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Product: Marketing Operations
Version: GA Release
Date: April 8, 2013

Installation Instructions Installers Previous Fix Packs

This fix pack requires IBM Unica Marketing Operation,,,,

This fix pack requires IBM Unica Marketing Platform and other products at version IBM recommends that fix pack version of all IBM Unica Products be at the same level.

(APAR PO00146, DEF 8610)
Previously, users were not able to approve specific type of project requests. With this fix, users will be able to approve such project requests and project instances will be created upon successfully approving the project requests.

The issue occurred when accepting project requests on templates that have:

  • Forms containing at least one Multi-Select Attribute or Multi-Select Object Reference Attribute in the Grid.

  • An additional form with at least one attribute that is of Clob database type.

  • No other non-Clob attributes.

(APAR PO00218, DEF 10092)
Earlier, the Approval process details window did not contain a scrollbar to move the window content up or down. So, buttons to continue / cancel were not visible to the users if there were many approvers. The scrollbar is part of fixing this issue. Also, the size of the 'sticky notes' textbox which used to be small (i.e. only one line), is increased to enable users to add comments.

(APAR PO00380, DEF 10426)
Previously, if users added any HTML tags, such as , in the comments text field, the adjacent button 'Show/Hide all comments' stopped functioning as expected. The button now works correctly.

(APAR PO00165, DEF 9062)
Earlier, if users changed the task complete status from X% to Y%, the alert for the French locale read -'Task status has changed from Y% to X%'. Fix ensures that the correct notification generates for the French locale.

(APAR PO00136, DEF 8412)
Earlier, if users tried to accept a project request that had a file without an extension on the attachments tab, projects were not created. This fix ensures that projects get created for such instances.

(DEF 19180)
The API fix ensures that the UMO API trigger called when saving grids does not slow down saving grid line items. Previously it took 160 seconds. Now, it should not take more than 6-10 seconds.

(DEF 19182)
This fix that ensures that the "Save" and "Save and close" buttons is disabled when the user clicks on any of them. These buttons are enabled again when the save is successful, the save fails, or the user cancels edit mode.

(DEF 19183)
Previously, the plural values of Marketing Objects cannot be updated after Marketing Objects are created. This fix will ensure that plural values for Marketing Objects can be renamed with the following steps:

  1. Edit the sysmodule.xml file and change the plural value for the Marketing Object.

  2. Restart the server.

  3. Click "Synchronize Menus."

Note: If the sysmodule.xml file already has a plural value for MO, then click "Synchronize Menus," and it will start getting reflected.

(DEF 15067)
Previously, user's first name & last name were not displayed in the "From Address" field of the emails sent from Message Board Posts. This fix ensures that the user's first and last name appears in such emails, if configuration flag showUserNameInEmailNotification is set to true. If the flag is false, the previous behavior remains as it is.

(DEF 19147)
This fix ensures that the user does not get any exception while clicking on the view icon on the tasks menu.

(DEF 19181)
Previously, if the approval attachment filename had special characters, the URL formed was such that the siteminder failed to redirect to the UMO application server. Then the user was not able to download the approval item. This fix ensures that the User should be able to download approval items in summary mode and edit mode even when the approval item file name contains special characters.

(DEF 19185)
When sending out the message board emails, the user can select multiple users from the user list box. Earlier, the user could not de-select these selected users. Fix ensures that the user can also de-select users from the user list box.

(DEF 19356)
Previously the user was not able to edit the project request in the scenario mentioned below.

Scenario: A project template is created with 2 forms: both have required fields, but form 1 is configured to show on the request and form 2 is not configured to show on the request. A user adds a new project request using this template, fills out the required fields for the form 1 and saves. When the user edits the request, he is unable to save the changes and he is prompted with an error "field x is required" that refers to a required field on form 2. This should not happen since form 2 is not configured to show during the project request phase.

This fix ensures that the user can update and save the request without any such error message.

