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This document describes the contents of Jazz™ for Service Management Version 1.1 Fix Pack 2 along with download and install information, known issues and link to the fix list.

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Product/Component release: 1.1
Update name: Fix Pack 2
FIX ID: 1.1.0-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP002
Published date: 20 December 2013
Last modified date: 1 April 2014

Table of Contents
Sections Description
This section provides information about the contents of the fix pack.
This section provides instructions and links to download the fix pack for your platform from IBM® Fix Central.
This section provides information and links to download the base release with Fix Pack 2.
This section provides important information about any prerequisites to have installed in your target environment before you install the fix pack.
This section provides information related to the impact of this fix pack to allow you to assess how your environment might be affected.
This section provides links to the installation instructions to install this fix pack in your environment, including any tasks to do before and after the fix pack installation.
Click to review a list of the defects (APARs) resolved in this fix pack and any earlier fix packs.
This section provides a list of the known problems (open APARs or defects) identified at the time of this fix pack release.

Fix pack contents

Jazz for Service Management Version 1.1 Fix Pack 2 contains the following packages:

  • 64-bit, multiplatform, IBM Installation Manager software package repository for the following Jazz for Service Management integration services: Administration Services, IBM Dashboard Application Services Hub, Registry Services, and Security Services
  • 1.1.0-TIV-JazzSM-TCR-AIX64-FP002.tar.gz: IBM Tivoli® Common Reporting installation package for AIX 64-bit platforms
  • 1.1.0-TIV-JazzSM-TCR-LINUX64-FP002.tar.gz: IBM Tivoli Common Reporting installation package for Linux 64-bit platforms
  • 1.1.0-TIV-JazzSM-TCR-LINUXzSeries64-FP002.tar.gz: IBM Tivoli Common Reporting installation package for Linux on System z® 64-bit platforms
  • IBM Tivoli® Common Reporting installation package for Windows 64-bit platforms

    Attention: The Windows package was refreshed on 6 March 2014 because of an IBM Cognos® upgrade issue that was identified in the original package. For more information, see Scheduled refresh of Tivoli Common Reporting 3.1 Fix Pack 2 on Fix Central.

Download fix pack

You can download Jazz for Service Management Version 1.1 Fix Pack 2 from Fix Central.

Download and extract if you want to update the following Jazz for Service Management integration services: Administration Services 1.1 or, IBM Dashboard Application Services Hub 3.1 or, Registry Services 1.1 or, and Security Services 1.1 or

Download and extract platform-specific|tar.gz, if you want to update Tivoli Common Reporting 3.1 or

To download and extract the fix pack, complete the following steps:

  1. On each machine on which Jazz for Service Management integration services are installed, create a temporary directory for fix packs, referred to as the JazzSM_FP_Home directory.

    Restriction: Ensure that the path to this directory does not contain any spaces, ASCII, or special characters.

  2. Download the fix pack compressed files for your platform from IBM Fix Central as follows:
    1. Open your web browser. Ensure that you sign into or IBM Support Portal; enter one of the following URLs:
      • Fix Central landing page

        Follow the online instructions to use the filter drop-down lists and display the fix packs for the current version of Jazz for Service Management for your platform. See step b.

      • Fix Central page
        ( product=ibm/Tivoli/Jazz+for+Service+Management&release=1.1&platform=All&function=fixId&fixids=1.1.0-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP002∈cludeSupersedes=0&source=fc)
        prefiltered to display the current version of the Jazz for Service Management fix packs for all platforms

        You can choose which fix pack to download on the Select fixes page. See step h.

    2. From the Product Group list, select Tivoli.
    3. From the Select from Tivoli list, select Jazz for Service Management.
    4. From the Installed Version list, select the current version of Jazz for Service Management that you have installed, that is, Version 1.1.
    5. From the Platform list, select the platform on which you want to install the fix pack.
    6. Click Continue. The Identify Fixes page opens.
    7. Use the default option, Browse for fixes; click Continue.
    8. On the Select fixes page, select the Fix Pack 2 ID:
      • 1.1.0-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP002

      Click Continue.

      Note: If you have not yet signed into, you are now prompted to sign in or register.

    9. On the Download option page, select one of the following download options; click Continue.
      • Download using Download Director
      • Download using bulk FTP
      • Download using your browser (HTTP)
    10. Review the terms and conditions, and click I agree.
    11. Follow the online instructions for your chosen download option, and download the fix pack packages.
  3. Extract the contents of the compressed files to the temporary fix pack directory.

    Note: On Windows systems, the extraction process can create the 1.1.0-TIV-JazzSM-multi-FP002 directory or TCRInstaller/ for Tivoli Common Reporting. On UNIX systems, specify the directory during the extraction process.

