WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit Version 6.1 Fix Pack 11

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This is Fix Pack 11 for WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit Version 6.1.

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This fix pack contains fixes for the following problems:

    1. ESQL
    69427 ESQL editor does not refresh when color properties are changed
    69544, 70644 Add/remove a module/function/constant does not update outline view
    67542 Slow to format ESQL file and repaints a lot in ESQL editor
    67412 Editor content gets colored black after running an editor action
    APAR IC55537 Content assist does not work properly in the ESQL editor
    APAR IC56234 Build process is looping when ESQL has declare reference same as procedure parameter
    APAR IZ20913 ESQL editor might scroll unexpectedly when Outline view is selected and source is modified
    APAR IC55864 Content assist fails to resolve partial element names as wildcard query
    APAR IC56030 Errors for stored procedures that do not return a value
    72549 Error not reported for dynamic schema name in ESQL
    APAR IC55863 Content assist fails to show element after first two times for XMLNSC
    APAR IC55803 Ambiguous database table reference when schema name is the same
    APAR IC56537 Syntax error when using non-reserved keyword POSITION, TRIM or SUBSTRING as variable name
    APAR IZ24412 Failed to open ESQL for Compute, Database, or Filter node with Data Source name
    APAR IC57040 External ESQL procedures are not included in BAR
    APAR IC57220 Error occurs on Compute node when Data Source value is blank
    APAR IC57321 IllegalArgumentException error occurs in the log and cannot open ESQL file
    APAR IC57448 ESQL functions and procedures are missing in BAR and has BIP2558E deployment error
    APAR IZ31361 Failed to do content assist in ESQL editor on global elements and embedded messages
    APAR IZ30964 Cannot open ESQL file that contains nested comments
    APAR IZ38881 Double click on Compute/Filter node will create another new module
    APAR IZ40668 Open ESQL from Database/Filter node that has database reference will create another new module
    APAR IC60140 ESQL errors not flagged in editor
    APAR IC59894 Migration failed from V5.0 to V6.0 if there were double quotes around ESQL module name
    APAR IC62050 Undeclared variables are not flagged as errors in the Toolkit
    APAR IC62748 Problem in the ESQL parser causes fail in deploy
    APAR IZ69899 Error thrown at node level for ESQL but not on the file
    APAR IC66635 ESQL Missing function cannot deploy
    APAR IZ76547 Unable to open an ESQL file directly from CVS repository exploration perspective
    APAR IZ77713 Undefined function error BIP4001E or BIP2558E occurs during deployment
    APAR IZ80464 Unexpected errors/warnings on ESQL constants
    APAR IZ97096 Error when declaring a CHAR string containing a date and an escaped single quote

    2. Flow
    70059 Incorrect XPath content when XPath dialog opened from cell editor
    70501 Error on duplicate route to label node
    70152 Subflow file name errors on WSDL drag and drop
    69381 Exception occurs when expanding Variables folder in Data Type viewer of XPath dialog
    71043 Numeric suffix added for unique naming of WSDL instances
    APAR IZ12261 Cancelling from JCN class creation wizard removes Java project
    71353 List of default JDBCProvider names on DBRoute and DBRetrieve node is incorrect
    APAR IZ11150 NL variant of DBRoute and DBRetrieve nodes are broken
    APAR IC55547 WSRR Nodes are not allowing namespace definitions
    APAR IZ20818 When a flow is compiled in V6.1, the ESQL version in the log file is always V6.0
    APAR IZ20522 User defined properties were not being picked up when there is also a .properties file
    APAR IZ23270 Error occurs when a node with ESQL module is added to a flow, and the module name is cleared out
    79638 Warning occurs on XSLT node if XSL file does not exist in the workspace
    APAR IZ28739 Error occurs in Compute node when the data source property is promoted
    APAR IC58111 Short or long descriptions of nodes are missing in the generated documentation for message flows
    APAR IZ31291 Property editor/compiler of a promoted attribute is not migrated properly when it is changed in a newer version
    APAR IC58294 Failed to add msgflow to BAR file in mqsicreatebar command
    88724 Problem promoting URL property on HTTPInput/Request nodes
    87873 Monitor events F1 help links are not resolved
    88553 Double-byte character compile issue in Monitor events
    87180 SOAP node icons mismatch in Toolkit and documentation
    APAR IC64803 Unresolved warnings occurred for ValidateExceptionList and ValidateContentAndValue
    APAR IZ63199 Registry Lookup node cannot be pasted into another flow
    APAR IC59517 XMLNSC.SETNAMESPACE is not available in JavaCompute node.
    APAR IC60967 Server Directory property of FTP tab of FileInput and FileOutput nodes
    APAR IC61274 Toolkit throws error when the customer adds multiple XSL files
    APAR IZ52234 Add User Defined Properties (UDPs) to the Composite nodes
    APAR IZ54441 getValueAsString() method missing in WMB6104 Toolkit
    APAR IC61908 Problem with the versioning of the plug-in for generating documentation for message flows
    APAR IZ59832 SR nodes Add User Properties fails in non-English language
    APAR IC65567 XSLT node Domain value 'Inherit' cannot be deployed
    APAR IV00742 Corrupted node properties file in NL version of Toolkit 6109
    APAR IC76719 Timeout property of timeout notification node is not marked as a configurable property