(DEF 19358)
In the case of long names, the issue is fixed by displaying the name partially with ellipsis, so that the distinguishing word (Request) is visible. The entire name gets displayed on hover as a tool tip.

(DEF 19362)
If a user creates a multiselect db field within a form, and marks it as "required," the user can still save the field in the instance in edit mode, without any values. This fix ensures that the correct validation message is shown to the user on save if no value is entered for 'required' fields. This has been fixed only for Projects, not for other objects such as Plan and Program.

(DEF 19364)
Scenario: The user is part of 2 security policies:

  1. Global policy

  2. Custom policy

Global security policy is not checked for 'View Analysis' function and the Custom security policy is checked. In this scenario, the user should be able to view the analytics tab without any error. However, the user was getting 5005 error earlier. After the fix, the user can view the Analysis tab without any error.

(DEF 19439)
This fix ensures that no gif file errors occur when loading forms. Previously, borders were not displayed for selected attributes in Form editor as the image path was wrong. After correcting the image path, now the border displays for the selected attribute in the form editor.

(DEF 19186)
Special characters such as & and " cannot be used in drop-down lookup boxes in Plan. This fix ensures that special characters like & and " can be used successfully in drop-down lookup boxes in Marketing Operations.

(DEF 9005)
This fix ensures that the user does not get any exceptions for the steps mentioned in the defect. However, if for any reason the same issue surfaces with some different steps, go to the file system, backup the file mentioned in UI and the corresponding thumbnail file. After making the backup, delete them from the file system.

(DEF 10220)
Previously, Column 'last_mod_date' was not updated while performing some specific actions like responding to an approval, transiting a state of an approval, etc. This fix ensures that last_mod_date of table uap_approvals gets updated correctly for each approval action.

(DEF 23719)
Previously, 'Source Item' link appeared twice in the Response form tab. This fix ensures that the 'Source Item' link appears only once.

(DEF 19450)
In the TCS, if the user clicks on the Offer, a popup window opens up where the user can see three tabs

  1. Search

  2. Browse

  3. Remove

In the Remove tab there is a left-to-right control to remove offers. All current offers are in the left box. The user can move offers to the right box and click on the Accept button. This ensures that offers moved to the right box are removed from the TCS.

Previously, if the user moved the offer from the left box to the right box and did not click on the accept button, the offer remained in both the left and right box if the user navigated away and then returned to the Remove tab. This is inconsistent.

This fix ensures that if the user has not clicked the accept button and goes to another tab and comes back, the right box will not have offers that the user has moved earlier.

(DEF 9009)
Previously user could not save an approval with approval item note having 1024 characters. Fix will ensure that user will be able to enter up to 1024 characters as approval item notes without any issue.

(DEF 19207)
Previously, in the procedure-plugin.xml, if the user set up two different procedure keys with the same procedure class-name and bound two different triggers to these two procedure Keys, a problem in saving triggers occurred. The above scenario now works.

Known Issues

Full install script is calling the Russian locale scripts The following log entry appears in umo-tools.log. Please ignore these logs as the Russian locale is not supported in the 8.5 version.
ERROR SQLScriptReader:34 - Unable to read contents of file /sqlserver/ru_RU/loadNotificationMessages_ru_RU.sql as file not found under dbsetup.jar
ERROR SQLScriptReader:34 - Unable to read contents of file /sqlserver/ru_RU/loadRunTypeLookupValues_ru_RU.sql as file not found under dbsetup.jar

Full install script is displaying wrong version The installer executes the correct script for However, it logs the incorrect version as in umo-tools.log. For example:

DEBUG DBSetupManager:189 - full install scripts for version: Please ignore this.

In the case of manual DB setup, the script file will be generated with the following name: umo_upgrade_ _8. instead of umo_upgrade_ _8. Please execute this db script.

Note: The name of the file shows incorrect version however the content of the file is correct as per

Previous Fix Packs

Fix Pack

When a selected set of groups/teams are assigned to the 'Roles' of a user through 'User Visibility' feature, then the user can only see that selected set of groups/teams on the people tab, which appear unsorted.

