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This SupportPac provides simple command line tools (mqtrcfrmt, mqoptions, and mqapitrcstats) to aid in using MQ traces.

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The tools provided in this SupportPac aid in formatting MQ data structures and fields into a more human readable format. The mqtrcfrmt tool takes a distributed MQ trace as input and writes out as output the trace file contents but with MQ data structures and fields (i.e. msgdesc, objdesc, reason code) expanded into human readable lines that show the individual data fields and also what constants the numerical values represent.

The mqoptions tools take the numerical value of an MQ option field (i.e. GMO) and display the MQ constant values (i.e. MQGMO_WAIT) that the numerical value represents.

The mqapitrcstats tool produces a performance statistics report from the trace.

Possible Uses:
Aid for reading MQ traces.
Aid for converting MQ options numerical values to their constant values.
Aid for getting performance statistics reports from distributed trace.
Skill Level Required:
This SupportPac requires a working knowledge of WebSphere MQ administration.

New in this Release:

  • Mqoptions executable has been changed to a Java MQOptions.class that is more portable and robust when working with deciphering MQ options.
  • Pub/Sub support for distributed traces.
  • Pub/Sub and Callback support for z/OS traces.
  • Report option added to mqoptions.
  • Manual in PDF format.
  • v8 support.
  • Windows 64 bit trace formatting support.
  • Application Activity Trace formatting support.

  • Very significant performance improvements, especially for large traces with numerous threads.
  • More data structures are expanded, and z/OS user parameter trace control block formatting is added.
  • Formatting and alignment is changed to support a user customizable summary API trace.
  • Windows executable is now provided for all tools.
  • New tool to produce a performance statistics report from the trace.

Author: Tim Zielke, CICS/MQ Systems Programmer for Aon
 Category: 4
Released: 26Nov13
Last updated: 27Jul15
Current SupportPac Version: 1.0.4
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This SupportPac requires WebSphere MQ V7 running on the supported Operating System platforms.

Installation Instructions

1. Download to a temporary location.
2. Uncompress with your favorite tool to a location of your choice.
3. This will create the necessary files and directory.
4. The readme.txt explains how to use the mqoptions, mqtrcfrmt, and mqapitrcstats tools.

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7.1, 7.5, 8.0

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Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

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