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This patch installs the sample reports and BI model for IBM Information Governance Dashboard and a set of SQL views.

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The Information Governance Dashboard provides a set of sample Cognos reports that you can use or customize for many common governance reporting tasks. You can also create ad hoc reports by dragging report elements and dropping them into a Cognos Workspace. You can use the sample Framework Manager model to understand the query subjects that the reports are based on.

If you used a different reporting tool, or want to create your own reports independently of a tool, you can use the SQL views, which provide the ability to query governance-related metadata in the metadata repository of InfoSphere Information Server.

Full documentation of the objects that you can query is provided in HTML format, with diagrams and definitions. The objects include the following categories:

    • Policies, Information Governance rules, Categories, Terms, Stewards, Custom Attributes and Labels
    • Projects, Rules, Rule Definitions, Rule Sets, and Metrics
    • Suite Users
    • Implemented data resources that have been imported into the metadata repository, including host computers, databases, schemas, database tables, and database columns.
Download the HTML documentation of the SQL views from the following techdoc:

The full documentation for Information Governance Dashboard is provided at the following links:
This Information Governance Dashboard patch, patch_sql_viewsV2_all_9120, replaces the patch that was released Sept. 30, 2013.


This patch is installable on the services tier of Information Server when the database that hosts the metadata repository is either DB2 or Oracle.

The following products are required for the Information Governance Dashboard:
Information Analyzer
Business Glossary
DB2 or Oracle metadata repository

Installation Instructions

Download the fix from Fix Central and use the standard patch installation instructions to apply this patch to the services tier of your Information Server environment.

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