IC93744, IC89727, IC90884, IC90961, IC84775, IC96272, IC91276, IC89704, IC88374, IC89736, IC91285, IC96278, IC90085, IC87355, IC91772, IC91242, IC93952, IC90789, IC89712, IC92927, IC91883, IC90996, IC91361, IC91476, IC90391, IC91759, IC96380, IC88874, IC91720, IC92518, IC91333, IC91770, IC91811, IC91848, IC95207, IC91751, IC91683, IC91291, IC92065, IC90915, IC91223, IC93059, IC93787, IC89725, IC96008, IC91955, IC91884, IC91769, IC92016, IC89492, IC89696, IC90321, IC90009, IC93132, IC91281, IC91294, IC93543, IC87037, IC96285, IC92454, IC89701, IC94478, IC91299, IC87969, IC91749, IC91760, IC89724, IC91954, IC89505, IC91418, IC90427, IC96274, IC92610, IC96244, IC90180, IC90517, IC95130, IC91784, IC92765, IC91301, IC93791, IC91504, IC90310, IC92118, IC91293, IC96288, IC91729, IC92227, IC89749, IC92082, IC96263, IC91788, IC88128, IC88178, IC93193, IC96253, IC89723, IC86717, IC91273, IC89730, IC89913, IC91395, IC91303, IC91738, IC94331, IC90636, IC89458, IC89846, IC91051, IC88658, IC90465, IC92697, IC89937, IC94360, IC91229, IC89714, IC89297, IC89237, IC96264, IC88197, IC90174, IC91812, IC89750, IC84206, IC89439, IC95053, IC89491, IC87433, IC94328, IC89912, IC91783, IC91690, IC91809, IC96254, IC94359, IC96232, IC96265, IC91296, IC91804, IC91876, IC88471, IC90170, IC90500, IC91723, IC90093, IC96280, IC90655, IC91787, IC89708, IC94356, IC92186, IC89584, IC90071, IC92080, IC95794, IC91781, IC94161, IC94988, IC91307, IC92602, IC92106, IC96450, IC93173, IC91858, IC91180, IC91952, JR47306, JR47307, IC94434, IC94757, IC92498, IC91269, IC89709, IC94003, IC91275, IC89733, IC96387, IC91280, IC92910, IC88213, IC90054, IC94278, IC91174, IC96143, IC93058, IC88695, IC93900, IC89818, IC86917, IC89702, IC96391, IC89726, IC92391, IC91816, IC96390, IC90432, IC91609, IC89693, IC89148, IC89528, IC90035, IV36997, IC88532, IC89721, IC86863, IC92342, IC91667, IC87563, IC89305, IC89722, IC90232, IC89050, IC95646, IC93924, IC89339, IC90504, IC91786, IC89692, IC91748, IC91766, IV48844, IC86783, IC85608, IC87500, IC85425, IC85841, IC86029, IC88902, IC86157, IC87875, IC85761, IC88703, IC88359, IC88620, IC87895, IC86182, IC86534, IC87906, IC87893, IC87894, IC88334, IC88635, IC87867, IC87853, IC87593, IC87283, IC87868, IC88682, IC88688, IC88670, IC88621, IC88661, IC88597, IC84567, IC86898, IC88638, IC88330, IC85406, IC86333, IC87080, IC85658, IC87914, IC88341, IC88304, IC85223, IC86343, IC87547, IC88599, IC88642, IC88600, IC87916, IC84798, IC87917, IC87922, IC84994, IC88659, IC89630, IC88617, IC88622, IC87834, IC87911, IC86899, IC86577, IC88308, IC88319, IC88351, IC87918, IC88349, IC84593, IC87866, IC85193, IC85132, IC87876, IC85739, IC87695, IC86092, IC84589, IC88309, IC88647, IC87436, IC87902, IC86783, IC88628, IC88636, IC88326, IC87882, IC87795, IC87907, IC88689, IC87879, IC84574, IC87861, IC88329, IC88317, IC87891, IC88704, IC88313, IC88332, IC88663, IC87121, IC84834, IC87920, IC87860, IC89629, IC85725, IC88631, IC84605, IC86779, IC87449, IC87075, IC87094, IC88596, IC88605, IC88347, IC88346, IC88312, IC88333, IC88338, IC88310, IC88320, IC88325, IC85354, IC88632, IC87884, IC87852, IC88674