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Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus 7.4.0 Fix Pack 4, 7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-FP0004

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This fix pack is a cumulative fix release and addresses APARs and internally found issues since the release of OMNIbus 7.4.0 fix pack 3.

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* Error(s) have been reported against this maintenance vehicle
* that do not cause problems with existing function.
* Please see APAR IV63870 for details.
* Please see APAR IV79815 for details.

The following defect solutions are included in this fix pack:

The event list, which contained over 5k entries, was taking a
long time to display the contents of the service.status list.
This problem has been resolved.

In a pre-insert table trigger, if another insert is performed
into the same table then an inconsistency is created during the
the nested table trigger. Any column of type incr will have the
incorrect value available via the new.column-name variable in the
nested trigger. The column value in the resulting row will be
An example of this is when a trigger inserts a new row into the
alerts.status table and the default new_row trigger assigns
Serial (an incr field) to ServerSerial. When the rows are
committed, the Serial fields are set so that each row has a
unique value but the ServerSerial field retains the original
value. This causes the two rows to have the same ServerSerial
value but different Serial values.
This problem is resolved.

Rules files that contain 'IF' blocks with a large number of 'ELSE
IF' clauses can cause a stack overflow in the rules file parser
when a probe starts up. This problem is fixed.

The ObjectServer OSLC Interface can now be configured for
validation of a connection via an LTPAv2 token using the Jazz for
Service Management (JazzSM) Authentication Service. This enables
the interface to participate in a Single Sign-On (SSO) set-up.
A new server property, NRestOS.ServerConfigFile, defines a server
interface specific configuration file. The default location of
this file is $OMNIHOME/etc/restos/servercfg.json. In this JSON
formatted configuration file the URL of the authentication
service is defined, along with the appropriate credentials to be

The nco_bridgeserv process is unable to establish a connection
and the log shows a timeout error almost immediately after
starting the proxy server. This problem has been resolved.

The Netcool/OMNIbus OSLC Provider can now register itself with
the JazzSM Resource Registry via HTTPS in situations where no SSL
context has been initialised for the client request. The
ObjectServer will no longer fail with a general failure error
(-19) when no SSL context is present, as a context will be
created for the operation.

The JRE for Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.3.1 and V7.4.0 was updated
to IBM JRE 6.0 SR15 FP1 to address possible security issues.

The value for the event_flash_time attribute written to the
omnibus preferences files is no longer set to '0' whenever the
'Save' button is selected

On Windows operating systems, the ObjectServer was not being shut
down cleanly by the Process Agent. This caused .log and .chk
files to be left behind. This problem has been resolved.

The ICU component used by Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus is upgraded to
version 52.1. This is done to address a potential security
problem that is fixed in this version of ICU.

ObjectServer gateways would not send bulk SQL (if that gateway
property was enabled) for updates converted to inserts (due to
SET UPDTOINS CHECK). This has been resolved.

The regular expression engine provided by libOpl matched strings
that should not match. This problem is resolved.

The splash screen for the nco command shows version 7.3.0 when
the locale is Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. This problem has been

The ObjectServer HTTP/OSLC Interface now uses chunked transfer
encoding to stream large result payloads to HTTP/1.1 clients.
This reduces the amount of memory consumed for these large
responses and improve overall interface performance. Certain
chunking-related features, such as the optimal chunk size, can be
changed if required in the "chunking" section of the server
interface configuration file,

A timeout can occur between AEN clients and the ObjectServer when
using a firewall bridge. A new trigger, aen_heartbeat, is added
to automation.sql. To resolve the problem, enable this trigger.

The primary and backup Object Servers may not resynchronize
properly if the primary Object Server fails again before a
resynchronization is complete. This problem has been resolved.

The GSKit component used by Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus is upgraded to
version This is done to address a potential security
problem that is fixed in this version of GSKit.

When AEN is used to accelerate inserts to the bi-directional
gateway, performance is not as good as expected. This has been

The ObjectServer would not bind to an LDAP server if the hostname
in ldap.conf was a list. This problem has been resolved.

On shutdown, there was a small chance that the ObjectServer would
dump core. The dump happened after the database files were written,
so there was no risk to data. This problem is fixed.

Date - Summary of Changes
16 December 2013 - Document created
25 August 2014 - Updated for:
IV63870: Probe install fails on Windows 2012 and Windows 8
13 January 2016 - Updated for
IV79815: Problem with messages in Windows Event Log


This fix pack installs on any GA release of Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus 7.4.0.

Installation Instructions


IMPORTANT: Before installing this fix, ensure that all Tivoli Network
Management applications on your computer have been shutdown.

Extract the contents of 7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-<arch>-FP0004.tar
in to a temporary directory, replacing the <arch> placeholder with the
string identifying your platform.

From within the directory enter the following command to install this fix



IMPORTANT: Before installing this fix, ensure that all Tivoli Network
Management applications on your computer have been shutdown.

Extract the contents of
in to a temporary directory.

To install this fix interactively double click install.exe.

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-AIX-FP0004 25 Jul 2014 English 399718400 FC
7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-HPUXIA-FP0004 25 Jul 2014 English 525312000 FC
7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-Linux-FP0004 25 Jul 2014 English 516966400 FC
7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-ZLinux-FP0004 25 Jul 2014 English 360314880 FC
7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-Windows-FP0004 25 Jul 2014 English 494350293 FC
7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-Solaris-FP0004 25 Jul 2014 English 497378816 FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
IV38674, IV53291, IV54051, IV59007, IV54356, IV55377, IV55408, IV54136, IV49796, IV52289, IV57465, IV53567, IV59581, IV60193, IV59634, IV56609, IV59959, IV59991, IV53569, IV61642, IV25000, IV27193, IV32999, IV33728, IV34522, IV34523, IV34521, IV32015, IV34580, IV34581, IV32955, IV29746, IV32961, IV32894, IV34132, IV33177, IV34141, IV35723, IV34244, IV32957, IV36058, IV35478, IV36065, IV26844, IV40455, IV39389, IV33495, IV34550, IV36482, IV36686, IV37018, IV37451, IV35936, IV37316, IV38671, IV40456, IV38627, IV37335, IV39542, IV39993, IV35914, IV37676, IV40655, IV40873, IV41237, IV33104, IV36066, IV43447, IV40305, IV43001, IV44077, IV44138, IV36731, IV44511, IV40187, IV47285, IV48435, IV50509, IV47894, IV50097, IV29952, IV47404, IV51638, IV51389, IV51455, IV51454, IV51589, IV51631, IV50266, IV51847, IV51848, IV52750, IV51068

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus

Software version: 7.4.0

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4036688

Modified date: 2014-08-25