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TXSeries for Multiplatforms Version 6.2 PTF 4 ( Download page

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This is the download page for TXSeries for Multiplatforms Version 6.2 PTF 4 ( for AIX, Solaris, HP-UX on PA-RISC, HP-UX on HP Integrity, and Windows platforms.

Download Description

Installing this PTF on TXSeries for Multiplatforms version, updates to version

Information regarding the list of APAR's fixed in this PTF can be obtained by downloading the APAR README file from Fix Central page. The cumulative list of APAR's fixed is also listed in the APARs.txt file present at installation_directory/etc.


TXSeries for Multiplatforms version 6.2 for the respective platform, namely AIX, Solaris, HP-UX on PA-RISC, HP-UX on HP Integrity and Windows.

Installation Instructions

After downloading the PTF image file from Fix Central, do either of the following:

On UNIX platforms

    1. Uncompress the PTF image file using the uncompress utility to get the file with .tar extension.
    2. Extract the .tar file using the tar utility to get the PTF installable image and Readme files.
On Windows platform
    1. Run the PTF image file to get the PTF installable image and Readme files.

Follow the instructions in the README_PTF_ <lang>.htm file to install the product .

After installing the PTF, see the Technote, Post-installation steps in TXSeries after applying a PTF or a Fixpack .

Download package

To download the PTF image from the Fix Central, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose and click the required package from the table.
  2. The Select fixes page is displayed. Choose the PTF image and click Continue.
  3. You need to sign-in with your registered User ID and password. Create a profile if you do not have a User ID.
  4. The Download options page is displayed. Choose your preferred download option and click Continue.
  5. Click the file that you want to download. Once the download is complete, follow the steps in the Installation Instructions section to install the PTF.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
TXSeries for AIX 24 Dec 2013 Language Independent 95894413 FC
TXSeries for Solaris 24 Dec 2013 Language Independent 85761615 FC
TXSeries for HPUX PA RISC 24 Dec 2013 Language Independent 87924229 FC
TXSeries for HPUX IA64 24 Dec 2013 Language Independent 101274945 FC
TXSeries for Windows 24 Dec 2013 Language Independent 61656843 FC

Product Alias/Synonym


Problems (APARS) fixed
IV14582, IV15960, IV20661, IV22214, IV24848, IV25024, IV27664, IV27894, IV28593, IV29464, IV31263, IV34000, IV35294, IV35822, IV35961, IV36421, IV36442, IV38361, IV38938, IV40265, IV42922, IV49941, IZ96463, IZ96320, IZ95535, IZ95062, IZ94813, IZ93831, IZ91979, IZ90863, IZ90184, IZ89343, IZ89244, IZ88668, IZ88667, IZ88666, IZ88665, IZ88664, IZ88292, IZ87959, IZ87573, IZ86252, IZ85388, IZ85049, IZ79176, IZ78478, IZ76959, IZ76727, IZ76724, IZ76699, IZ76268, IZ75939, IZ75569, IZ74884, IZ74510, IZ74223, IZ74086, IZ73201, IZ73142, IV11707, IV11704, IV11703, IV11673, IV11237, IV11085, IV08653, IV08645, IV08644, IV08629, IV08369, IV07880, IV01310, IV01033, IV13185, IV12945, IZ67771, IZ55481, IZ62393, IZ67345, IZ67772, IZ40463, IZ31404, IZ55561, IZ61958, IZ33908, IZ29779, IZ44601, IZ62201, IZ67773, IZ49334, IZ53260, IZ54865, IZ36653, IZ44171, IZ48189, IZ46130, IZ64038, IZ38202, IZ51500, IZ46684, IZ52215, IZ64137, IZ60363, IZ64996, IZ32435, IZ57519, IZ60222, IZ62581, IZ63794, IZ64115, IZ43745, IZ54096, IZ64178, IZ47391, IZ50047, IZ42828, IZ61961, IZ31850, IZ28086, IZ32445, IZ32869, IZ32485, IZ28316, IZ32430, IZ22983, IZ32409, IZ22984, IZ32196, IZ32004, IZ28317, IZ28318, IZ32432, IZ31238, IZ31840, IZ31366, IZ22986, IZ25750, IZ32451, IZ33023, IZ28320, IZ31381, IZ32870, IZ24443, IZ32997, IZ33036, IZ33147, IZ33148, IZ33149, IZ33144, IZ22391, IZ18505, IZ31849, IZ33169

Document information

More support for: TXSeries for Multiplatforms

Software version: 6.2

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4036761

Modified date: 31 December 2013

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