, IC86589, IC88345, IC86146, IC84199, IC88331, IC88616, IC86709, IC88339, IC85977, IC87869, IC88676, IC87887, IC88678, IC88672, IC88648, IC87913, IC86340, IC88649, IC88314, IC86622, IC88681, IC87500, IC86957, IC86576, IC88337, IC85307, IC86901, IC88306, IC88634, IC87854, IC86462, IC86029, IC88343, IC88612, IC85578, IC85181, IC85915, IC86511, IC88321, IC85494, IC85808, IC85780, IC86582, IC88609, IC87863, IC88619, IC88602, IC88645, IC88707, IC88315, IC88607, IC88305, IC87910, IC87909, IC87919, IC86852, IC89172, IC88348, IC85428, IC87857, IC88603, IC87850, IC87908, IC87870, IC88641, IC88671, IC88686, IC87855, IC88651, IC87901, IC87406, IC85563, IC87896, IC88629, IC88355, IC87595, IC85395, IC84201, IC88639, IC87287, IC86813, IC87865, IC88344, IC87880, IC87858, IC87833, IC88342, IC88311, IC87859, IC87841, IC87839, IC87846, IC85252, IC87856, IC86463, IC86786, IC87892, IC88610, IC88373, IC87889, IC85948, IC88604, IC88324, IC87844, IC87899, IC87898, IC84510, IC88637, IC88727, IC87040, IC88646, IC88316, IC87838, IC87872, IC86704, IC87438, IC86408, IC88677, IC87247, IC87471, IC88687, IC88640, IC85532, IC88627, IC88615, IC88623, IC88626, IC88625, IC84600, IC88327, IC86792, IC85425, IC87903, IC87878, IC87435, IC88352, IC88336, IC87434, IC88680, IC88668, IC85608, IC88650, IC88598, IC87888, IC84613, IC87864, IC87890, IC87897, IC88644, IC84602, IC87900, IC84604, IC85718, IC88323, IC88675, IC85198, IC86053, IC89174, IC87845, IC86927, IC88340, IC87848, IC87877, IC88350, IC83603, IC87905, IC87851, IC88353, IC87915, IC88358, IC88618, IC87912, IC88354, IC88322, IC88328, IC83801, IC87862, IC87885, IC87437, IC88356, IC88624, IC85617, IC88357, IC88701, IC87286, IC85841, IC87843, IC88608, IC88307, IC87881, IC87904, IC87886, IC84716, IC84751, IC84755, IC85513, IC83823, IC83469, IC84856, IC84899, IC85221, IC84379, IC85319, IC86501, IC85777, IC84138, IC84213, IC84566, IC84347, IC84244, IC84354, IC84124, IC84155, IC84430, IC84137, IC84349, IC84265, IC84300, IC84499, IC84352, IC84529, IC84583, IC84458, IC84453, IC84452, IC84242, IC84151, IC84313, IC84240, IC84538, IC84596, IC84141, IC84573, IC84295, IC84140, IC84511, IC84563, IC85627, IC85232, IC85794, IC85847, IC84520, IC83841, IC84308, IC84437, IC84591, IC84447, IC83844, IC84335, IC84521, IC84133, IC83840, IC84165, IC84491, IC84150, IC84191, IC84350, IC84766, IC84218, IC84528, IC84298, IC84568, IC85803, IC84419, IC84280, IC83940, IC84342, JR43257, IC84159, IC84420, IC84356, IC85879, IC84228, IC84299, IC84438, IC84436, IC84442, IC84584, IC84396, IC84592, IC84409, IC84519, IC84427, IC84445, IC84325, IC84465, IC83842, IC84173, IC84603, IC84524, IC84253, IC84443, IC84266, IC84363, IC84322, IC84129, IC84361, IC84185, IC84236, IC84180, IC84284, IC84575, IC84216, IC84188, IC85513, IC84255, IC84656, IC84259, IC85221, IC84226, IC84128, IC84307, IC83679, IC84751, IC84489, IC84527, IC84522, IC84468, IC84535, IC84523, IC84245, IC84551, IC84237, IC84397, IC84257, IC84424, IC84392, IC84496, IC83469, IC84167, IC84189, IC84495, IC85837, IC83076, IC84383, IC84653, IC84131, IC84207, IC84162, IC84605, IC84337, IC84405, IC84503, IC84362, IC84360, IC