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Permissions error when scanning JavaScript as a non-Administrator user on OS X

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When scanning JavaScript as a standard (non-Administrator) user on OS X in IBM Security AppScan Source, you may encounter scan errors related to permissions.

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This problem occurs when AppScan Source attempts to write log files to directories that you do not own. An example of the error is:

log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed. SummaryGenComparison.log (Permission denied)


Installation Instructions

This issue can be resolved by upgrading to AppScan Source version or by applying a patch.

To upgrade to version, follow the instructions in AppScan Source Fix Pack 1 for version 8.7.

To apply the patch, ensure that all AppScan Source client applications have been exited or shut down and then follow these instructions. In addition, ensure that all commands in the instructions are run with administrative credentials.

  1. Download the patch (see the below Download Package section).
  2. Copy the patch script to <install_dir>/bin, where <install_dir> is the location of your AppScan Source installation. By default, this is /Applications/ - and the command to perform the copy to the default location would be:
    sudo cp /Applications/
  3. Ensure that the script has execute permission. For example, issue this command:
    sudo chmod +x /Applications/
  4. Run the script. For example:
    sudo /Applications/

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Patch script:

Document information

More support for: IBM Security AppScan Source
Scan: Java/JSP/JavaScript

Software version: 8.7

Operating system(s): OS X

Reference #: 4034620

Modified date: 27 March 2013