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Download WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.5.0.3 server and client upgrades

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WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.5 Fix Pack 3 includes performance improvements and fixes.

Download Description

You can download the IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.5 Fix Pack 3 server and client upgrades. You can extract the .zip files from this page, and install the following downloads using IBM Installation Manager:

  • Server upgrade: Includes fixes that were found since Version was released.
  • Client upgrade: Includes the Version 8.5 Client and the improvements from the fix pack. You can choose to install either the full client installation or the client upgrade.

For more information about the client, see Installing WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for more information about installing the client.

The following APARs are included in this fix pack:

PM66352 Timeout errors occur when you replicate shards.
PM69146 The WebSphere eXtreme Scale locking function does not release locks.
PM69861 CSIv2 inbound message authentication with basic authentication causes callback operations to fail on eXtreme Scale.
PM71059 Entries in some asynchronous replica shards are not removed when you run the clear operation.
PM72236 The exception, ConcurrentModificationException, occurs during session failover.
PM73661 The java.lang.NullPointerException exception occurs while updating OSGi services for eXtreme Scale plug-ins with the xscmd script.
PM74035 The Help text for xscmd -h revisions command is incorrect.
PM74334 The LRU evictor can enter into an infinite loop under certain conditions.
PM74462 Authorization checking is not done on placement service operations.
PM74533 The exception, LockTimeoutException, prevents shard failure recovery.
PM74759 The xscmd command, -routeTable, does not sort partitions in output.
PM74853 Entity queries using compound keys might return incorrect results.
PM76020 Serialization errors occur when you use the COPY_TO_BYTES copy mode after restarting the data grid and not restarting the client.
PM76802 The xscmd command, -c showQuorumStatus, reports incorrectly after you migrate a server from V8.5.0.1 to V8.6.0.0.
PM77187 Errors occur when you deploy large-scale environments.
PM77266 A workspace conflict causes containers to not start.
PM77272 The xscmd command, -c suspendBalancing, which is used to suspend balancing is not working correctly.
PM77477 The xscmd command might not connect if one of the catalog servers is unavailable, even with multiple catalog endpoints defined.
PM77540 Session creation within a data grid agent causes an exception and a client timeout error when data grid security is enabled.
PM77861 After application server failover, HTTP session binding listeners might not be called back correctly.
PM77885 The Bundle-Version attribute for the objectgrid.jar and ogclient.jar bundles are not changed even after fixes are applied.
PM77893 Orphan threads are not cleaned up after stopping the server with the ServerFactory.stopServer() method.
PM77948 The TargetNotAvailableException exception occurs when you set the RequestRetryTimeout value to 0 and use the COPY_TO_BYTES copy mode.
PM78385 Entries of object properties are removed when you run ClientSecurityConfigurationFactory.getClientSecurityConfiguration.
PM78407 The HTTP session creation time for WebSphere eXtreme Scale is incorrect after application server failover.
PM78885 Duplicate PMI module registration errors occur when multiple WebSphere eXtreme Scale libraries are loaded.
PM78938 Users are required to provide more security parameters than necessary.
PM79085 Startup failures might occur when you use large topologies.
PM79120 Suspended placement issues occur when starting and stopping data grids.
PM79166 Catalog servers will not start on V8.6.0.0 after a rolling upgrade from to
PM79268 The key store and trust store files do not load when the path has a directory that starts with the letter ''u'' on Windows operating systems.
PM79445 The TTLEvictor.updateTTL does not work correctly.
PM79506 The LockTimeoutException exception that occurs on catalog servers causes trouble when starting the entire catalog service domain.
PM79536 Starting catalog service endpoints in different domains might cause an exception when endpoints have different values.
PM79767 WebSphere eXtreme Scale placement code is optimized.
PM79860 Honor the value of suspendbalancing at container stop (or loss) when the grid has not been initially placed.
PM79915 The java.lang.Illegalaccesserror error occurs when you use a secured data grid, and objectgridsecurity tracing is enabled on Solaris operating systems.
PM80182 Allow a configured maximum value on the number of replica shards that exceeds the total ideal shard count.
PM80188 After the installation of WebSphere eXtreme Scale and during augmentation, you receive an INSTCONFFAILED message when the addOCOrbInitializers() method is run.
PM80336 In environments with co-existing WebSphere eXtreme Scale JVMs, upon termination of one of these JVMs, the cluster store might stop retrieving routes.
PM80341 Containers should retry possible, failed connections to catalog servers to be eligible for placement.
PM80350 The catalog server does not retry timed out placement service work.
PM80355 Reduce the ORB thread hold times by offloading the payload to processing thread.
PM80450 The query data grid console shows the first 50 characters of a key and truncates the rest.
PM80468 The AccessControlException exception occurs when you start multiple catalog and container servers with Java 2 security enabled.
PM80564 You experience a java.lang.LinkageError error in
PM80587 Improve the xscmd command, -c showMapSizes, to stop retrieving all addresses.

Installation Instructions

Complete the following instructions to download the server and client images.

  1. Download and extract one or more of the following WebSphere eXtreme Scale offerings from this page:
    Description File name
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale in a stand-alone environment
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale for WebSphere Application Server Version 6
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale for WebSphere Application Server Version 7
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale for WebSphere Application Server Version 8
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client in a stand-alone environment
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for WebSphere Application Server Version 6
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for WebSphere Application Server Version 7
    WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for WebSphere Application Server Version 8
  2. Install IBM Installation Manager. Use Installation Manager to install the product from the local product repositories that you downloaded from step 1.
    1. Add the fix pack repository location in IBM Installation Manager:
    2. Start IBM Installation Manager.
    3. In Installation Manager, click File > Preferences > Repositories.
    4. Click Add Repository.
    5. Browse to or enter the file path to the repository.config file. The repository.config file is located in the directory where you extracted the compressed files.
  3. Use Installation Manager to install or upgrade the product from the local product repositories that you downloaded in step 2.
    For more information about installing the fix pack, see Installing Fix Packs using Installation Manager in the information center.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)? 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 2908854020 FC 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 174702471 FC 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 468204330 FC 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 517010840 FC 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 1502397613 FC 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 104261155 FC 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 258997436 FC 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 285558257 FC

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