84187, IC83383, IC83399, IC84353, IC84435, IC84581, IC84154, IC84467, IC84429, IC84351, IC84161, IC84390, IC84391, IC84863, IC84263, IC84428, IC84254, IC84533, IC84588, IC84472, IC84125, IC84463, IC84331, IC83778, IC84269, IC84290, IC84157, IC84500, IC84475, IC84514, IC84476, IC84418, IC84271, IC84230, IC84281, IC84256, IC85977, IC84234, IC84655, IC84297, IC84233, IC84553, IC84143, JR43118, IC84532, IC84147, IC85649, IC84448, IC84232, IC84169, IC84684, IC84333, IC84398, IC84326, IC84509, IC85149, IC85405, IC84279, IC84471, IC84857, IC84040, IC84856, IC84194, IC85447, IC82789, IC84570, IC84554, IC84571, IC84904, IC84221, IC84250, IC84461, IC84179, IC85565, IC85410, IC84487, IC84302, IC84908, IC84426, IC84223, IC84142, IC84275, IC84556, IC84178, IC84516, IC84501, IC84258, IC84815, IC84175, IC84930, IC84340, IC84198, IC84504, IC84303, IC84441, IC84273, IC84548, IC84560, IC84168, IC84193, IC84481, IC84235, IC84432, IC84152, IC85420, IC84272, IC84416, IC83256, IC84327, IC84507, IC84414, IC84329, IC84393, IC84537, IC85108, IC84483, IC84598, IC84336, IC84139, IC84222, IC83252, IC85525, IC84482, IC84450, IC84562, IC84395, IC84957, IC84366, IC84098, IC84345, IC83081, IC84547, IC84478, IC84412, IC84355, IC84241, IC84534, IC84183, IC83823, IC85724, IC84083, IC84314, IC84590, IC84323, IC85483, IC84135, IC84158, IC84239, IC84434, IC84564, IC84260, IC84305, IC84542, IC84204, IC84283, IC84190, IC84344, IC84149, IC84508, IC84170, IC84268, IC84316, IC84513, IC83535, IC84559, IC84601, IC84479, IC84285, IC84261, IC84196, IC84444, IC84296, IC84484, IC84251, IC84182, IC84274, IC84365, IC84498, IC84203, IC84310, IC84276, IC84530, IC84456, IC84364, IC84195, IC84122, IC84716, IC84755, IC84343, IC84294, IC84433, IC84517, IC84148, IC84459, IC84171, IC84145, IC84247, IC84174, IC85279, IC84200, IC84492, IC84301, IC84594, IC84163, IC84488, IC84166, IC83963, IC84607, IC83636, IC85738, IC82804, IC83058, IC84608, IC84540, IC84580, IC85355, IC84525, IC84289, IC84136, IC84558, IC84531, IC84457, IC84192, IC84346, IC84404, IC84515, IC84502, IC84518, IC84224, IC84597, IC84587, IC84512, IC84462, IC84565, IC84324, IC84177, IC84127, IC85110, IC84664, IC84493, IC84440, IC84389, IC84595, IC84497, IC83206, IC84402, IC84545, IC84610, IC84599, IC84123, IC84197, IC84406, IC84358, IC84304, IC84454, IC84330, IC84288, IC84220, IC84338, IC84205, IC82715, IC84219, IC84480, IC84309, IC84357, IC84411, IC84181, IC84270, IC84490, IC84431, IC84494, IC83536, IC84451, IC84287, IC84206, IC84394, IC84407, IC84586, IC84184, IC84328, IC84320, IC84238, IC84455, IC84164, IC84403, IC84217, IC83040, IC84132, IC84278, IC84422, IC84312, IC84292, IC84293, IC84862, IC84543, IC84446, IC84277, IC84401, IC84549, IC84176, IC84332, IC84126, IC84246, IC84505, IC84202, IC84561, IC84264, IC84606, IC84156, IC84130, IC84249, IC84153, IC84321, IC84464, IC84577, IC84400, IC92832

Document information

More support for: DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
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Software version: 10.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4037557

Modified date: 01 August 2014