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This document lists the fixes contained in IBM PureApplication System

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To download the fix pack, go to PureApplication System product page on Fix Central.

The following tables contain the Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs) included in this release:

System APARs

Changing the 'Reserve Resources For Availability' to Yes on a cloud group does not produce a limited resource notification
Administrator is unable to determine who deleted a virtual system
Discrepancy in file size definitions for personality related XML files in OVF file
Issues with queue purge prevent storage volume creations from completing
Fix pack failing to install as emergency fix due to WebSphere processes still running
Checksum script always returns failed validation when verifying signature of the checksum with PureApplication System
Storage allocation by cloud group reports 50% more than expected in PureApplication System
Backup is configured to start using local time zone but the jobs are run displaying the UTC time zone
Insufficient inbound storage network resources available to place the virtual machine
Change in order of script execution prevents system monitoring for WebSphere in the BPM pattern from functioning
User is not able to delete some virtual application instances
System console is unavailable due to an LDAP authentication exception
A large WebSphere Portal deployment fails to progress past the script package execution stage
Backup job fails if the backup server is set up using a host name
System console datastore section is empty after the upgrade
PureApplication System: System should not try to push audit record packages when no external server is configured
Locked script package used in pattern disappeared after upgrade to PureApplication System
The 'Instance migrations create' job fails
An unused storage node shows it is full with 100 percent utilization
Partial detail page of virtual system instance is displayed when a red "error" message
Value of "Virtual Memory" and "Storage" does not become 0 (zero) in PureApplication System
Orphaned migration virtual machines occupy resources and result in placement failures
Script packages are sometimes inadvertently deleted by the pattern editor in PureApplication System
Node rebalance operations fail to reclaim all reserved storage following unsuccessful attempts
Failure occurs if optional parameter not included for a command line interface script package that defines an optional parameter
Virtual system services should use the startup order when stopping and starting services when applying an emergency fix
PureApplication: Connection timed out to (IP_address): Either the host IP address is not up or there are network connectivity problems
CWZCL4502 Deploy operation failed for group with exception:
JAVA.LANG.EXCEPTION CWZIP1914E. CWZIP2034E Validation failure
IBMENG account has system console backup and restore options disabled
Intermittent compute node initialization failures
Backup operation size estimate is incorrect
Snapshot deletion failing when snapshot storage ID is null
Failure to deploy virtual machines on system
If the ENVVARIABLES of TYPE=ENUM is too long the variables are not displayed in the environment details of the emergency fix
System console stops responding after a management failover in PureApplication System
Incorrect transaction log archive configuration leads to log accumulation on the management database
Preinstalled pattern types are not being tracked in the product licensing page
The Flex System Manager backup job is failing while processing large files

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC92346, IC98487, IC99922, IT00072, IT00221, IT00225, IT00228, IT00230, IT00234, IT00242, IT00548, IT00559, IT00563, IT00580, IT00616, IT00637, IT00653, IT00655, IT00736, IC96854, IT00054, IT00164, IT00186, IT00189, IT00190, IT00191, IT00193, IT00199, IT00202, IT00204, IT00214, IT00215, IT00216, IT00218, IT00220, IT00236, IT00243, IT01251

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Modified date: 26 March 2015

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