Download base release with fix pack
Jazz for Service Management Version is a full refresh of Jazz for Service Management Version 1.1 Base with Fix Pack 2. If you do not have the Jazz for Service Management DVDs, you can download electronic images for the full refresh of the offering from IBM Passport Advantage®. See Downloading Jazz for Service Management.
Prerequisites and co-requisites

Ensure that your existing environment meets current Jazz for Service Management requirements. See Detailed system requirements.

You must have an existing Jazz for Service Management Version 1.1 or GA environment that has any the following integration services installed:

  • Administration Services Version 1.1 or
  • Dashboard Application Services Hub Version 3.1 or
  • Registry Services Version 1.1 or
  • Security Services Version 1.1 or
  • Tivoli Common Reporting Version 3.1 or
Impact Assessment

This fix pack of Jazz for Service Management provides critical fixes to resolve APARs.

You should update all installed integration services in the same application server profile to the same fix pack level.

Dashboard Application Services Hub and Registry Services provide a set of features as Technology Preview Code.
Attention: Technology Preview Code is for evaluation only and not supported. For more information about Technology Preview Code licensing and terms and conditions, see Notices.

For more information about new features and enhancements in this fix pack, see What's new in Fix Pack 2 in the Jazz for Service Management information center.

Installation instructions
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    Before installation

    Before you update Jazz for Service Management, refer to the technotes for Jazz for Service Management. The technotes provide information about late-breaking issues, limitations, and workarounds. See Technotes documenting issues in Jazz for Service Management Version

    On each machine on which the integration services are installed, check that your environment meets the current requirements by running IBM Prerequisite Scanner. Specify the update parameter when you run the relevant Prerequisite Scanner convenience script. See Running Prerequisite Scanner by running the convenience scripts in the Jazz for Service Management Version Information Center.

    If you intend to update your existing Tivoli Common Reporting environment to Version, ensure that you back up your JazzSM_Home/reporting/cognos directory before you begin the update.

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    Installing the fix pack

    Use IBM Installation Manager in GUI or silent modes to install Fix Pack 2 for the following integration services installed in you environment: Administration Services, IBM Dashboard Application Services Hub, Registry Services, and Security Services.

    You should update all installed integration services in the same application server profile to the same fix pack level.

    After you install Fix Pack 2 for the other integration services installed in your environment, use Tivoli Common Reporting update program in GUI or silent modes to install Tivoli Common Reporting Fix Pack 2.

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    Uninstalling the fix pack

    You can uninstall the fix pack for the following integration services: Administration Services, IBM Dashboard Application Services Hub, Registry Services, and Security Services. Use the Rollback function of Installation Manager to remove the fix pack and return your environment to its state before fix pack installation.

    Attention: You cannot roll back to the original Tivoli Common Reporting Version 3.1 or environment, that is, you cannot uninstall the Tivoli Common Reporting Version 3.1 Fix Pack 2 only. You can only perform a full uninstallation of Tivoli Common Reporting.

    Use IBM Installation Manager in GUI or silent modes to uninstall Fix Pack 2:

    Important: When you revert to the previous version of Jazz for Service Management, Installation Manager does not automatically install interim fixes. You must manually install interim fixes after you roll back.

Known problems
Defect Description
Installation known problems

Roll back from Version to 1.1 failed after updating Version 1.1 with Fix Pack 1 and then Fix Pack 2


Jazz for Service Management launchpad custom flow does not validate whether the value that is entered in the IBM DB2 10.1 or later, ESE installation image field is a path to a valid, supported version of DB2.
The launchpad does not currently validate whether the specified installation images represent versions of the middleware that Jazz for Service Management supports. It is a known limitation.


On Windows systems only: Missing WebSphere Application Server APAR fix causes inconsistent update failures for Dashboard Application Services Hub


Installing Reporting Services by using custom workflow fails when the user is db2admin


The launchpad full installation and custom workflow fail when the password for the DB2 instance owner contains a space character


Registry Services configuration features during upgrade must be unique based on correct naming convention, that is, Schema Configuration and Application Configuration


DB2 instance user name is not autofilled with correct values from the DB2 instance that is used by Jazz for Service Management.


The Registry Services Schema > Configuration feature is not displayed in the Installation Manager > Features panel if the launchpad is not restarted after installing DB2 by using the launchpad Tools > DB2 Setup wizard.

Workaround:After DB2 is installed by using launchpad Tools > DB2 Setup wizard, close the launchpad. Start the launchpad and then install Registry Services.


Validation of the file paths in the Jazz for Service Management launchpad source location fields is not always correct.


The Jazz for Service Management 1.1 or later package repository and IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5 or later package repository fields in the launchpad do not accept a file path with a valid Installation Manager software repository repository.conf file.


