IBM Intelligent Transit Analytics V1.5 interim fix PO01086

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IBM® Intelligent Transit Analytics V1.5 interim fix PO01086 provides fixes for problems in the user interface and also a memory leak when loading production timetable data.

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IBM® Intelligent Transit Analytics V1.5 interim fix PO01086 resolves the following problems:

User interface issues

Interim fix PO01086 resolves the following problems in the Operator : Transit view of the solution portal:

  • Selected layers on the map in the Current Transit Conditions portlet are cleared when you refresh a page, resize a portlet, or switch views. For more information, see Selected layers become deselected when the page is refreshed .
  • Sometimes, stops that are not included in the shape file for a journey pattern are erroneously displayed in the UI.
  • When a stop is used by multiple lines or services, the hover and highlight feature does not work as expected.
Memory leak issue

Interim fix PO01086 also resolves a memory leak that can occur in the data loading utility that is provided with the Vehicle Awareness and Prediction feature when you load large production timetable data files into the solution. For more information about this problem, see the following technote.

Memory leak occurs while loading production timetable data


Install interim fix PO01086 on top of an existing IBM Intelligent Transportation V1.5 environment that is running IBM Intelligent Transit Analytics V1.5.

Installation Instructions

For detailed installation instructions about how to install interim fix PO01086 (, see the readme file IBMIT-ITA- that is attached to this page. A copy of the readme file is also included in the interim fix installation media.


For more information about configuring and administering IBM Intelligent Transit Analytics V1.5, see the IBM Intelligent Transportation V1.5 Information Center at:

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