    3. Install
    70284 Missing start/stop help to launch online help independently from Toolkit
    70259 mqsitooling.cmd not installed
    75982 Error in command console after installing on 64-bit Windows
    APAR IZ33399 Failed to install Japanese version from a repository created from product installation image
    APAR IC61814 Update Toolkit with local download fails

    4. Mapping
    71229 Message not propagated with DataInsert/Update/Delete/Warehouse nodes if there is no target message
    71267 Cannot map LocalEnvironment.Variables and existing data can be lost
    70643.1 Incorrect content of the LocalEnvironment.Destination.MQ folder
    70643 Missing destination folder from LocalEnvironment xsd
    69254 Remove obsolete code for MIME
    70506 Incorrect stepping in map debugger on generated ESQL
    67770.1 Incorrect MQRFH2 structure in target message
    70549 Cannot map wildcard in LocalEnvironment
    68781 Incorrect target values in MQMD.MsgId and MQMD.CorrelId
    70498 Cannot create MQRFH2C header in target message from scratch
    70503 Incorrect stepping in map debugger on multiple if-conditions
    59745 Missing attribute value in complex type simple content from output message
    70136 Multiple sources in Mapping node is not validated
    72500 Not recognizing Oracle Table columns in msgmap
    75361 New library function msgmap:cdata-element is provided to handle cdata
    APAR IC60947 Incorrect codegen when element name is the same as message body
    APAR IZ26400 Incorrect mapping for Properties folder when two messages have same name and namespace
    APAR IC60816 Problem in migrating mapping node from 5.x to 6103
    78267 Populate or Insert Children dialog does not appear for derived type or substitution group nodes
    83488 Incorrect ESQL code is generated for element name that contains a dot
    APAR IC58531 Incorrect ESQL code is generated from a map that contains DB insert of 100 or more columns
    APAR IC58611 xsi:type attribute is not set correctly in an output that is serialized by a non-MRM domain
    APAR IZ35886 Incorrect code generation for conditional statement that has no value
    85875 Map containing Wildcard message not built
    APAR IC59923 Duplicating DB related expressions generates incorrect expression
    APAR IC60611 Extended types not being resolved correctly
    APAR IC60736 Problem in migrating message maps from 6.0 to 6.1
    APAR IC61114 Invalid expression occurs when using mapping XPath
    APAR IC61546 Configure Mapping node to support different namespace prefixes
    APAR IC62163 Support special chars like '#' in all DB operations in Mapper
    APAR IC66057 Runtime exception due to FIELDTYPE on non-existent element
    APAR IC65036 Fail to deploy if Mapping node call Java method using "if" condition.
    106935 rename "Override Database Schema" to "Override Data Source and Schema" and make it accessible from context menu
    108107 BIP2534 with 2 mapping nodes & multiple message
    APAR IC65963 Mappings do not work with XMLNSC the parser
    APAR IC67483 Difference in 6.0 & 6.1 behavior in map node
    APAR IC69527 Mapping function xs:integer returns type INTEGER instead of DECIMAL
    APAR IZ86445 BIP2558E during BAR file deployment with mapping node
    APAR IC71749 Toolkit mapping node interface does not allow for type casts in predefined expressions
    APAR IC76981 JMS destination list queue/topic metadata
    APAR IC80266 Mapping function msgmap:empty-element does not create the expected element
    APAR IV24916 Map ESQL code gen problem when string literal includes {N}

