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Rational System Architect Fix Pack 3 ( for 11.4.2

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IBM Rational System Architect and IBM Rational System Architect XT have been made generally available and contain fixes to version 11.4.2 including all predecessor fixes.

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This section provides an overview on what is new in this release with a description of any new functionality or enhancements when applicable.
This section provides information related to the impact of this release to allow you to assess how your environment may be affected.
This section provides important information to review prior to the installation of this release.
This section provides the direct link to obtain the download package for installation in your environment.
This section provides the installation instructions necessary to apply this release into your environment.
This section contains a link to the known problems (open defects) identified at the time of this release.
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IBM Rational System Architect version is a full product download. You must uninstall previous versions of Rational System Architect on a machine in which you will install Rational System Architect

The IBM Rational System Architect Suite comprises the products below.

The following products are included with the Rational System Architect installer with its base license purchase:

  • IBM Rational System Architect
  • IBM Rational System Architect Compare Add On
  • IBM Rational System Architect Process Integrator for Microsoft Visio 2007
  • IBM Rational System Architect for SOA
  • IBM Rational System Architect for XML Add On

The following products are included with the Rational System Architect installer and require additional license purchase:
  • IBM Rational System Architect for DoDAF Add On (includes DoDAF 2)
  • IBM Rational System Architect for DoDAF with ABM Add On (includes DoDAF 2)
  • IBM Rational System Architect for FEA Interface
  • IBM Rational System Architect for MODAF Add On
  • IBM Rational System Architect for NAF Add On
  • IBM Rational System Architect Publisher Add On
  • IBM Rational System Architect Simulator III Add On

The following products are available via separate installers and require additional license purchase:
  • IBM Rational System Architect XT Read Only
  • IBM Rational System Architect XT Read Write
  • IBM Rational System Architect for ERP Interface
  • IBM Rational System Architect for IAF

The following products are available via separate installers and do not require additional license purchase:
  • IBM Rational System Architect Cognos Bridge
  • IBM Rational System Architect for DOORS Interface
  • IBM Rational System Architect Presentation Integration
  • IBM Rational System Architect for SCOR Interface

As of the 11.4.1 version of the software, the following add-ons are now provided with the System Architect product--you no longer need to purchase them separately. If your keys for System Architect were issued before the System Architect 11.4.1 release, you must request new keys to enable these add-ons. Please contact your account manager.
Note: If you previously purchased these items, you will no longer need to pay maintenance on them.
  • IBM Rational System Architect Compare Add On
  • IBM Rational System Architect Process Integrator for Microsoft Visio 2007
  • IBM Rational System Architect for SOA
  • IBM Rational System Architect for XML Add On

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions can be found in the Information Center.

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The following sections provide detailed information related to this release.

How critical is this fix?

Impact Assessment
Impact Description
This release is a maintenance release of Rational System Architect 11.4.2. It contains fixes for client-reported and internally found defects.

Problems solved

Click the Fix List link in the table of contents above to review a list of the problems solved in this release.

Known side effects

The following defects were not resolved in this release:

