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This integration secures IBM Worklight applications using IBM Security Access Manager for single sign on using HTTP header, LTPA token or OAuth and risk-based access(RBA).

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This integration enables single sign-on (SSO) from IBM Security Access Manager to IBM Worklight using LTPA token, HTTP header, or OAuth for authentication. In addition, risk-based access (RBA) is provided using IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager or IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile.

The JavaScript and HTML of the Worklight mobile application must be configured to respond to an authentication challenge from WebSEAL or Web Gateway Appliance, providing valid IBM Security Access Manager credentials or OAuth tokens. When using RBA, the Worklight mobile application must be configured to handle a step up authentication using one time password (OTP), which can be displayed in a web view or built in to the Worklight mobile application.

The integration package includes sample applications to validate successful HTTP header or LTPA token integration, single sign-on to backend data sources using Worklight Adapters, OAuth authentication and risk-based access (RBA). The sample applications and challenge handlers are intended to be used as references for developing your own Worklight mobile application integration with Security Access Manager.


IBM Worklight, or
IBM Worklight, or
IBM Worklight, or
IBM Worklight, or
IBM Worklight 6.0.0.


IBM Tivoli Access Manager Version 6.1.1, or
IBM Security Access Manager 7.0 (WebSEAL or Web Gateway Appliance) and Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, or
IBM Security Access Manager for Web and IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile

Refer to the README of the integration version to determine the individual IBM Security Access Manager prerequisites.

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Refer to the following support table to assist in deciding which version of the integration to download. It is also recommended that you download and review the README documentation to assess the suitability of the integration prior to its download.

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Worklight Version
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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is DD?
v1.0 README 6 Jul 2012 English 2466 FTP DD
v1.0 Integration 6 Jul 2012 English 900393 FTP DD
v1.1 README 21 Jan 2013 English 2776 FTP DD
v1.1 Integration 21 Jan 2013 English 997579 FTP DD
v2.0 README 19 Aug 2013 English 5527 FTP DD
v2.0 Integration 19 Aug 2013 English 2723367 FTP DD
v3.1 README 21 Feb 2014 English 4502 FTP DD
v3.1 Integration 21 Feb 2014 English 4004650 FTP DD

Technical support

This download is offered for free to existing IBM Security Access Manager customers. Support for this download is available through the normal IBM Security Access Manager support channels.

This integration has been tested and is supported on the platforms and product versions listed in this document.

When accessing support for this download, quote the component ID as TIVOIAM00 or 5724C0800.

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