Tivoli System Automation Integrated Operations Managmt., 2.1.1-TIV-SAIOM-FP0004

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This fix pack includes all fixes completed since the release of version 2.1.1

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This fix pack includes all fixes of fix pack 3 and the following fixes:

- IV33317: "RP32601 invalid password entered by userid" during state trace
- IV34562: SA IOM TN3270 window size anomaly. new terminal/console session connection has window attributes from previous computer session.
- IV37775: Received error dialog "The installer cannot be run on this system." Trying to install SA IOM V2.1.1 FP3 on Windows
- IV38033: Incorrect data size handling when UTF8 is disabled.
- IV41220: Selection does not go to last edited entry
- IV41492: Session class does not enforce the 24 character limit when creating it.


Tivoli System Automation for Integrated Operations Management V2.1.1

Installation Instructions

Installation of the fix pack 4 of Tivoli System Automation for Integrated Operations

Management 2.1.1

SA IOM Version is subject to the terms detailed in the license
agreement accompanying it. See the files in the SA IOM ..\License
directory for additional information.

1. Unzip the file 2.1.1-TIV-SAIOM-FP0004.zip into a local directory.
This will result in the creation of two subdirectories:
1) The directory '2.1.1-TIV-SAIOM-FP0004\SA IOM V211 FP4' containing
the SAIOM Fixpack, which updates a previous SA IOM installation.
2) The directory '2.1.1-TIV-SAIOM-FP0004\SA IOM V211 FP4 Client Installer',
which contains the additional client-only installer.

2. Navigate into the 'SA IOM V211 FP4' subdirectory and then navigate
to the directory where you find the file 'setup.exe'.
The directory structure is as follows:
SA IOM V211 FP4\
-> Doc\
-> Installer\
--> Disk1\
---> Instdata\
----> VM\
-----> setup.exe

To install the fixpack, launch 'setup.exe' and follow the instructions
given in the user interface of the installer.

After update of the product please follow the reboot advice.

This installer will also install the files for the environment VS2008 which
is used by the new SA IOM version. Do not remove these files.

The Client Only installer does not restrict the installation to users with administrative rights
Ensure that the installer runs under administrative rights.

Documentation update:
User's Guide, chapter 2: The tables for software requirements for the server and the
client should both include Windows 2008 R1 and R2.

Installation Notes:

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support
This Fixpack can be used to install the product on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
These platforms will be supported from this fixpack on.

On Windows 2003 and Windows Vista the install process may end with a message
saying "some errors occurred" instead of "successfully installed".
Please ignore the error, all components were installed correctly.

If you have only selected product features installed on your system and choose
'Selective install', installer will pre-select components which are NOT installed
on the system for installation. If you do not plan to install and use missing
product features, please select installed components you want to update and
de-select components you do not need to install.

After updating the SA IOM with this fix pack 4 followed by an uninstallation
of the old AF/Remote product, it is necessary to run the provided
RP3270.bat file from the following directory of the fix pack:
2.1.1-TIV-SAIOM-FP0004\SA IOM V211 FP4\RP3270 FIX\ .
The batch file restores several registry keys, which are mandatory for
operation of SA IOM, but which were removed by the de-installation of


COAX Support Removal
The drivers that support the legacy protocol for COAX adapters could be removed
from the installation now.
As COAX support is deprecated and not used anymore by most of the customers
the support for those drivers are not the default anymore.
A new panel appears that the COAX driver support can be omitted now.
The checkmark for COAX is NOT set and if one wants to keep the drivers have to
checkmark this support.

Error 193: 0xc1 possible issue:
If for some reason the SA IOM server service is not startable and gets an
error 193 0xc1 on startup please have a look at the root directory of the
installation drive . If you find a file entry just called "program" delete
Try to start the service again. If it fails again, please report the error.

separate client installer
The package comes with a separate more lightweight installer for the client.
This installer is only meant for a mass roll out of clients.
Therefore the installer does not contain an rpclient.dat.
After installation of a client on a system with the client installer the first
start will display a warning that the rpclient.dat is missing.
This is not an error.
You have two choices to continue.
Choice 1 : ignore the message and start configuring the client as you wish.
Choice 2 : get the pre configured rpclient.dat from the administrator who
installed the server and configured the system.

Relocated data files:
To follow the Windows standard and to enable non administrators to run RpClient
on Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. it is now possible to have the SA IOM data
files in a Windows designated data directory. A new utility "RpDatLoc.exe"
is included to help with the configuration (see the on-line help on this
stand alone program for further information).
The most common usage of RpDatLoc is to enable the SA IOM client to run
for a 'standard' Windows user. To do this follow the steps below:
1) Log on to Windows as an administrator.
2) Install the SA IOM Client using the SA IOM installer.
3) Log off the administrator user.
4) Log on with the 'standard' Windows users ID.
5) Start RpDatLoc.exe.
6) Go to the 'Copy Files' page and copy from 'Install directory' to the 'User Application directory'.
7) Close RpDatLog and start RpClient.

AF/Remote Migration
If you migrate from existing AF/Remote installation you can choose to click
the migration checkmark. In this case, the following files are copied from
the old AF/Remote config directory to the new SA IOM config directory
This saves all preferences made in AF/Remote which are already configured.

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Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central (FC)?
2.1.1-TIV-SAIOM-FP0004 14.06.2013 English 496452990 FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
IV33317, IV34562, IV37775, IV38033, IV41220, IV41492, IZ93964, IZ98730, IV00809, IV01574, IV03199, IV08059, IV08371, IV10146, IV10448, IV12772, IV14384, IV14902, IV15720, IV21243, IV21454, IV22804, IV25504, IV28541, IV29884

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