Rational Focal Point Fix Pack 3 ( for 6.5.2

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IBM Rational Focal Point version has been made generally available and contains fixes to version 6.5.2 including all predecessor fix packs.

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This section provides an overview on what is new in this release with a description of any new functions or enhancements when applicable.
This section provides information related to the impact of this release to allow you to assess how your environment may be affected.
This section provides important information to review prior to the installation of this release.
This section provides the direct link to obtain the download package for installation in your environment.
This section provides the installation instructions necessary to apply this release into your environment.
This section contains a link to the known problems (open defects) identified at the time of this release.
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Rational Focal Point 6.5.2.

For information on configuring your computer prior to installing, refer Preinstallation tasks documentation.

To generate a custom guide based on your install or upgrade scenario, see the Interactive guide for installing or upgrading Rational Focal Point.

Installation Instructions

You can install Rational Focal Point either as a direct installation, or as an upgrade.

Direct installation of Rational Focal Point

Prerequisite: You need IBM Installation Manager version 1.5.1 or later, to install Rational Focal Point.

  1. Download Rational Focal Point, Version fix pack from Fix Central.
  2. Extract the file to a temporary directory.
  3. In the IBM Installation Manager, click File > Preferences and add the locally downloaded Rational Focal Point, Version repository location to the list of repositories. For example, <temporary directory>\\disk1\disktag.inf.
  4. Click Install to directly install the complete package.

Upgrading to Rational Focal Point
  1. Download Rational Focal Point, Version fix pack from Fix Central.
  2. Extract the file to a temporary directory.
  3. In the IBM Installation Manager, click File > Preferences and add the locally downloaded Rational Focal Point, Version repository location to the list of repositories. For example, <temporary directory>\\disk1\disktag.inf.
  4. Click Update and proceed with the update.

For information about installing Rational Focal Point, version, see Installation road map.

For information about upgrading from earlier versions of Rational Focal Point to version, see Upgrading from earlier versions.

Note: To install or start IBM Installation Manager on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL 6.0/6.1 x86_64 (64-bit) machine, you must install 32-bit OS system libraries on your system. For information, see IBM Installation Manager technote 1459143

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The following sections provide detailed information related to this release.

How critical is this fix?

Impact Assessment
Impact Description
This release is a maintenance release of Rational Focal Point 6.5.2. It contains fixes for client-reported and internally found defects.

Problems solved

Click the Fix List link in the table of contents above to review a list of the problems solved in this release.

Known side effects

For known issues, refer the Known problems and limitations section of the Release notes documentation.

List of open APARs:

PM32699 Report generated from Rational Focal Point has formatting issues
PM55130 Allocation of FP artifacts
PM55944 Group by Integer, and date attributes
PM59457 Search performance issue
PM60876 <B> tags not recognized on Homepages in 6511
PM61167 Table view and sorting on ID
PM67838 Unable to reset a user password if the oldPasswords column is too long in usersession table
PM69105 Online user listing several workspaces for the same user
PM69479 Creating subset filters from a filter view displays faulty results
PM74314 Settings for "View Chart" in Timegrid not saved upon exit
PM75953 Matrix attribute, float and export to spreadsheet
PM76652 Entering a URL in a text attribute
PM76731 Session Time Out does not direct to Login screen when user clicks on homepage tabs
PM77067 Advanced Online Users shows wrong workspace
PM77079 Editing Title/ID of elements on server takes ~20 minutes
PM77731 Unable to upload a large file in file attribute with IBM DB2 as the back-end database
PM77753 Mozilla Forefox: group attribute statistics row show combined row
PM77820 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0:On Edit mode, description text not displayed completely when the focus is moved to other attributes
PM77852 Hyperlink does not work in text attribute ending with dot(.)
PM78164 Bullet points and numbering formatting in Microsoft Internet Explorer versus Mozilla Firefox
PM78604 View on Members and "The element cannot be displayed because it is no longer part of this view or is hidden by the current filter."
PM78691 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0: Usability issue; inconvenience to end users in seeing data in hover text (Tooltip) in dynamic table
PM78700 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0: Text in the hover text (tooltip) overflows from the tooltip frame
PM78914 Microsoft Excel update and confirmation message
PM79022 Retrieving the data using the REST API created using IBM ETL Data Manager takes several hours
PM79508 Incoming Links attribute show links that do not exist (due to deleted Mirror Attribute)
PM79900 Inherited homepages are not arranged (sorted) when new windows are added
PM80110 Filter advanced mode on Link, List/Link attribute, deselecting links does not work
PM80914 Problem in computation of values for streams that depend on calculator tapes
PM80952 Rational Focal Point: drag and drop of multi element does not work in tree view
PM81099 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0: Indentation moves to the left on a 'add' view form
PM81206 Create link and square brackets
PM81860 How to remove heading Numbers when generating PDF Reports
PM81895 Search for link attribute
PM83322 Investment Analysis: Editing variables when Auto-Recal runs freezes Rational Focal Point
PM83605 Text attributes and spaces
PM83795 Rich hover on homepage and dynamic table
PM81987 Login disabled displayed for user when actually it is not disabled
PM83900 Attribute listening to Timegrid cell containing expression does not update on changes
PM84208 Microsoft Excel import of matrix attribute fails; cells are not mapped due to attribute without title
PM84989 "An Error Occurred" searching on Views with Invalid definition

Change history

No new features or functions.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
Focal Point 6.5.2 Fix Pack 3 for Linux 22 Mar 2013 English 863383552 FC
Focal Point 6.5.2 Fix Pack 3 for Solaris 22 Mar 2013 English 863383552 FC
Focal Point 6.5.2 Fix Pack 3 for Windows 22 Mar 2013 English 863383552 FC

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Problems (APARS) fixed
PM49688, PM60763, PM61576, PM72422, PM75647, PM76680, PM77376, PM77618, PM78098, PM78472, PM78506, PM78592, PM78594, PM78796, PM78813, PM78913, PM78918, PM79001, PM79014, PM79392, PM79396, PM79659, PM79911, PM80042, PM80102, PM80105, PM80574, PM80828, PM81104, PM81108, PM81112, PM81121, PM81241, PM81347, PM81492, PM81493, PM81495, PM81885, PM81987, PM82321, PM82525, PM82596, PM82723, PM82978, PM83118, PM83233, PM83472, PM83785, PM83892, PM83898, PM83913, PM83916, PM84074, PM84109, PM84125, PM84299

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