Simple installation log is not translated


The values of the fields in the launchpad Custom >Source Locations > DB2, WebSphere Application Server, and Tivoli Common Reporting source locations panel overlay the field labels.


Launchpad must check and report if Installation Manager is already open and it must not allow the user to proceed with the installation


The launchpad custom flow does not check for the version of DB2 installed on local machine to install the registry and reporting integration services.


On Linux systems only: Unable to select the DB2 instance in the Installation Manager > Database Configuration panel


When WebSphere Application Server 8.0 and Dashboard Application Services Hub are already installed, wrong Jazz for Service Management profile location getting is when installing WebSphere Application Server 8.5 and Registry Services


Application property and flyovers are in English


Dependencies between services not enforced by Installation Manager

Administration Services known problems

Help file for Manage task displays old parameter names when you update from Jazz for Service Management from Version to

Dashboard Application Services Hub known problems

Disjoining a high availability node fails after updating to Dashboard Application Services Hub Version


Unable to display severity icon in list widget for Jazz for Service Management Version with WebGUI Version connection


In Topology view 'Center In View' option of search dialog does not work for the nodes within 2 levels of subgraphs


Internet Explorer Version 9 (intermittent): Custom Help IFRAME content display is shrunken


Tooltip blocking the clicks on widget


Table column width changes, persisted by reuse of Portlet Action request URLs through AJAX, cause unpredictable side effects


Redundant Table column width preference saves reduces server scalability


Edit mode: Using double quotes in a page title freezes edit mode

42162 Using double quotes in page title freezes edit mode

The Search button searches for the views as well as pages


Duplicate connection names are allowed when adding a connection to the Dashboard Application Services Hub server


Dashboard Application Services Hub is logging an IBM Tivoli Director Integrator NullPointerException on startup

41883 Event propagation is not happening when the Provider connections are created using different provider Ids (Other than default)

Rows are not aligned properly in the Table widget when indirect select is enabled and the page is zoomed


Console server crashed with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

41789 Topology selection no longer works if browser's zoom level is changed

Deploying a ContentBox to a folder with spaces causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException


In 6 List Widgets with Dynamic Update longevity testing, console server slows down and no data returned to client side after 4 hours testing


consolecli help for AddUpdatePreferenceProfile is incorrect


Unable to save a new page after adding and deleting a widget


Error message ATKRST100E in edit mode when using conditions "equal" or "does not equal" in Preliminary Data Filter


LineWrap in Table Cell does not work


Bidirectional Languages only: Options in footer of table filter dialog are not aligned as per bidirectionality guidelines


Column in TreeTable is not displayed properly


Internet Explorer Version 10: Memory leak on a page with 6-VolumeBar and dynamic update configured during 24 hours longevity test


TableView not clearing selection before applying filter


Topology Widget subgraph minimize position is inconsistent

38786 Internet Explorer Versions 9 &10 (64-bit): Topology is loaded with Demo Topology and Tivoli Business Service Manager providers

Browser-side memory leak in 6-VolumeBar longevity test


Internet Explorer 10: Topology widget Dynamic Update memory increases 7.48MB per hour during 8 hour longevity testing


Options saved in edit mode and Preferences are not discarded by canceling page edit.


Properties Dialog window default width too narrow


Browser-side memory leak in 6-TreeTable page with Refresh Timer longevity test


Internet Explorer 10: Table widget Dynamic Update memory increases 7.7MB per hour during 8 hour longevity testing


Internet Explorer Version 9: Browser-side memory leak in 6-Gauge page longevity test (Value Status Gauge, Analog Gauge, Volume Bar)


Need some type of feedback when widget encounters provider error


Extra scroll bar on table when error message appears


Old Labels are retained even after the data provider is changed


Firefox ESR 17: Memory leak with Status gauge, Volume bar, Analog gauge, and a combination of Refresh timer longevity testing


The end-to-end response time of a Topology widget with 1000 rows on a page exceeds the target time


Topology portlet: Operation and usability issues


Multiple dialogs can be opened with the keyboard in Enhanced Progress bar and Message Dialog


Internet Explorer Version 8 & 9: The end-to-end response time of the sample dashboard on a page exceeds the target time


Topology portlet: Internet Explorer Version 9: Issues interacting with nodes using mouse


Go To Page control behavior issues


Size of 'Go To Page' dialog box needs to be corrected


Tooltip for property-level tasks is "General" in Properties dialog


Table row tooltip shows data even when tooltip value is set to blank


Link tooltip not rendering properly after removing relationship


linkChanged event does not handle style updates


Topology widget: Busy indication not displayed for all the time that the view content is gathered, laid out, and rendered


Problems with Large Preview in Tivoli Business Service Manager


Accessibility: StartColor/Axis cannot be read by using the "Visualization Options" in JAWS


