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Download for IBM Worklight V6.1.0 Fix Pack 1

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This update provides fixes and new features for the V6.1 release.

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Note: A change that is introduced by this fix pack might negatively affect existing product function. Refer to APAR PI17825 for a description of the problem and corrective action. You need to evaluate this APAR for the potential impact in your environment.

Installation Instructions

See Installing fix packs for IBM Worklight and IBM Mobile Foundation for detailed installation instructions.

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You can download this fix pack from IBM Fix Central.

Fix Pack
IBM Worklight Consumer Edition
IBM Worklight Enterprise Edition


Problems (APARS) fixed
PI12596, PI12471, PI12337, PI11962, PI11561, PI11502, PI11350, PI11168, PI10959, PI10818, PI10775, PI10398, PI10149, PI10127, PI09913, PI09863, PI09770, PI09711, PI09666, PI09569, PI09530, PI09432, PI09373, PI09372, PI09370, PI09356, PI09349, PI09326, PI09325, PI09324, PI09323, PI09321, PI09315, PI09233, PI09224, PI09029, PI08960, PI0881, PI08807, PI08806, PI08789, PI08777, PI08689, PI08685, PI08632, PI08609, PI08601, PI08583, PI08580, PI08574, PI08511, PI08189, PI08127, PI07660, PI07549, PI07263, PI07256, PI06943, PI06828, PI06652, PI06586, PI06568, PI05454, PI05447

Document information

More support for: IBM Worklight

Software version: 6.1,

Operating system(s): AIX, Android, BlackBerry OS, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows, iOS

Software edition: Consumer, Enterprise

Reference #: 4037219

Modified date: 16 May 2014

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