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IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Interim Fix 1,

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Interim Fix updates Fix Pack 3 for the Poller and Network View GUI with important fixes and improvements for GUI experience and large environments

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Poller 3.9.03 IF0001 and GUI IF0001 are available as a separate install.
They can be installed independently.

Poller APARs addressed in

IV37587: Mib Grapher does not render in a failover setup
IV37074: Poller produce a large amount of the event after startup
IV38084: Warning in ncp_poller logs "Cannot cast atomic value"
IV39822: Poller falls behind when doing Snmp Bandwidth polls.
IV30425: Poller delays sending its heartbeat until it has evaluated scope for replicating NCIM failover setups.
IV35842: Poller throws unsupported database type: oracle11 when polling is filtered on a view.
IV43825: Allow the poller to define a custom JDBC URL in

GUI IF0001 contains a TIP Server fix and a Core Server fix, both fixes must be applied together. Users must read packaged readme files before proceeding with GUI IF0001 install.

GUI APARs addressed in

IV39998 Network manager IP Views out of memory.
IV25953 Find in map function finds elements that are not in map.
IV33128 Network views fails to handle invalid filters gracefully.
IV38395 Find in network view tool fails from device icon in hop view.
IV38610 Attempting to create a copy of mib grapher fails.
IV38617 Modifying poll policies poller cause status icon to churn.
IV38618 MIB Grapher unnecessarily polls when in historical mode.
IV38974 Status mismatch between the network view and network view tree.
IV39428 Mismatch between status of network view in network view tree and devices in the network views.
IV41233 Relax the role based limitation on the performing layout.
IV44090 Hop view with subnet connectivity is only showing the seed device
IV46734 Dynamic distinct views change their parent-child hierarchy in the network view tree.
IV48135 Network view visualization issues - MPLS, SUBNETS, LAYER 3 CONNECTIVITY

Note: ITNM 3.9 FP3 Interim Fix 1 has been tested against JRE 1.7 ; however users should be aware that there are ongoing issues with JRE 1.7 versions.
Please see

Known GUI IF0001 minor issues:

  • Mismatch between ITNM GUI version displayed at Welcome Page and Network View splash page.
    The welcome page displays the major build level for ITNM 3.9 FP3 (i.e. 97). the network view banner page displays the build level for the binaries changed in Interim Fix (i.e. 101).
  • Network views configured with Line Status = 'Lines with Icons' does not show link status with icon
    If a network view is configured with Line Status = 'Lines with Icons'and the property status.netview.linestyle is set to 'none' in, the link will not show any icons or status.
    The workaround is to set the property status.netview.linestyle to simple.
  • Status tree mismatch where an alarm is raised on a domain, but the alarm is not related to a particular device.
    For an alerts view (e.g. Unacknowledged Alerts - Major) the tree view may display a severity icon, while no nodes are displayed in the network view itself.
    This occurs when a domain alarm that is not connected to a device is raised. An example of such would be the ITNM Disco alert "The finder PingFinder has gone into state NOT RUNNING"


IBM Tivoli Network Manager V3.9 and Fix Pack 3 must be installed before applying the Interim Fix 01. IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition Interim Fix 01 is available as a separate install for Solaris, AIX, Windows, Linux and zLinux.

Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT: Before installing this fix, ensure that all Tivoli Network
Management applications installed in $NCHOME have been shutdown.
1. UNZIP/UNTAR the package. This will create a directory containing the binaries and the install script.
2. Make sure NCHOME is correctly set.
3. To print usage help, execute: '' without any options.
4. Review packaged readme files for install instructions.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options 08 Nov 13 English 4447050 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 6888516 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 1410386 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 1090608 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 7143260 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 27546107 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 27545091 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 27524826 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 27599692 HTTP 08 Nov 13 English 27545164 HTTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
IV37587, IV37074, IV38084, IV39822, IV30425, IV35842, IV43825, IV39998, IV25953, IV33128, IV38395, IV38610, IV38617, IV38618, IV38974, IV39428, IV41233, IV44090, IV46734, IV48135

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition

Software version: 3.9

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4036419

Modified date: 08 November 2013

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