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IBM ILOG Transportation Analyst v2.6.26.52 fixpack is available and is an optional upgrade for IBM ILOG Transportation Analyst v2.6 installations.

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With this latest fix pack, IBM Transportation Analyst v2.6 is now compatible with Rateware XL. This enables customers who have entitlements from SMC3 for Rateware XL to use the web service to import transportation rates data into the application. SMC3 has previously announced they will EOL their Rateware desktop legacy products in April 2013 and transition their customers to Rateware XL. Details of this transition provided on the SMC3 site here :

This fix pack also addresses the APARs listed in the table below.

This is a patch installer and can only be installed on previous versions of IBM ILOG Transportation v2.6.26.1 or later.

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Installation package is available on Fix Central at: IBM ILOG Transportation Analyst v2.6.26.52

Problems solved

APAR ID Description
RS01249 When using a Distance-Weight carrier the optimizer sometimes
gives suboptimal solutions where a tour is longer than when
using a Fixed Carrier.
RS01341 With some models, when using decomposition (via the "Optimization Parameters" > "Use Submodels" option), the optimization engine is unable to find a solution. More precisely, the optimization is able to find a solution to each of the generated sub-models, but it fails to reconcile them to build a solution to the overall model. This issue occurs only with the 64-bit optimization engine.

Problems (APARS) fixed
RS01249, RS01341

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