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IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics V7.1 Fix Pack 3, Interim Fix 7, also known as Version or

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This is cumulative Interim Fix 7 for IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics version 7.1, published after Fix Pack 3. This interim fix can be installed on top of v7.1.0.0 or any other subsequent version updates up to v7.

The following PTFs represent the equivalent maintenance level for the corresponding z/OS components which can be ordered via ShopzSeries/IBMLink :
UK97259 -- TEMA
UK97264 -- Data Collector

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Refer to the README files located in Fix Central for additional information

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What is Fix Central? 6 Sep 2013 English FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM74332, PM80154, PM85213, PM86248, PM86655, PM85938, PM88932, PM89494, PM89615, PM92533, PM92705, PM93015, IV01219, IZ64976, IZ65479, IZ70206, IZ73925, PK77459, PK83853, PK84802, PK89482, PK96792, PK99506, PM02947, PM03357, PM04782, PM05162, PM05302, PM05683, PM06443, PM06739, PM07290, PM07373, PM08518, PM08682, PM09591, PM09648, PM10580, PM11274, PM11423, PM11442, PM12999, PM13018, PM13089, PM13332, PM13883, PM13978, PM14336, PM14697, PM14905, PM15074, PM15892, PM16523, PM17085, PM17095, PM17100, PM17124, PM17137, PM17145, PM17147, PM17148, PM17151, PM17163, PM17177, PM17627, PM18202, PM18393, PM18672, PM18892, PM19828, PM20071, PM20130, PM20383, PM21425, PM22115, PM22142, PM22651, PM22657, PM23042, PM23589, PM23931, PM23973, PM24015, PM24035, PM24077, PM24329, PM24408, PM24438, PM24524, PM24781, PM24802, PM25376, PM25724, PM26805, PM26883, PM26919, PM27045, PM27377, PM28013, PM28330, PM28786, PM28867, PM29485, PM29661, PM29967, PM30023, PM30138, PM30230, PM30577, PM31400, PM31528, PM31697, PM32410, PM32413, PM32426, PM32443, PM32459, PM32727, PM33027, PM33060, PM33909, PM34765, PM34808, PM35760, PM36140, PM36305, PM36312, PM36314, PM36354, PM36370, PM36645, PM37145, PM37811, PM37882, PM38286, PM38385, PM38771, PM38785, PM38898, PM39443, PM39941, PM40062, PM40701, PM40944, PM41168, PM41544, PM41834, PM42224, PM42491, PM42635, PM43117, PM43133, PM43887, PM43952, PM44928, PM45291, PM45433, PM45505, PM45732, PM45803, PM45903, PM46048, PM46076, PM46085, PM46512, PM46543, PM46673, PM46899, PM46922, PM47530, PM47685, PM48416, PM48819, PM48881, PM48887, PM49056, PM49701, PM49709, PM49946, PM50392, PM50415, PM50533, PM51272, PM51288, PM51458, PM51858, PM51882, PM51993, PM52398, PM52415, PM52730, PM52757, PM53464, PM53553, PM53648, PM53820, PM53920, PM54755, PM55447, PM56046, PM56266, PM56351, PM56420, PM56584, PM56784, PM56939, PM57182, PM57277, PM58205, PM58263, PM58635, PM58987, PM59237, PM59368, PM59825, PM60779, PM61295, PM61312, PM61587, PM61734, PM61784, PM61795, PM56305, PM58629, PM58896, PM61796, PM61969, PM62549, PM62657, PM62922, PM63067, PM63381, PM63850, PM63975, PM64049, PM64847, PM65060, PM65849, PM66356, PM68407, PM65607, PM69120, PM69424, PM69402, PM69606, PM70555, PM70339, PM71201, PM65957, PM70392, PM73277, PM71053, PM72164, PM73703, PM68630, PM71836, PM71955, PM66247, PM75407, PM76007, PM76203, PM74424, PM65729, PM74611, PM73063, PM72517, PM73305, PM74083, PM72399, PM76716, PM74078, PM79851, PM70256, PM79101, PM75193, PM76054, PM80532, PM80279, PM80129, PM76237, PM76230, PM75581, PM68407

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More support for: Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics

Software version: 7.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 4034668

Modified date: 06 September 2013

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