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IBM Contact Optimization 9.0.0 Fixes

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This page shows the fixes for IBM Contact Optimization.

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Product: Contact Optimization

Version: Fix Pack GA Release
Date: October 10, 2014
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Important Notes:

Behavior of Contact Optimization rules as logical AND Operations

The IBM Contact Optimization User's Guide says that: “Contact Optimization runs all optimization rules in a session using logical AND operations.”

There is some confusion over the above statement. This technote explains what "logical AND" technically means and how the Contact Optimization server processes rules.

Consider the following scenario. A Marketer wants to propose two offers,
Offer1 and Offer2 to his customers, as shown below:

  • Offer1 over ATM channel to following customers: 111,222,333,444
  • Offer2 over PHONE channel to following customers: 111,222,333,444,555

The Proposed contact table will have 9 records, as shown below.

CustomerID Offer Channel
111 Offer1 ATM
222 Offer1 ATM
333 Offer1 ATM
444 Offer1 ATM
111 Offer2 PHONE
222 Offer2 PHONE
333 Offer2 PHONE
444 Offer2 PHONE
555 Offer2 PHONE

The Marketer defines the following two business rules:
Rule #1: FEC ATM Min/Max
For each customer in a segment: Any customer
The number of offers from the channel: Any Channel
Over the time period: 0 days (Enter "0" for this optimization period.)
Concerning offer/offer list: Offer version condition (channel=atm) should be between: minimum: 2 AND maximum: 3

Rule #2: FEC PHONE Min/Max
For each customer in a segment: Any customer
The number of offers from the channel: Any Channel
Over the time period: 0 days (Enter "0" for this optimization period.)
Concerning offer/offer list: Offer version condition (channel=phone) Chould be between: minimum:1 AND maximum: 3

After executing the Contact Optimization session with the above rules and proposed contacts, the Optimized Contact Table (OCT) contains only 1 record. Customers receiving offers through both PHONE and ATM channels are all rejected. Customers common to both PHONE and ATM are all rejected.)

CustomerID Offer Channel
555 Offer2 PHONE

As per the User's Guide, Contact Optimization runs all optimization rules in a session using logical AND operations. A Marketer might be surprised about these results, expecting that Contact Optimization should
reject all offers and OCT should contain zero records.

This is the explanation for why IBM Contact Optimization generates one record in an Optimized Contact Table (OCT).

As per the Rule definition section in the IBM Contact Optimization User's Guide:
"Rule definitions allow you to create the scope of a rule or to determine the action performed on that scope. The scope of a rule is the set of proposed contacts affected by that rule. The scope can be specified using various dimensions such as customer, offer, channel, and time. For example, you define your scope as a set of contacts:
- Within a segment called Low Value - Contacted through the email channel"

As the guide states, the constraint/action of rule is applied only to transactions that are in scope of that rule.

In the above scenario, the first four customers (111,222,333,444) have transactions on which both rules apply (#1 & #2). Both rules would be applied on these four customers as logical AND operations. The transactions of all of these customers satisfy Rule #2 Min constraint. However, these transactions DON'T satisfy Rule #1 Min constraint. So as a result of Logical AND operations, all of the transactions for the four customers are removed during Optimization.

Customer 555 has a transaction only on the phone channel, so only Rule #2 is applicable for this customer. The Rule #1 scope is on the ATM channel transactions only. This customer satisfies Rule #2 and survives during Optimization.

In short, Logical AND of rules is dependent on the proposed transactions of a customer and the scope of rules. If the transactions of a customer come under more than one rule, all of the rules would be processed as
AND operation for that customer.

List of Fixes:

(Defect 134432, PMR 173738)
In the Extract process box, selection of a Campaign or flowchart in the Contact Optimization session list was not happening correctly. This issue has been fixed.

Known Issues:

Although there is no Database Schema update in this fix pack, the PreInstall Summary screen shows:
Contact Optimization Database Setup
This can be ignored, and no manual step is required to complete installation.

Issues fixed in previous releases:

Fix Pack 3:

(APAR134477, DEF134478)
Contact Optimization returned incorrect results when the FEC rules were configured with minimum constraints and the over the time period was set to zero. This is fixed.

