3.2.2-TIV-ITSAMP-FP0007, Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms

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This fix pack includes all fixes completed since the release of 3.2.0.

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This fix pack includes all fixes of fix pack 6 and the following fixes:

- IV43924: SelectFromPolicy is Ordered for IBM.AgFileSystem resources created by oracle policy wizard ... resource can be started on wrong node.
- IV44887: samnfsserverctrl-server hangs when stop or resetrsrc command issued against a resource configured to use this script
- IV45371: lssam -V show VG-OpState=Online but the "Online" text has a red background.
- IV46522: GBLRESRM_MONITOR_LOST messages appearing in syslogs
- IV46523: New monitor thread is not removing the previously scheduled monitor in all cases
- IV46717: erpd stopped and restarted when the erpdmaster monitoring timed out
- IV47157: samnfsserverctrl-server script needs adjustments for correct failover of NFS ... de-register mountd and restore /etc/exports.
- IV47368: sampolicy tries updating RG before Lock requests active, leading to 2621-014 "Command not allowed - one or more RGs are Online"
- IV49757: TSAMP SAP policy wizard creates policy using LPAR host names instead of virtual service name.
- IV49938: Installation of TSA MP 3.2.2.x fails on SuSE Linux 11 SP3 (SLES 11 SP3)
- IV50007: During resource validation, initial OpStates are set to 0, this can lead to dependent resources being stopped and restarted
- IV50224: Included system went excluded again when included at exact same time.
- IV50245: Monitor command returns Online but TSA MP interprets it as "Unknown", A stop order might be issued.
- IV51174: Failed or timed out hyperswap operation
- IV51651: A z/VM system might not get hyperswap enabled in the GDPS panels
- IV52060: Binder Memory Allocator issue causes all resources to end up in a 'Sacrificed' state.
- IV52070: Race condition managing the list of nodes causing IBM.RecoveryRM master daemon to abort intentionally, over and over.
- IV54418: Cleanup continues to run on resources after resource is reported in an Unknown OpState.

The RSCT level contained in this fix pack for AIX 7.1, AIX 6.1, Linux and Solaris is (APAR IV51655).
The RSCT level contained in this fix pack for Windows is (APAR IV38228).
The RSCT level contained in this fix pack for AIX 5.3 is (APAR n/a).

Further information about RSCT service can be found under http://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/set2/sas/f/rsct/home.html


Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms 3.2.2

Installation Instructions



The first step before installing 'System Automation' is to view or print
the 'Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms 3.2.2
Installation and Configuration Guide'.

The current version can be found in:

To view the Guide, you can use the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
The Acrobat Reader is available for downloading from the Adobe web site
at http://www.adobe.com.

The latest version of this document is available at the web site of the
Tivoli software information center at:

In addition, the Release Notes document with cumulated information about
requirements, fixes, known problems and APAR information is packaged with
the corresponding fix pack deliverables.

Before you install System Automation or upgrade from a previous version
you are advised to read chapter 1: 'Installing IBM Tivoli System Automation'.
It contains important directions.

The documentation for RSCT is also included at the current version
in subdirectory /docs/en :

-- IBM RSCT: Administration Guide RSCT-Admin-Guide.pdf
-- IBM RSCT: Technical Reference for Linux RSCT-Tech-Ref-Linux.pdf
-- IBM RSCT: Technical Reference for AIX RSCT-Tech-Ref-AIX.pdf
-- IBM RSCT: Messages RSCT-Message-Ref.pdf
-- IBM RSCT: Diagnosis Guide RSCT-Diag-Guide.pdf

To access all RSCT documentation, refer to the IBM eServer Cluster Information
Center. This web site is located at
and contains the most recent RSCT documentation in PDF and HTML formats.

Both the current RSCT books and earlier versions of the library are also available in
PDF format from the IBM Publications Center Web site located at

It is easiest to locate a manual in the IBM Publications Center by supplying the manual?s
publication number. The publication number for each of the RSCT books in listed below:

-- RSCT: Administration Guide (publications number SA22-7889)
-- RSCT: Technical Reference for Linux (publications number SA22-7893)
-- RSCT: Technical Reference for AIX (publications number SA22-7890)
-- RSCT: Messages (publications number GA22-7891)
-- RSCT: Diagnosis Guide (publications number SA23-2202)

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central (FC)?
3.2.2-TIV-SAMP-AIX-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 884940045 FC
3.2.2-TIV-SAMP-Linux-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 380231680 FC
3.2.2-TIV-SAMP-Solaris-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 137396860 FC
3.2.2-TIV-SAMP-Windows-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 151244207 FC
3.2.2-TIV-SAMPOC-AIX-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 308043750 FC
3.2.2-TIV-SAMPOC-LinuxI386-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 308131840 FC
3.2.2-TIV-SAMPOC-LinuxPPC-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 322867200 FC
3.2.2-TIV-SAMPOC-LinuxS390-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 312074240 FC
3.2.2-TIV-SAMPOC-Windows-FP0007 22.11.2013 Language Independent 329177757 FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
IV43924, IV44887, IV45371, IV46522, IV46523, IV46717, IV47157, IV47368, IV49757, IV49938, IV50007, IV50224, IV50245, IV51174, IV51651, IV52060, IV52070, IV54418, IV09206, IV10139, IV10432, IV11166, IV11236, IV11766, IV12091, IV12598, IV12818, IV12821, IV13281, IV14279, IV14294, IV15340, IV16496, IV17357, IV18355, IV19477, IV19782, IV19826, IV19914, IV20854, IV21210, IV21362, IV22153, IV22233, IV22240, IV22252, IV22271, IV23883, IV24510, IV24551, IV25032, IV25897, IV26895, IV28042, IV29187, IV29547, IV29697, IV29785, IV31253, IV31589, IV31936, IV32369, IV33381, IV33435, IV33597, IV34578, IV35123, IV35422, IV35733, IV37080, IV37108, IV37720, IV38453, IV39086, IV39681, IV41211, IV42545, IV44259, IV45546, IV45686, IV53333

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