(DEF063732 / VER00985)
In attachment tab of each object, the sorting of attachments is by the date when the attachment was added, with the most recently added being at the top. The following changes are made to attachment tab:

  1. There is an extra column called "Date" on attachment tab of each object (Plan, Program, Project, Request, Account, Invoice, Marketing Object and Task). This functionality would be applicable for view mode only (not in wizard mode).

  2. User can sort by either ascending or descending order of date by clicking on this "Date" column.

  3. Default sort order for attachment tab will be descending order of creation date.

  4. If there are different folders present on attachment tab then, it will be sorted by "Date" in each folder with the most recent attachment is at the top.

  5. As there is no folder present for Task attachments, attachments will be sorted for the group of each task.

(ENH11698 / VER00916)
Cancel all Tasks when a project is completed/cancelled and revision history is updated for number of tasks/approvals cancelled. As a part of this enhancement, the following functionality is implemented:

  1. A choice, "Cancel all task/approvals linked to the project which are not completed/cancelled" will be provided to the user while transitioning the project state to Finish/Cancelled.

  2. If users opts to cancel the tasks/approvals, all Pending/Not started and Active/ In Progress/On hold task/approvals will be cancelled.

  3. Project history will be updated to display the number of tasks/approvals cancelled as per the option selected by user.

  4. All the "Required" task/approvals will also be cancelled even though cancelling task/approval is not allowed for the same user.

  5. The cancelled approvals will not appear in any default approval searches. The cancelled tasks/approvals will appear in "All Tasks" and other custom task related searches.

  6. If a cancelled/completed project is restarted, cancelled task/approvals will remain in cancelled state only.

  7. The notification will be processed as per existing functionality of the workflow update and approval cancel operation.

  8. If user does not opts for this option, there will be no change in the current functionality.

  9. This option of Cancelling / completing the related tasks will also be available at time of bulk project cancellation / completion.

List of Known Issues

Full install script is calling the Russian locale scripts Following log entry appears in umo-tools.log. Please ignore these logs as Russian locale is not supported on 8.5 version.

ERROR SQLScriptReader:34 - Unable to read contents of file /sqlserver/ru_RU/loadNotificationMessages_ru_RU.sql as file not found under dbsetup.jar ERROR SQLScriptReader:34 - Unable to read contents of file /sqlserver/ru_RU/loadRunTypeLookupValues_ru_RU.sql as file not found under dbsetup.jar

Full install script is displaying wrong version Installer executes correct script for However, it logs incorrect version as in umo-tools.log. For example:
DEBUG DBSetupManager:189 - full install scripts for version:
Ignore this.
In case of manual DB setup, the script file will be generated with following name umo_upgrade_<umo base_version>_8. instead of umo_upgrade_<umo base_version>_8.
Execute this db script.

Note: The name of the file shows incorrect version however the content of the file is correct as per

Fix Pack

Note: If UMO has to be installed with Oracle 11g as the database and WAS7 Express as the application server, the user has to run the installers using the ojdbc5.jar as the jdbc driver while the Connection pool in the application server should use ojdbc6.jar.

List of Fixes

2426: If a user edits a form that has its underlying table name in upper case, all the attributes disappear on any edit of the form.

List of Known Issues

Group of some attributes was getting reset to default when upgraded from Plan 7.5, even if those attributes were placed in some custom groups.

Fix Pack

This Interim Fix requires IBM Unica Marketing Operations and IBM Unica Marketing Platform

This Interim Fix has no code changes to IBM Unica Marketing Operations. It has been released to be compatible with IBM Unica Platform that includes the fix for the Cognos Toolbar issue.

Fix Pack

This Fix Pack requires IBM Unica Marketing Operations / and IBM Unica Marketing Platform

This release has no defect fixes. This release is a IBM Unica suite compatibility release.

Fix Pack

There was an issue in workflow rippling, where one of the dates would always be shown in red indicating the date is invalid. This happened only in case JDK 1.6 was used. This issue is now resolved.

