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Download WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 Fix Pack 2 for distributed and z/OS operating systems

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You can download the IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 Fix Pack 2, also known as

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IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale is an elastic, scalable in-memory data grid that provides a key-addressable store of values or graphs. This product supports a processing unit, state store for applications written in Java. You can replicate the data stored in the data grid, depending on availability requirements, and you can achieve out-of-the-box database integration.

WebSphere eXtreme Scale can be integrated with existing WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Application Server, Network Deployment installations, or you can install the stand-alone product.

More information
To access a wide variety of technical resources for this product, see the IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 Information Center.

To download the full installation of this release use IBM Passport Advantage. To download the server upgrade, use IBM Fix Central. The download instructions for both installations are included in this document.

Fixes for the following APARs are included in this fix:

APAR # Problem Description
PM89756 The CWOBJ0070W warning message about the garbage collection policy and performance is not valid
PM86242 WebSphere eXtreme scale client bundle can leak memory when run in an OSGi environment
PM90299 WebSphere eXtreme scale client bundle can leak memory when run in an OSGi environment
PM89217 Applications configured with HTTPOnly session cookies might see the NumberFormatException in the CWWSM0004E message
PM88959 Client security might not be enabled with certain settings
PM89088 Warning is logged on first FFDC when running in a stand-alone eXtreme Scale environment
PM83957 NullPointerException in socketTimerThread occurs because of improper initialization
PM87419 Session.close() does not reset request retry timeout correctly
PM88451 The composite HashIndex does not handle having a ValueSerializerPlugin without a KeySerializerPlugin
PM88817 System.NullReferenceException with C# applications when retrieving nested user serialized objects from the grid
PM88719 Long strings are not serialized properly by XDF, which can result in EOF exceptions during deserialization or incorrect results
PM87976 After a grid restart, occasionally one or more catalog servers are encountering OOM exceptions from DCS
PM87400 Liberty server fails to start successfully if an URL property is specified with an encoded string
PM88686 The .NET client creates an UnknownException instance to represent the DuplicateKeyException exception
PM85510 Fix multiple issue when trying to set the HPEL logging to enabled
PM88437 The CWOBJ1550W message and the NullPointerException exception occur when you start a catalog server
PM88352 IllegalStateException can occur when splicer property Listenermode=false and a user accesses multiple web
PM87979 First few transactions involving a newly created dynamic map could get lost due to the order that requests are processed
PM87317 Add new heartbeat interval setting for failover detection
PM87385 When using Solaris, the monitoring console server fails to start
PM87437 Placement can leave duplicate shards for the same partition
PM87867 xscmd -c showQuorumStatus command does not show disabled quorum status correctly
PM87622 HTTP session data is not stored in the remote data grid
PM87418 IllegalArgumentException exception can occur when having a template map with regular expression
PM87627 Disabled for placement list erroneously shows foreign containers when running xscmd listDisabledForPlacement
PM87215 Improve balance algorithm when a grid makes use of zones
PM85339 Write-behind loaders do not correctly handle the LoaderNotAvailableException exception when the back-end
PM87428 The CWOBJ1323E message is returned when security is enabled, and authentication is not enabled
PM81376 The NullPointerException exception occurs in WebSphere eXtreme Scale when you use dynamic index with dynamic maps
PM87343 Performance degradation when using WebSphere eXtreme Scale 8.6
PM87231 A memory leak occurs when PMI is enabled and a user does not disconnect from their grid or call destroy
PM84377 Intermittent NoSuchElementException in the catalog service with XIO enabled
PM82429 The WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client does not pass a credentials to the server, when the CredentialAuthentication property is set on the server
PM85242 Test plans show wrong data
PM86524 Deserialization logic is throwing an exception : OverflowException("Value was too small for a Decimal.")
PM84376 The ClassCastException exception might occur when you test a connection to the appliance from the administrative console
PM85940 NullPointerException running xscmd routetable command
PM81901 Session run time fails to insert data into the eXtreme Scale data grid for WebSphere Application Server V6.1.0.x-embedded catalogs and containers
PM85204 Placement does not use all started containers if the number of containers is greater than the number of required shards
PM84380 When XIO is enabled, the WorkExecutorRunnableXIO on the catalog server might encounter a NullPointerException
PM80564 Users see a java.lang.LinkageError in
PM84384 When C# stores a DateTime object in the data grid, the Java client or server adds 240 milliseconds to timestamps
PM84373 Reset the eXtremeIO (XIO) transport properties when you run an eXtreme Scale client application in a container server
PM83178 The NullPointerException exception can occur during the container server or client initialization
PM84383 A NullPointerException exception is thrown when catalog server is verifying SSL client authentication configuration information
PM83180 The NullPointerException occurs during container reconnection when you use eXtreme Scale with WebSphere Application Server
PM80341 Containers do not retry failed connections to catalog servers so that those container servers can be eligible for placement
PM84379 ClassCastException occurs during put operation for object type with multi-threaded application
PM81641 When you run the xscmd -showmapsizes command, it times out
PM80355 As the number of containers in a domain increase, required processing can overload object request broker (ORB) thread
PM82142 When doing a rolling restart, data can be lost with synchronous replication enabled
PM82844 The web feature does not work in WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.6.0.1 for the WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile
PM82614 Avoid unnecessary data retrieval from the remote data grid when multiple applications use the same remote HTTP session grid
PM83450 Invalid session data that is obtained from cookies or URLs causes all session data to not replicate to the remote data grid
PM80587 The xscmd command, -c showMapSizes, does not retrieve all addresses
PM82449 Replication is enhanced for more efficient scaling in environments with a large number of maps
PM82530 The connect method does not throw ConnectExceptions when expected
PM81341 The catalog service domain incorrectly validates used, remote server endpoints
PM82147 When running an application in the same JVM as containers and catalogs, if a failure occurs, a reconnection might not happen
PM82148 Tracing with the xscmd tool does not work for WebSphere eXtreme Scale Liberty profile
PM82135 When you start a catalog server with trace parameters, a NullPointerException exception stops the catalog from starting
PM82133 The StateManager fails when it is called before the data grid is online
PM81179 When the initial state of the data grid is set to preload, the data grid spends a short time in online state
PM81026 The ClassNotFoundException exception hides the original exception when you use the XIO transport
PM81703 The NoSuchMethodException exception causes agent callback to fail with "SSL required" enabled
PM80923 When you run a query on a hash index with eXtremeMemory enabled, a memory leak occurs
PM81274 When the same key is fetched by many threads, there can be a performance bottleneck in the locking function
PM81123 A potential segmentation fault can occur for eXtreme Scale maps that use the HashIndex


