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This document describes how to download the IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager for Virtual Environments: Data Protection for VMware Version 6.4.0.x Interim Fixes

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  • Because of issues documented in the flash "TSM for VE: DP for VMware may not incrementally back up all data due to VMware issue"
    Data Protection for VMware incremental backups may be incomplete as a result of unreliable information returned from a call to one of VMware’s APIs. No indication or error messages are provided to TSM or to the user of this condition. Resolving this problem will require an ESXi fix from VMware. Once the VMware fix becomes available and is applied, use Data Protection for VMware to perform new full backups of all VMs backed up with affected ESXi hosts. Current Data Protection for VMware backup data for those VMs cannot be relied upon.
Interim fix packages contain no license enablement file. You must already have the base package to obtain the license enablement file required to use the product. For information about how to download and install the Version 6.4.0 package using the Passport Advantage Online Web site, please refer to the download document:

The interim fix level is also available on Passport Advantage with the license enablement file included. If you are getting that version, you are not required to prior install the base product.
The interim fix level is not available on Passport Advantage, so you will first need to install a version with the licence file included ( or and then upgrade to


For system requirement information, see the Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments All Requirements Document at:

Installation Instructions

See the download information document for version 6.4.0 at

In the Download Information document, search for installation instructions.

Download package

The link below is to the top level directory that contains this interim fix. The subdirectory structure separates the interim fix images by operating system platform.

Change history

The Update History document contains a list of all APAR fixed in all 6.4.x levels of Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments.

Note: Maintenance is cumulative. APARs fixed in the releases and previous interim fixes are also fixed in the latest 6.4.0 interim fix.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is DD?
TSM for Virtual Environments Interim Fixes Windows 04 Feb 2013 US English 1 FTP DD
TSM for Virtual Environments Interim Fixes Linux 04 Feb 2013 US English 1 FTP DD

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC88455, IC88456, IC89886, IC92194

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More support for: Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments
Data Protection for VMware

Software version: 6.4

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 4034277

Modified date: 27 November 2014