IBM ILOG JViews Maps Fix Pack

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Fix Pack for IBM ILOG JViews Maps V8.8 supersedes previous fix packs and provides additional fixes.

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IBM ILOG JViews Maps Fix Pack prerequisites an installation of IBM ILOG JViews Maps V8.8.

IBM ILOG JViews Maps Fix Pack is delivered as a single installer for all platforms and available through Fix Central. See accompanying document in Fix Central for a complete list of fixes covered by this fix pack.
If you have more than one IBM ILOG JViews V8.8 product in the same installation directory, we highly recommend that you keep them at the same patch level.
This fix pack is entitled: only customers that have purchased IBM ILOG JViews Maps V8.8 can download this fix pack.


IBM ILOG JViews Maps V8.8

Installation Instructions

Execute fix pack installer as a Java application:
- either double-click: jviewsmaps88_10.jar
- or run: java -jar jviewsmaps88_10.jar

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central (FC)?
Fix Pack 15 Apr 2013 US English 155455596 FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
RS00750 RS00795 RS00811 RS00812 RS00818 RS00820 RS00827 RS00850 RS00855 RS00863 RS00864 RS00905 RS00952 RS00973 RS00989 RS01007 RS01093 RS01108 RS01123 RS01134 RS01139 RS01177

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