After installing Firefox 21, Time Series Dashboards display an error

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This document describes how to download the patch to resolve the Time Series Dashboards display error after Firefox 21 is installed.

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After installing Firefox 21, Time Series Dashboards display an error:

    createTimeSeriesChart error: range.compareNode is not a function
This fix has been made available to resolve APAR IV42931.


You must be running QRadar 7.1 MR1 or Higher to run this script

Installation Instructions

1) Download the file from FixCentral
2) Log into your QRadar console system as root (ssh)
3) Copy the patch file to the /tmp directory
4) Extract the script by typing:

5) Type chmod 755
6) Type ./
7) Clear your Browser Cache and reload the QRadar UI. You should now see the dashboard items properly.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central (FC)?
firefox21_compareNode_fix 23 May 2013 English 318 FC

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