IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) client 6.4.0.x interim fix downloads

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Downloads for TSM client Version 6.4.0 interim fixes

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Download packages for TSM client interim fixes built on top of the 6.4.0 general availability client.

APAR fix list for the 6.4.0 client and each 6.4.0.x interim fix:

Note: the and higher interim fix packages contain fixes for two security vulnerabilities. See these Security Bulletins:

Latest TSM client and server downloads:

Overview of TSM client and server operating system requirements:

Note: The READMEs can be viewed and downloaded first, independent of the package, by following the package FTP link below.

Interim fixes are only delivered on a subset of platforms, as we recommend waiting for the fully-tested fix pack containing the fix. However, if you have a business need for a fix on a different platform than listed below before the next fix pack, contact IBM Support.


Downloading any files indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in the Program License Agreement.

Installation Instructions

Please see the README files that accompany the download packages by following the package link below.

Interim fix packages are cumulative, full-replacement packages. They can be installed without the need to first install prior versions or the base release.

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Known side effects

Linux x86 automatic deploy packages versions to do not work when upgrading from, due to APAR IC93010.
They have been removed from the FTP server.

Manual install is not affected.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
AIX client 30 Apr 2013 US English 145325253 FTP
HP-UX Itanium client 30 Jan 2013 US English 181785033 FTP
Linux x86 client to 30 Apr 2013 US English 127805440 FTP
Linux System z client 30 Jan 2013 US English 32419840 FTP
Linux Power client 30 Jan 2013 US English 33617920 FTP
Macintosh client 30 Apr 2013 US English 39720557 FTP
Solaris SPARC client 30 Jan 2013 US English 68849519 FTP
Windows x32 client 17 Jul 2013 US English 215823928 FTP
Windows x64 client 17 Jul 2013 US English 296316464 FTP
AIX autodeploy files 30 Apr 2013 US English 717690357 FTP
HP-UX autodeploy files 30 Jan 2013 US English 444986987 FTP
Linux autodeploy files 30 Apr 2013 US English 186549317 FTP
Macintosh autodeploy files 30 Apr 2013 US English 102746105 FTP
Solaris autodeploy files 30 Jan 2013 US English 275198496 FTP
Windows autodeploy files 17 Jul 2013 US English 335534586 FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC84544, IC87041, IC87173, IC87210, IC87285, IC87331, IC88083, IC88237, IC88270, IC88272, IC88933, IC89195, IC89320, IC89340, IC89603, IC87216, IC87676, IC89666, IC90341, IC89883, IC90027, IC90285 IC89628, IC90735, IC88459, IC89485, IC90193, IC91843, IC90081, IC91842, IC92193, IC91426, IC92388, IC92466, IC92873, IC92933, IC93387

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