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Download WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance V2.1.0.3 firmware

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Download the IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance Version 2.1 Fix Pack 3 firmware upgrade.

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This firmware release includes improved capability for WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance Version 2.1 Fix Pack 3, also known as V2.1.0.3.

Caution: After you upgrade either 9235-92X or 7199-92X appliance types with Version firmware, you cannot roll back to any firmware version prior to Version 2.1. You must operate at the Version 2.1 or higher firmware level. Subsequently, when moving from Version 1.0 or Version 2.0 levels to Version 2.1 levels, you cannot roll back to previous firmware versions.

When upgrading from Version 2.1.0.x
To upgrade the collective while servicing workloads, you must complete the firmware upgrade process on one appliance before starting the process on another appliance within the collective. After upgrading one appliance, monitor the replication completion in the monitoring console before proceeding to upgrade the next appliance. Do not make any configuration changes until all of the appliances are on the same firmware level. See Updating the firmware in the WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance Information Center, for more information.

When upgrading from Version 2.0.0.x
When you are upgrading to Version from a version prior to Version 2.1, you cannot run a firmware upgrade on a collective that is currently servicing a workload. When you upgrade a collective, all of the data that was loaded into the data grids is lost. The XC10 collective configuration is preserved during the upgrade process. When you are running firmware upgrades on the appliances in a collective, the appliance that you upgrade does not fully restart until all of the appliances in the collective are upgraded to the 2.1 firmware.

When upgrading from Version 1.0.0.x
You cannot upgrade from this level to the most recent level. You must first upgrade to Version 2.0, and then upgrade to Version

Installation Instructions

Complete the following instructions to download the firmware and client images.

  1. Initialize and configure the appliance.
    The firmware upgrades for the 9235-92x and 7199-92x appliances are available in this document. See Initializing and configuring WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance in the product information center for more information about the initialization and firmware upgrade process.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
9235-92x Firmware 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 384210038 FC
7199-92x Firmware 18 Jan 2013 Language Independent 384202851 FC

Technical support

Fix pack 3 of the WebSphere eXtreme Scale client is no longer available for download. It is recommended that you apply fix pack 8. If you are using a z/OS install, you should apply fix pack 6. If you need access to fix pack 3, please contact IBM Support.

Problems (APARS) fixed
PM78397, IC89587, IC88863, IC89437, IC88992, PM77540, IC89488, IC89517, PM80450

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Operating system(s): Firmware

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Modified date: 18 January 2013

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