Space requirements

  • Approximately 1.1 GB of disk space to store the required downloadable parts
  • Approximately 1.1 GB of disk space to unpack the parts
  • Approximately 400 MB of disk space to install the product
  • Approximately 100 MB of space in the tmp directory to run the installation program

    For more detailed information, see the WebSphere eXtreme Scale system requirements document.

WebSphere Application Server requirements
  • WebSphere Application Server Version or later
  • WebSphere Application Server Version or later
  • WebSphere Application Server Version or later
Detailed system requirements English 6215

Installation Instructions

Downloading and assembling the product with the Passport Advantage repository
1. Install and start IBM Installation Manager.
2. Set the Passport Advantage preferences in IBM Installation Manager.

c. Select the Connect to Passport Advantage check box to connect to the Passport Advantage repository. The Password Required window opens.

d. Enter a user name and password for Passport Advantage.

e. Optional: Select Save password to save the user name and password credentials. If you do not save the user name and password credentials, you are prompted for these credentials each time you access Passport Advantage.

f. Click OK to close the Password Required window.

g. Click OK to close the Preferences window.

h. Click Install in IBM Installation Manager.
9. Use Installation Manager to install the products that you are entitled to install from Passport Advantage.

The following WebSphere eXtreme Scale product images are available for you to install for Version 8.6 Fix Pack 2:

WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version Quick Start Guide
WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version installation image

About the installation image:
When you download the WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 Fix Pack 2 installation image, the following product offerings are included:

WebSphere eXtreme Scale in a stand-alone environment
WebSphere eXtreme Scale for WebSphere Application Server Version 7
WebSphere eXtreme Scale for WebSphere Application Server Version 8

Downloading and assembling the server upgrade images
  1. Download and extract one or more of the following WebSphere eXtreme Scale offerings from this page:
    Description File name
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale in a stand-alone environment
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale for WebSphere Application Server Version 7
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale for WebSphere Application Server Version 8
  2. Install IBM Installation Manager. Use Installation Manager to install the product from the local product repositories that you downloaded from step 1.
  3. Add the fix pack repository location in IBM Installation Manager:
  4. Start IBM Installation Manager.
  5. In Installation Manager, click File > Preferences > Repositories.
  6. Click Add Repository.
  7. Browse to or enter the file path to the repository.config file. The repository.config file is located in the directory where you extracted the compressed files.
  8. Use Installation Manager to install or upgrade the product from the local product repositories that you downloaded in step 2. For more information about installing the fix pack, see Installing Fix Packs using Installation Manager in the information center.

Downloading the product with Download Director

Fix Central (FC) links are provided for you to download the product offerings. However, you can alternatively use Download Director, which is a Java applet that provides enhanced download capability to IBM customers who download our products from the internet. It provides high-performance, reliable downloads with pause and resume capability. It starts in a separate browser window and provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to specify the download location, and view download status. To use Download Director to download the product offerings, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Fix Central (FC) link for the product offering that you want to download.
  2. When the Fix Central page is displayed, click the Continue button.
  3. Enter your IBM ID and password when prompted.
  4. Click Change download options.
  5. Select Download using Download Director.
  6. On the Download files using Download Director page, click Download now to begin downloading the selected product offering.
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Technical support

This fix pack is no longer available for download. It is recommended that you apply fix pack 8. If you are using a z/OS install, you should apply fix pack 6. If you need access to fix pack 2, please contact IBM Support.

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