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WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V8.0 Fix Pack 2

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Fix Pack 2 for WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V8.0

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* A change introduced by this Fix Pack might negatively 
* affect existing product function.
* Please refer to APAR IV47063 for a description of the 
* problem and corrective action. 
* Evaluate these APARs for the potential impact in your environment.

This is the second maintenance release for WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V8.0.0 product which was initially released in May 2012.

Ensure that your environment meets the requirements specified in the v8.0 system requirements document: System Requirements.

There are no significant changes in the Governance Enablement Profile provided in WSRR V8.0.0.2.

The following APARs are fixed in this Fix Pack.

IV44483 The user is not authorized to perform the requested operation. error shown on non secure login
IV12367 Problem displaying collection view for type that contains enum property.
IV36094 Enhancements to subscription notification system.
IV36495 SECJ0350E: could not get the uniqueid of the user virtualprincipal.allauthenticatedusers.
IV36672 Unnecessary object retrievals occur when no governance plugins are configured to run.
IV35604 Birt reports not working with utf-8 characters in WSRR
IV36537 Text search indexes are not deleted causing the database size toincrease unnecessarily.
IV36666 WSRR needs to handle updates to the context roots of birt reporting tools
IV37016 Error when viewing objects classified with non-existant environment in the business space service registry chart widgets
IV37055 WSRR business space does not display correctly when using an older configuration profile version
IV37987 Npe is generated when using the jdbc from was jdbc pool that in in an inconsistent state
IV37993 Ability to configure production classification to promote to multiple runtimes
IV38416 Creation of objects in webui with mandatory, read-only fields fails
IV38993 UDDI sync does not sync on property creation matching mapping control rule.
IV39045 WSRR profile creation creates windows shortcuts with default server1 even though a different server name is specified.
IV39038 WSRR web UI fails render search suggestions
IV39965 Pmt incorrectly sets serviceregistry data source authentication settings to use default user name 'WSRR'
IV39973 Business space: manage subscriptions edit panel shows duplicate transition names with a warning.
IV40280 Business space url links not resolved correctly
IV40462 Enhanced search indexer should be more permissive.
IV40790 NoSuchMethodError when using WSRR command line interface againstwas 8.0
IV42713 Npe in during import/retrieve/edit
IV44508 Enhancements for datapower v6.0 support
IV44523 Allow copying of WSRR objects.
IV44531 Improvements to WSRR document content update mechanism.
IV44578 Fixes to WebSphere service registry and repository server v8.0 fix pack 2
IV36386 Error 500 returned when policy validation error encountered on the governance tab
IV23266 Documents not being synchronised into WSRR from UDDI due to multiple overviewurl references within a single tmodel.
IV23308 UDDI api wsdl and xsd documents being synchronised multiple times resulting in duplicate documents within WSRR.
IV23787 Highly connected data in WSRR can cause performance issues when plugins run
IV24351 Errors occured in businessspace console while accessing widgets.
IV24924 Failure to delete deleted entities in UDDI from WSRR during UDDIsynchronization if sync configuration readonly element is yes
IV26404 Deploying WSRR from admin console fails with an error that has no description
IV26727 Contents confidential.
IV27385 WSRR fails to start after GSR8313E in systemout
IV27386 Schema name length is restricted to 8 characters for an Oracle database
IV27434 Business space errors within a webseal secured environment
IV27594 While sib is in the process of starting, WSRR is starting and resulting in failure to start
IV28477 Fix pack update fails for a cluster environment
IV29576 Wmb ws-security policy feed queries fail on Or acle with ora-00933
IV29693 Problems with enumerations containing empty strings
IV29752 Not possible to complete the deployment wizard, if you select only sib.
IV30009 The profile management tool wizard does not allow the underscorecharacter in a schema name for all database types
IV30385 Development role in gep unable to edit approved business capability toadd capability version
IV30523 Sql server schema names are restricted to 8 characters
IV31285 Unexpected empty results set from policy service servlet prevents consumption of WSRR policies by datapower
IV32539 Fixpack update process can run out of permgen space on hp-ux andsolaris
IV32755 Updates to slmpolicydomaindefinition.
IV32863 Upgrade from WSRR 7.0 using DB2 for z/os fails
IV33069 'the serviceregistry application should wait for the sib messagingengine to be started before starting itself.
IV33138 Some modelled properties are not upgraded correctly from WSRR v6.3 and v7.0 to v7.5 and v8.0.
IV33270 WSRR attempts to promote to an environment that is not defined if a transition refers to the undefined environment.

Installation Instructions

WebSphere Service Registry and Repository v8.0.0 Fix Pack 2 is now available from IBM Installation Manager. See the link to the product documentation for instructions on how to apply the update for systems with and without internet access.

If your WebSphere Service Registry and Repository server does not have access to the Internet, you can download the IBM Installation Manager repository from the Download Package section.

For customers using z/OS the following PTFs are required:

How to apply a Fix Pack US English 1

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Fix Pack 2 26 Jun 2013 US English 395689415 HTTP

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Problems (APARS) fixed
IV44483, IV12367, IV36094, IV36495, IV36672, IV35604, IV36537, IV36666, IV37016, IV37055, IV37987, IV37993, IV38416, IV38993, IV39045, IV39038, IV39965, IV39973, IV40280, IV40462, IV40790, IV42713, IV44508, IV44523, IV44531, IV44578, IV36386, IV23266, IV23308, IV23787, IV24351, IV24924, IV26404, IV26727, IV27385, IV27386, IV27434, IV27594, IV28477, IV29576, IV29693, IV29752, IV30009, IV30385, IV30523, IV31285, IV32539, IV32755, IV32863, IV33069, IV33138, IV33270

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
Fix Pack / Maintenance

Software version: 8.0,

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4035052

Modified date: 23 September 2013

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