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This page shows the fixes for Unica Optimize.

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Product: Optimize
Date: August 20, 2010
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(INC54207, DEF054020)
The Optimize process box displayed an internal error when attempting to configure to use an Optimize session whose ACOSessionID was larger than 2^31. This has been resolved.

Note: In order to see this fix in Unica Optimize, you must also upgrade Unica Campaign.

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Patch 1 - 3

Patches 1 through 3 are specific to Unica Campaign.

Installation Instructions
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Patch Installers

Platform Installers
Windows 32-bit ACOServer8102_win32.exe
Solaris 32-bit ACOServer8102_solaris32.bin
Solaris 64-bit ACOServer8102_solaris64.bin
Red Hat Linux 32-bit ACOServer8102_linuxrhel32.bin
SUSE Linux 32-bit ACOServer8102_linuxsuse32.bin
AIX 32-bit ACOServer8102_aix32.bin
AIX 64-bit ACOServer8102_aix64.bin

Files Included in Patch Installers

Unix and Windows:

Installation Instructions

Prerequisite - Download Patch

  1. To download patches, click Fix Central.

  2. At Fix Central, select Enterprise Marketing Management from the Product Group drop-down list. Select Unica Optimize from the Product drop-down list.

  3. Select patch Version and Platform.

  4. In the Identify Fixes section, select Individual Fix IDs and enter the following Access Key that matches your IBM Unica Optimize platform into the field.

    Note: If you have not yet signed on using your IBM ID, you will be required to before you can proceed to download. Users who do not have an individual IBM ID can create one at the Fix Central site.

    Platform Access Key
    Windows 32-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_win32:Optimize_pre85
    Solaris 32-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_solaris32:Optimize_pre85
    Solaris 64-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_solaris64:Optimize_pre85
    Linux SUSE 64-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_linuxsuse64:Optimize_pre85
    Linux SUSE 32-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_linuxsuse32:Optimize_pre85
    Linux RHEL 64-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_linuxrhel64:Optimize_pre85
    Linux RHEL 32-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_linuxrhel32:Optimize_pre85
    AIX 32-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_aix32:Optimize_pre85
    AIX 64-bit UO_8.1.0.4_Patch_aix64:Optimize_pre85
  5. Select Continue.

Task 1 - Before you begin

  1. Ask all users to log out of Unica Optimize and stop all running sessions. (Make sure all ACO Server processes are stopped.)

  2. Stop the Unica Optimize listener process started with "" or "ACOServer.bat.

  3. Ensure that the Unica Platform web application is still running.

Task 2 - Unica Campaign Optimize Installer

  1. Run the Unica Optimize Installer.  Be sure to use the directory where the Unica Optimize listener is installed as the target. Note, as this is a patch installer, it is expected that the appropriate release (i.e., 8.1.0) has already been installed on the current machine by the same user running the patch installer.  If the patch installer cannot find a previously installed maintenance release, please contact Unica Technical Support for assistance.

Task 3 - Restart Unica Optimize listener

  1. Start the Unica Campaign Optimize listener process with "" or "ACOServer.bat".

  2. In Unica Marketing Platform, confirm that the version information for this installation of Unica Campaign has been properly updated. To find this information, select Help > About Unica 8 from the Unica Marketing Platform menu. If the Abou t page is not accessible, you can obtain the version number of any Unica application by viewing the version.txt file located under each application's installation directory.

Document information

More support for: IBM Contact Optimization

Software version: 8.1

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 4034678

Modified date: 30 October 2013