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Download and install the IBM Data Studio client, Version

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This document describes how to download and install the fix pack release of IBM® Data Studio client, version

Download Description

IBM Data Studio is a no-charge offering that consists of the Data Studio client and Data Studio web console:

  • The Data Studio client provides an integrated development environment for instance and database administration, routine and Java application development, and query tuning that can be installed with other IBM software products so that they can share a common environment.
  • The Data Studio web console provides health and availability monitoring features and job creation and management tools for your databases.

For the Version 4101 fix pack release, only the Data Studio client has been updated. See the IBM Data Studio Version 4.1 download document for information about downloading the 4.1 version of the Data Studio web console.

For additional information about this release, see the following resources:

For information about the high level features in IBM Data Studio and the databases that are supported, see IBM Data Studio features: by data server and component.


You must meet the following prerequisites to install the IBM Data Studio client:

  • You need approximately 2GB of disk space for the product package installation of the Data Studio client.
  • Installation Manager Version 1.7 is included with the product package and required to install the Data Studio client. You can also obtain the latest version of Installation Manager from the following support site:

For a complete list of the hardware and software requirements, see System requirements for IBM Data Studio.

Before you begin

  • For Microsoft Windows 8, you must have administrator privileges and disable the user account control (UAC).

Installation Instructions

Use the following information to download the Data Studio client, Version and then perform a typical installation.


  • Download the Quick Start Guide for IBM Data Studio Version 4.1.x to view a diagram of a typical installation and to help you install each component of IBM Data Studio.
  • You can upgrade an existing installation of the Data Studio client (depending on the version) or install another instance of the product. For complete installation instructions and to determine if you can upgrade your existing installation, see Installing the Data Studio client.

To download and install the Data Studio client Version

  1. Select whether to download IBM Installation Manager first, then use Installation Manager to select the features you want to download and install, or to download the full product image (includes both Installation Manager and the Data Studio client).
    • Download the full product image:

      You can also choose to download the full Data Studio image, which include a copy of IBM Installation Manager. Downloading the full product image is useful when installing Data Studio on a computer without an internet connection or when you want to install Data Studio on multiple computers. For more information about installing Data Studio on multiple computers, see Enterprise deployment of the IBM Data Studio client.

      1. Download the client from the download table below.

        Tip: You can also download the Data Studio client from Fix Central.

      2. Extract product package to a directory on your computer, for example: C:\temp\datastudio\.
        Important: To avoid possible installation errors, the directory path where you extract the compressed product files must not exceed 90 characters in length.
      3. From the directory where you extracted the product, run the executable file:
        • On Windows, run: setup.exe.
          Note: For Microsoft Windows operating systems:
          • You must run this file as an administrator if you plan to perform an administrative installation.
          • If you are a not an administrator, and you are on a 64-bit version of Windows, you must run the setup_win_nonadmin64.exe file instead of the setup.exe file.
        • On Linux, run: setup.
  2. Follow the installation wizard steps in IBM Installation Manager to complete the installation of IBM Data Studio.

Download the IBM Data Studio client Version
Full product images 1.42-1.46 GB 13 Dec 2013

Post-Installation Instructions

After you install the product, see Post-installation tasks for the Data Studio client.

If you plan to tune single SQL statements that run on DB2 for z/OS by using the Statistics Advisor and related tools, see Configuring DB2 for z/OS Subsystems for the No-Charge Tuning Features.

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