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PM76732; Archive: Servlet loading is slow on the Liberty profile server

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Application startup is slow for web applications using Servlet versions prior to 3.0

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PM76732 resolves the following problem:

Application startup is slow for large applications.



All users of IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile

Application startup is slow for web applications using Servlet versions prior to 3.0

At the time of closing this APAR, for best performance the recommendation is to install both this fix and also the fix for APAR PM77826. As an additional note, setting the following entry in the server.xml moves some of the first servlet load response time to application start time.
<webContainer deferServletLoad="false"/>

Where large applications are used, application startup is slow for applications that do not make use of Servlet 3.0 annotations. Applications utilising Servlet specifications prior to 3.0 or with metadata-complete="true" set in the web.xml will exhibit this problem.

Annotation scanning is no longer performed for applications not using Servlet 3.0 annotations.

The fix for this APAR is currently targeted for inclusion in fix pack Please refer to the Recommended Updates page for delivery information:



Installation Instructions

Please review the readme.txt, which is included with the download file, for detailed installation instructions.

Note: The fix available for download in this document can only be applied to a Liberty product installed form an archive. If you require a fix for a Liberty product installed with IBM Installation Manager please check for fix availability here:

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