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Download WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance V2.5 firmware and client

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Download the IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance Version 2.5 firmware release. You can also download the client, which is required for the appliance to work.

Download Description

This firmware release includes improved capability for the appliance, and the following new features:

Enterprise data grid
Enterprise data grids use the eXtremeIO transport mechanism and a new serialization format. With the new transport and serialization format, you can connect both Java and .NET clients to the same data grid.

WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for .NET
By installing the WebSphere® eXtreme Scale Client for .NET, you can deploy .NET applications that access the data grid.

Appliance startup status and delete tasks
You can now view the startup status of the appliance and delete tasks in the user interface.

Continuous query
When you develop client applications that interact with the data grid, you might require queries that retrieve automatic, real-time results when new entries are inserted or updated. You can use continuous query to be notified in your client Java™ virtual machine (JVM) when data is inserted or updated in the data grid. This feature makes grid and data management easier for developers, administrators or both.

Enable FIPS
You can configure the appliance collective to use Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 for all encrypted network communication. This standard ensures high protection of data as it is sent over the wire.

eXtreme Data Format (XDF)
XDF is based on the MapSerializerPlugin plug-in, and is now the default serialization technology that is used when you are running IBM eXtremeIO (XIO).

Grid alias
You can use the REST gateway to create and manage a grid alias. Use a grid alias when you need to populate more than one grid at the same time.

Near-cache invalidation
You can configure near cache invalidation to remove stale data from the near cache as quickly as possible. When an update, deletion, or invalidation operation is run against the remote data grid, an asynchronous invalidation gets triggered in the near cache.

For more information about what's new, see the WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance V2.5 Information Center.

WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client installation: For IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance to work with WebSphere Application Server or clients in a stand-alone environment, you must install the WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client or package the client Java archive (JAR) files with your application. You can download the client from this document. Extract the .zip file that is appropriate for your environment from this page. Then, you can install either the fix pack or full installation using IBM Installation Manager:

  • Fix Pack 2. Includes fixes that were found since Version was released.
  • Full installation. Includes the Version 8.6 Client and the improvements from the fix pack.

See Installing WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for more information about installing the client.

Installation Instructions

Complete the following instructions to download the firmware and client images.

  1. Initialize and configure the appliance.
    The firmware upgrades for the 7199-92x appliances are available in this document. See Initializing and configuring WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance in the product information center for more information about the initialization and firmware upgrade process.
  2. Download and extract one or more of the following WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client offerings from this page:
    Description File name
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client in a stand-alone environment
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for WebSphere Application Server Version 7
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for WebSphere Application Server Version 8
  3. Install IBM Installation Manager.
    1. Add the fix pack repository location in IBM Installation Manager:
    2. Start IBM Installation Manager.
    3. In Installation Manager, click File > Preferences > Repositories.
    4. Click Add Repository.
    5. Browse to or enter the file path to the repository.config file. The repository.config file is located in the directory where you extracted the compressed files.
  4. Use Installation Manager to install or upgrade the product from the local product repositories that you downloaded in step 2.
    For more information about installing the fix pack, see Installing Fix Packs using Installation Manager in the information center.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
What is DD?
7199-92x Firmware 14 Jun 2013 Language Independent 284569178 FC DD

Technical support

WebSphere eXtreme Scale 8.6 client fix pack 2 is no longer available for download. It is recommended that you apply fix pack 8. If you are using a z/OS install, you should apply fix pack 6. If you need access to fix pack 2, please contact IBM Support.

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