(APAR133897, DEF133898)
The calculated score matrix was ignored while an Optimization session was executed, and the results were incorrect. This was happening for a specific scenario. This is fixed.

(APAR65141, DEF65143)
If the end user changes the DB2 system tables database user, it causes the Optimize session to fail. This is fixed.

Apache Struts 1.X could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system, caused by the failure to restrict the setting of Class Loader attributes. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability using the class parameter of an ActionForm object to manipulate the ClassLoader and execute arbitrary code on the system. There is partial impact to confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This is Fixed.

Apache Commons FileUpload and Tomcat are vulnerable to a denial of service. This is Fixed.

Fix Pack 2:

Inserting string values into the POA table did not show the correct cell name. When writing the cell name information from Campaign to the PCT table, everything looked correct. However, when looking at the POA table, the user field, which contains the cell name, showed one value incorrectly. This is fixed.

Optimize session name allowed special characters. This is fixed. If the user enters any special characters, they will get a validation error message and the session will not be saved.

(APAR PO00424, DEF11540)
The Optimize server crashed intermittently while processing the FEC Min/Max rule on AIX. This is fixed.

FEC rule Never A with B rule sometimes crashed the Optimize server. This is fixed.

All the campaign names of the flowcharts/optimize process boxes were reflecting the campaign details name of the selected optimize process boxes. This is fixed.

If a user added a new Optimize process box, an offer was populated in the assignment tab. This is fixed.

Fix Pack 1:

(PO00990, Defect 50821)
In the Extract process box, if a Contact Optimization session was selected from the Optimized List and if the same session was then reselected, the list of sessions and Campaign codes would be overwritten by the session name and Campaign code of the selected session. This is now fixed.


Base Product Version Dependency:
This fix pack requires IBM Contact Optimization or any fix pack 9.0.0.x.

Other Product Version Dependencies:
This fix pack requires IBM Marketing Platform and IBM Campaign at version

Note: Install all EMM products at the same fix pack level.

Installation Instructions

IBM Contact Optimization Fix Pack can be applied only over IBM Contact Optimization version or any Interim Fix provided on this release.

Installation Steps:

I. Task 1 - Before you begin:

  1. Ask all users to log out of IBM Unica application and stop all running Optimize sessions. Make sure all ACO Server processes are stopped.
  2. Stop the IBM Contact Optimization listener process which was started with "" or "ACOServer.bat".

II. Task 2 - IBM Contact Optimization Installer:
  1. Log in to the system, where IBM Contact Optimization is installed, as the same user who installed the original version of the product.
  2. Put the IBM Installer and IBM Contact Optimization installer in the same directory.
  3. If you are executing Fix Pack installer on AIX, run "slibclean" command from terminal before invoking the installer.
  4. Run the IBM Installer and select IBM Contact Optimization to install.
  5. Select the directory in which all IBM EMM products are installed.
  6. Select the current IBM Contact Optimization installation directory as the install location if it is not selected automatically.

Note: If the Fix Pack installer cannot find the appropriate previously installed release, contact IBM Technical Support for assistance.

III. Task 3 - Start IBM Contact Optimization listener:
  1. Start the IBM Contact Optimization listener process with "" or "ACOServer.bat".
  2. Confirm that the version information for this installation of IBM Contact Optimization is The version can be confirmed:
      - from the version.txt file in Optimize Home directory
      - in the About Page inside the IBM Campaign application after applying the Fix Pack

Download package

Fix pack installers:

    IBM Contact Optimization:


    IBM Installer:

Files Included in Fix Pack Installers:

Unix and Windows:
  1. Contents of $OPTIMIZE_HOME/bin directory except ACOServer.bat/ and xpauth.xpr .
  2. $OPTIMIZE_HOME/conf/optimize_subcomponent_version.xml
  3. Contents of $OPTIMIZE_HOME/tools/lib directory, where $OPTIMIZE_HOME is the fully qualified path to the Contact Optimization Home Directory.

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More support for: IBM Contact Optimization

Software version: 9.0

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4035274

Modified date: 13 October 2014

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