APAR Headline
PM52265 Explorer diagrams do not use style settings for 'Refresh' after it has been saved
PM52834 SA Publisher site Browser tree file not escaping characters correctly
PM57946 CONTROL Property causing duplicate chapter entries for Model and Entity Name.
PM60634 SA Merge/Extract between workspaces - Rekey prompt loops
PM61782 Explorer Object Report attaches child symbols in wrong order in System Architect
PM63516 Can not add customized attributes using GROUP command into default TOGAF definitions' tab
PM64560 SA Dictionary Update can be unreasonably slow in large databases
PM64969 License is consumed when using links to SAXT reports in a different Workspace using System Architect XT
PM65163 The REST interface fails to return JPG/PNG images if diagram contains bmp icon
PM66029 The reference window does not refresh after an XML import of a custom diagram.
PM66170 Editing the column name in Table Object does not follow window standards
PM68089 Displayable relationship property information is incorrect SA v11.4.2
PM68219 Using Backspace key in a choices list shows previous page in guidebook.
PM68732 Importing more than 99 definitions creates duplicates and incorrect order in the SA browser in Oracle encyclopedia
PM69417 Message flow lines across pools reroute after XML import.
PM69560 The TESTPROC command logic is not working as expected.
PM69561 A custom chapter for application component does not display as expected.
PM69955 Unexpected Physical Data Models are deleted from Data Modeling tab in SA v11.4
PM70261 Re-importing a Visio SAXML of a BPMN diagram with original still open results in not valid format error.
PM71426 Hovering over a generated SVG-diagram steals focus and break Windows UX Guid
PM71513 SA 11.4.0 Cannot move an association line in a particular Class diagram.
PM71897 Child Diagram list is hidden behind other symbols in SA Publisher v11.4.1
PM71899 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' after clicking on a Symbol with "No Report" in SA Publisher v11.4.1
PM72727 SA 11412: flag the many to one mirror properties when parsing
PM73050 Duplicate values in output when using Report Batch Facility SA
PM73624 Unable to add a new Chapter with properties to System DM2 in SA v11.4.2
PM74597 Not possible to add properties into a SUBDEFINITIONs Introduction tab
PM74599 Using CHAPTER "Introduction" creates a duplicate tab
PM74643 symbols are misaligned when copying diagram to Word
PM74974 11.4.2 SAXT reader mode does not support REFERENCES keyword in reports
PM75354 SAv11.4.2.1: Cut or Copy and Paste from a DIV-02 diagram does not capture objects within a bounding box in the diagram
PM75355 SAv11.4.2.1: Cut or Copy and Paste from a DIV-02 diagram does not capture objects within a bounding box in the diagram
PM75776 Audit value changed on unlocking object when no change has been made
PM75987 SA 11421: French Edition of Windows XP makes diagram windows too small
PM76206 Removing (not purging) an embedded symbol removes relationship even if it exist in other diagram
PM76384 With Spanish locale settings in Updater referencing a matrix by DDID results in Matrix definition not found.
PM76432 Adding Thing (DM2) compresses properties tabs to pages
PM76714 VBA class OfCollection Add method allow adding of wrong type, creates a faulty definition and leaves object locked
PM76715 Documentation needs to reflect the default behavior of new depictions symbols and the set style option.
PM77158 Not possible to use Align Over in the 'Introduction' Chapter/Tab
PM77436 CSV import does not clear properties if it is in the last 'column'
PM77510 SA11.4.1.1 does not delete related definition
PM77529 Invalid Format error when applying Data Component to an Application Component.
PM77590 The Copy menu option is greyed out in a dynamic view.
PM78078 Adding Data Element returns error message Duplicate Data Element
PM78929 SA-Simulator. Changing parameters do not make any difference.
PM79611 Schema Generation for Oracle database is invalid in SA v11.4.2
PM79668 SA Keyboard navigation will not work with diagrams, property window or welcome screen open
PM81002 Move a Toolbar while the Guidebook is open results in Rational System Architect hang
PM81667 SA Option to show all menu items does not persist between sessions in French Locale
PM81717 Chapters and Properties missing from Definition Window when used with Subtype
PM81773 sadlg failed to create error on running verify and repair (1 Pass) on a large encyclopedia
PM82200 Crash after specifying connection in .mst file and running DB Reverse Engineering/schema generation/synchronization
PM82382 SA Cannot edit text position alignment
PM82513 Upgrading or connecting to Oracle encyclopedia results in db error 80040e14 "XML parsing failed" in Rational System Architect
PM82569 SA Publisher open referenced hyperlink as local file
PM82777 Logged in as Reader instead of Updater when TempFolder value set to Temp folder under SAXT install directory
PM82867 "Related UOBs" not being seen under the Matrix chapter of the definition
PM82870 Incorrect alignment in the Application Interface tab
PM83203 System Architect Default Publication Format not working
PM83602 Cannot mirror from any other definition
PM83652 Sequence diagram arrow head different in French
PM83688 SA Publisher - Contents corrupted after 'Refresh’
PM84023 "Error opening catalog" using SAXT v11.4.0.1 with an apostrophe in username
PM84235 Unable to use "Display according to task type" in BPMN using SA v11.4.2
PM84735 Class diagram to ERD creates Primary Index names with quotes in the name

Change history

Review the Rational System Architect 11.4 Versions: New Features and Enhancements for details on "What's New" in

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11.4.2 Fix Pack 3 15 Mar 2013 English 803478232 FC

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Problems (APARS) fixed
PM55224, PM59269, PM62457, PM62773, PM75341, PM75577, PM76518, PM77243, PM77251, PM77333, PM77454, PM77495, PM77527, PM79218, PM79931, PM80365, PM80396, PM80954, PM80958, PM81328, PM81704, PM81873, PM82670

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