These were multiple linked issues due to 3rd party tools used for thumbnail generation and native markup. If the correct font directory was no provided, it would consume a lot of memory and slow down the system. Also, due to a defect in the java provided tools that when specific operations are done in multiple threads, it would keep consuming memory until a point that the application server would crash. All these issues are now resolved by multiple means. A) The latest versions of the 3rd party tools that fixed these problems were taken. B) Multi-threading was disabled for the specific operation where there was a problem. And C) A parameter listed below can be added to disable thumbnail generation. Even though this parameter is not set, because of the fixes above, the issue will not happen.

An Important Note: If the size of the attachments are large, and thumbnail generation is enabled, please make sure that the memory allocated to the JVM is appropriately large e.g. 1024MB with the JVM parameter -Xmx. example: -Xmx1024m

There was an issue that when a task is assigned to a team member through a team, the team member did not get access to the project in a specific case where the security rights were enabled only for the role (not enabled for project participant) that the team member was assigned. This issue is now resolved. Please note that when such assignment is done, the team member is a virtual project participant, and an entry into the people tab is NOT done.

There was an issue related to alerts. When the owner is also put as a reviewer, alerts were not sent to this user even when it was the user's turn to review. The issue is now resolved.

There was a JS error on performing delete action of invoice from attachment tab. The issue is fixed now.

API issue - zero dollar Invoices issue: Through API, it was able to add line items to invoice even after marking the invoice state as paid. This would result in rollup not happening for line items added after invoice is marked as paid, even though invoice would show updated total cost according to line items, referenced projects would not reflect the same. This issue is fixed now.

List o f custom links on custom links page was being rendered incorrectly using the name of the link and not using the ID field. This was causing the custom links to be displayed as duplicates and were also corrupting the links if user saves the screen with duplicate information displayed on it. The issue is fixed now.

When we login with an administrator user with Regional Settings in French locale, go to Settings> Marketing Operations Settings> Trigger Bindings and click on the button Add New Trigger Binding. The result page was rendered partially with JS error. The issue is fixed now.

This issue was about attributes of type "single select." Campaign API supports creation of such attributes, but UMO was not making use of it. So all attributes of type "single select" were pushed in Campaign as "String." This issue is fixed in UMO now. After this fix, the select attributes will be published as select only. This fix just addresses fix for Single Select type. This fix shall not address Single Select Database offer attribute as there is no support on this datatype on Campaign side.

Note: Upgrade for Offer Templates fails if the campaign listener is not up and running or even if the Campaign is not deployed. For the Offer Java upgrade to be successful, the campaign application should be up and running before performing the UMO java upgrade process.

On applying Fix Pack in AC-AP environment, the customer has to explicitly go and perform publish action on any offer from having the standard offer attribute as it displays all standard and custom published offer attributes values.

The UMO-UC campaign project flowchart instance cache the attribute's options due to which the flowchart does not show the updated options even if the UMO upgrade is successful. User has to create new flowchart instances to see the options value.

For UMO-UC integration, the UMO has concept of forms in which any attribute can have both local and global values. On the other hand, Campaign does not have form concept due to which all values are treated as global value. So if assignments of value done from plan side and campaign side defers, this behavior may confuse user. If UMO has used X Single Select attribute in two different forms and both form has different options, such as S1, S2 on one form and S3, S4 on another form, then UMO publishes X attribute with Options S1, S2, S3, and S4.

Important Note 1: When you are planning to upgrade from versions below 8.5 or from a fresh install of 8.5, and (only when) manual database setup is going to be selected, you must first run the installer for 8.5. After the installer upgrades to 8.5, you must use the generated scripts to upgrade to 8.5.0 first, and then run the patch upgrade installer for and use the generated scripts to upgrade to

Important Note 2: In the above condition (only) and only for Unix platforms, the upgrade files generated for 8.5 upgrade would be invisible, as the filename contains a dot character, and would be visible by executing "ls -a".