Accessibility: Cannot tab to some elements on Charting visualization panel


Chart creation panels has too many scrollbars when the resolution is set to 1024*768


Internet Explorer: PageName text field cannot receive focus in some scenarios


Mobile mode: Cannot zoom and pan full console mode


Browser-side memory leak in 6-List page longevity test


Long widget titles are clipped in mobile mode


Error 404 displayed when saving a new connection


Some images cached 7 days without optimization


No Error Message is displayed when the server is stopped while logged in


Ignorable warning message of 'No such file' during preupgrade/upgrade


Processing indicator needed during welcome page loading


Theme preview does not work completely


Default page location changes unexpectedly


Bidirectional text: No base text direction on new connection page – connections portlet


Bidirectional text: No base text direction in advanced filter dialog – connections portlet


Component direction versus text direction is broken


AdminPortlets do not scale well for large row counts


Console preference profile direction not followed


Browser scroll bars appear when taskbar drop down list is too large


Refreshing the browser resizes the available roles table


Viewing 6 JVM chart pages on Internet Explorer Version 9 exceeds targeted time


Wiring: Target of wire displays as "Create New Freeform Page"


Accessibility: Violations in Dashboard Application Services Hub embedded help information center


Unable to edit a role name and user association at same time


Command prompt goes to parent directory after executing upgrade.bat|sh


Required role error message displays "{0}"


Restore and Maximize browser operations lead to truncated content in the Widget Builder


Dragging a widget does not jump to login page when system times out


Mirror incorrectly after changing bidirectional (BIDI) settings for the "Widgets" widget


Widget page displays incorrectly after setting widget direction


Console Preference Profile role selection usability


Internet Explorer Version 9: Double clicking on title bar breaks charting


Double Processing Icons in Widget Builder - Intermittent


Accessibility: JAWS reads redundant info on a search of data sets


"Export package name" value displays incorrectly on Internet Explorer Version 10


Analog gauge with Chart redraws when it should not do so


Performance: TransformationTarget Request runs for a long time


Dashboard Application Services Hub embedded help information center deletes Lightweight Third-Party Authentication (LTPA) cookies in some scenarios


Bidirectional text: "Component direction" does not work on page with connections


Save and Exit Page performs badly for many concurrent users


Page action select/delete is slow on Page portlet


Internet Explorer Version 10: Hotspot widget memory increases during 8 hour longevity testing


Performance: Browser refresh does not refresh eDayTrader USA on Internet Explorer Version 9


Internet Explorer Version 10: Line widget with Dynamic update memory leaks in an 8 hour test


In edit mode, new array data entry works only with 'enter' and not when using the 'tab' key


If Group-By is chosen and the required attribute is then changed, the group-by attribute should be cleared and a message displayed


Flickering of List Widget processing items


Analog Gauge rendering issues on Internet Explorer for RightTo Left languages


Problem using the filter in the table widget


Firefox -Table widget: New Row does not show fully in the grid, filtering using the Table AddRow API,


Navigation to pages in Notebook for a blind user is difficult


Unable to edit a page while a widget is maximized


Repeatedly clicking back and next in widget creation can result in blank panel

Registry Services known problems

Concurrent creation of Provider Record Templates yields OptimisticLockException


ISA DC DB2 collector does not collect all expected data if the database user has spaces in its password


Registry Services should allow database installation with a database user that has spaces in its password


Registry Services documentation contains a sample payload for batch update of Registration Records that can corrupt Registry Services database

43209 Registry Services queries for Service Provider records do not support quotation marks

Registry Services is unable to return only URLs in responses to queries using JSON and Turtle


During concurrency batch testing, Registry Services application throws an org.apache.openjpa.persistence.EntityExistsException exception while processing multiple threads to reconcile the Resource Record after creation of Registration Records related to that Resource Record


Registry Services server at fix pack level should discard server provider extended properties if database is at level


Jazz for Service Management Installation Manager rollback from to 1.1 fails in registering resources


Floating point properties are returned with less precision than when they were created.


Execution of Resource Shape CLIs concurrent with first startup of Registry Services application might break queries of Service Provider records in future calls


Optimizations for closure computation

Security Services known problems
No known issues
Tivoli Common Reporting known problems
30106 Tivoli Common Reporting uninstallation is not removing all files when Tivoli Common Reporting Administration Services tasks are run.
27353 Problem with running BIRT reports with extended pogo logging.
22548 Unable to start Common Reporting immediately after opening Help > IBM Cognos on the Web.
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See Jazz for Service Management community on Service Management Connect.


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6 March 2014 - Updated Fix pack contents section to highlight that the Tivoli Common Reporting Fix Pack 2 Windows package was updated to provide a workaround for a Cognos upgrade issue, which was identified in the original package.

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