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Cognos Express 10.2.1 IF1 provides support for Cognos BI SDK 10.2.1

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Cognos Express 10.2.1 Interim Fix 1 now provides support for Cognos BI SDK 10.2.1

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Download and apply Cognos Express 10.2.1 Interim Fix 1 if you want to use Express and the BI SDK in the same environment. IF1 allows you to run the SDK samples with Express, and ensures that your Cognos Express installation is unaffected should you uninstall the SDK.

These product corrections are further described in a technote.

Installation Instructions

To Download an Interim Fix

  • Review the prerequisites.
  • Download the appropriate compressed tar file using the links in the Download Package section.

Some browsers might change the downloaded file type from .tar.gz to a file type not recognized by the operating system. To correct this, change the file type back to .tar.gz. Use of Download Director will prevent inadvertent renaming of files at download.

Note: GNU Zip can be obtained from and GNU tar can be obtained from .

To Install an Interim Fix on Windows
  • Change to the directory where you have downloaded the interim fix.
  • Using your file compress and decompress utility, decompress the .tar.gz file. If you are using WinZip, select the option "use folder names".
  • If you want to see the version of a component before you install it, unpack the tar file to disk, or read the table of contents of the tar file.
  • Follow the Installation instructions in the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • Apply the interim fix to all installations.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
Cognos BI SDK 10.2.1 for Cog Express 10.2.1 IF1 22 Nov 2013 Language Independent 8510000 FC

Document information

More support for: Cognos Business Intelligence

Software version: 10.2.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4036510

Modified date: 25 November 2013