Important Note 3: While applying the fix pack on Linux system, the installer will not pick up database details from the property files. User will have to enter database details manually.

Note 4: The name of the file where the information about JDBC settings are stored is renamed from "" to "". This file is automatically updated by the installer, and should not be a concern.

Note 5: If the files being attached are of large size and thumbnail generation is enabled and if you encounter performance issues, or thumbnail generation issues, or mention of dump files being generated in the logs, please make sure the JVM is given a minimum of 1024 Mb heap size (-Xmx).

Note 6: For the plan ear to be successful on Websphere, latest fix pack of Websphere application server should be applied. If this is not done, the plan ear deployment fails.

Note 7: If UMO has to be installed with Oracle 11g as database and WAS7 Express as application server, user has to Run the installers using the ojdbc5.jar as the jdbc driver while the Connection pool in the application server should user ojdbc6.jar.

Fix Pack Installers

IBM Unica Marketing Operations:

IBM Unica Platform:

IBM Unica Installer:

Files Included in Fix Pack Installers



Installation Instructions

Prerequisites - Download Instructions

  1. To download fix pack, click Fix Central.

  2. At Fix Central, select Enterprise Marketing Management from the Product Group drop-down list. Select Unica Marketing Operations from the Product drop-down list.

  3. Select Version and Platform.

  4. In the Identify Fixes section, select Browse for fixes.

    Note: If you have not yet signed on using your individual IBM ID, you will be required to before you can proceed to download. Users who do not have an individual IBM ID can create one at the Fix Central site.

  5. Select Continue.

IBM Unica Marketing Operations Fix Pack can be applied only over IBM Unica Marketing Operations version,,,, and/or any Interim Fix provided on IBM Unica Marketing Operations,,, and

Schema Changes:

IBM Unica Marketing Operations Fix Pack requires changes to Marketing Operations database schema. These changes can be applied by running one or more scripts {UMO_HOME}\tools\admin\db\bin\upgradex.y.z.p.bat/sh. These files need to be run in ascending sequence of UMO versions. i.e. from UMO version which is after your version to the desired target version (i.e., in this case)

Note: Do not run the file for the version you are already on. It is possible that for some of the versions in-between, bat/sh files may not be present, you can safely go to the next file to run.

Preconditions for Installation

  1. Ensure all users are logged out.

  2. Stop the Unica Marketing Operations application and all applications that are deployed with it (i.e. all applications that are deployed in the same unica.ear file). Also, stop all other Unica components (e.g. Campaign listener).

  3. Undeploy the UMO application from the application server.

  4. Stop UMO server and clean the application server cache (important).

  5. Take a backup of the UMO database and file system directory to any temporary directory (important).

  6. Locate the existing plan.war file and take backup of it.

Install the Fix Pack

  1. Copy the Unica_Installer_8.5.0.5_<OS>.<bin/exe>, (only in case of Unix), Unica_MarketingOperations_8.5.0.5_<OS>.<bin/exe> file to your Unica installation directory.

  2. Run the Unica Installer You will be prompted to install Unica Marketing Operations Follow the installation instructions and provide the requisite information. (Please refer to UMO 8.5 Installation Guide for details.)

    1. Select Next on the summary screen.

    2. Within the Install Destination field select the location of the UMO 8.5 installation, and click Next. If a UMO 8.5 installation is not found, the system will display an error message.

    3. Verify the location on the pre-install summary screen, and click Install.

    4. Install summary screen should appear when complete. Click Finish.

  3. Upgrade UMO database schema as per steps mentioned in Schema Changes section.

  4. Install the UMO application server deployment per the UMO 8.5 install instructions.

  5. Start the UMO Application Server and all applications that are deployed with it (i.e. all applications that are deployed in the same unica.ear file). Also, start all other Unica components (e.g. Campaign listener).

  6. Run the UMO upgrade from Marketing Operations Settings page.

  7. Restart the UMO Application Server.

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