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Social Media Analytics 1.2 Fix Pack 1

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This Fix Pack will upgrade your 1.2 installation to IBM Social Media Analytics

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This Fix Pack provides important product corrections for Social Media Analytics 1.2 and a security fix to resolve a reflective Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability. The vulnerability could enable attackers to inject client-side script into the IBM Social Media Analytics User Interface. The vulnerability is applicable to IBM Social Media Analytics 1.2 GA only. For more information about the vulnerability, please see this Security Bulletin.

For additional information on the Fix Pack, see the ReadMe file within the download.

Installation Instructions

Social Media Analytics Fix Pack Installation Instructions (click to expand)
System requirements and installation


  • IBM Social Media Analytics 1.2 IF1 or 1.2 GA is installed.

***NOTE: For new customers, you will still need to install 1.2 GA first (as a prerequisite) and make sure you do not run the installer for both the 1.2 GA and 1.2 FP1 at the same time.

Make sure you install 1.2 GA before installing 1.2 FP1. The cci_topology.xml is not compatible with 1.2 FP1; topology generation is required in 1.2 FP1.

***NOTE: For 1.2 GA customers, We strongly recommend that you remove the -Xshareclasses option in your JVM to maximize performance. To do this, follow steps i) and ii)

    Recall in the documentation for 1.2 GA the following instructions:
      Edit the installer/hdm/conf/.template/hadoop-conf-template/mapred-site.xml file and change the following property values:

      To the following values:
          -Xmx2048m -Xms256m -Xcompressedrefs -Xshareclasses -Xmaxf1
    i) Remove the -Xshareclasses argument from the property in <biginsights_location>/hdm/hadoop-conf-staging/mapred-site.xml
    ii) Run the command "<biginsights_location>/bin/ force hadoop"

    This will copy the settings from the hadoop master to each of the slaves, overwriting the configuration files on the slaves.

Installing the fix pack

If you are using Cognos Consumer Insight 1.1 FP1, make sure that you upgrade to Social Media Analytics 1.2 GA. To do this follow the documentation located here:

Navigate to 'Install' > 'Social Media Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide 1.2.0' > 'Upgrade of IBM Social Media Analytics' > 'Upgrade of IBM Social Media Analytics'
Follow the steps indicated in each section. (NOTE: Failure to complete these sections will result in an upgrade failure.)

If you are using 1.2, please continue to Step 1.

  1. Login to the Social Media Analytics UI node as cciusr. Download and extract the FP1 package into a directory on that node.

  2. Navigate to the extracted FP1 package directory.

  3. Run the command 'linuxi38664h/issetup'. Install in the existing install location. By default, Social Media Analytics is installed under: /local/ibm/cognos/ci/coninsight

    Make sure in the payload directory, <sma_location>/cci_installmgr/cci_mngmt/cci_cli/payload, you see directories for both the SMA 1.2 GA version ( and the SMA 1.2 FP1 version (e.g.

  4. Navigte to the '<sma_location>/cci_installmgr/cci_mngmt/cci_cli'. Back up the existing topology by running the command:

    mv cci_topology.xml cci_topology.bak

  5. Create a new topology by running the command and following any prompts:

    ./ -mt cci_topology.bak -t cci_topology.xml

  6. Run the following command to install FP1: ./ -process installer

  7. When prompted for the payload, select the update to be applied by typing the associated number of the SMA 1.2 FP1 build (i.e. the number associated to the ' - SMA1.2 (FP1)' entry) and press enter.

    The word 'Done' displays when the update is complete. You can check the registry.xml file under <sma_location>/cci_installmgr/cci_mngmt/cci_runtime/ and verify if the global registry show status 'Complete' with the latest build installed.

    If global registry show the status 'Error' or 'Initial' with the 1.2 FP1 install attempt, there are some issues with the last install, or one or more prerequsites are not met. In case any errors were reported, check the log file under <sma_location>/cci_installmgr/cci_mngmt/installed_modules/logs/xpress/cci_servlet.log for details.

    Please note: you can still attempt to run the installer process again by repeating steps 6-7, after fixing the problems reported with your install (e.g. all prerequisites met, etc...)

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It is recommended that you install the latest fix pack available.

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