    5. Message Sets
    69203 Undo is broken after creating global element
    70293 IDoc message names need folding to upper case
    69967 WSDL validator not setting WS-I preference correctly
    69098 NullPointerException when pressing next then back in Generate WSDL wizard
    71007 mqsicreatemsgdefs displays BIP0137E
    71836 NullPointerException when importing multiple WSDL and schema files
    71973 Failed to import XSD with a back reference schema directive
    APAR IZ49816 "Start from WSDL" wizard is not working in WMB 6.1 Toolkit.
    APAR IC60937 Precedence of logical operators are incorrect in toolkit ESQL parser.
    APAR IC54656 No error when recursion occurs in message set with CWF physical format
    APAR PK61224 Cannot compile message set with xsd:anyType complex type of empty content
    APAR IZ13720 Toolkit update for 2007 Argentina Daylight Savings Time change
    72085 Incorrect relative path created for generated WSDL
    APAR IZ16256 Importing XSD caused ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception
    72609 IllegalArgumentException from dictionary generator
    73127 ConcurrentModificationException occurs when building the mxsd file
    APAR IZ18380 Errors reported when message set folder and the message set name are not identical
    APAR IC55933 Incorrect processing for unused WSDL of a wsdl:import
    73136 WSDLs cannot be loaded from projects outside the default workspace directory
    72278 Problems in generating documentation for message flows, maps, and message sets
    APAR IZ20013 Error occurs when message set folder and the message set name are identical
    APAR IC56336 Remote SOAP envelopes overriding existing SOAP envelopes
    75358 When a WSDL is imported, XSD elements are not generated in expected order
    76841 Failed to import no-namespace XSD in WSDL importer
    APAR IZ28621 Problem in importing WSDL definitions with bindings that do not define a style
    APAR IZ33202 Message Definitions created incorrectly when importing WSDLs that utilize XSDs with identically named files
    APAR IC58297 WSDL generation has error if message definition does not map the short name 'tns' to target namespace
    APAR IZ34971 Error occurs when adding an imported WSDL to canvas, if it is a multi-file WSDL with multiple namespaces
    APAR IZ36491 Parts not generated for WSDL when all XML schema in-lined and messages are from the same definition
    APAR IC59065 Wildcard elements not resolved correctly
    APAR IC59064 XSD namespace import directives inadvertently removed in certain circumstances
    APAR IZ37941 Dynamic location for schema directives not supported
    APAR IC59218 Builder performance delays when message set contains repeated use of same element
    APAR IC59796 MXSD validator not handling substitution of elements from the substitution group
    APAR IZ51326 Attributegroup with Attributegroup reference fails build
    APAR IZ54231 Error message after import of COBOL copybook is incorrect
    APAR IZ58998 Toolkit hangs when referencing an MXSD file containing a blank namespace shortname
    APAR IC63411 Message sets throws error while deploying
    APAR IZ65178 Toolkit schema validation error
    APAR IC66404 upd msg def build by WSDL not possible
    APAR IC66140 WMB support xml:lang WS-IBasicProfile 1.1
    APAR IZ70648 Unable to reimport wsdl
    APAR IC66220 xml:lang attribute not accepted
    APAR IZ66872 Doc Gen PDF characters are corrupted in ESQL
    APAR IC65012 Error processing MRM-TDS message containing global group
    APAR IC66832 Incorrect errors when importing XSDs as part of WSDL import
    APAR IZ73699 Generated WSDL uses default namespace for schema QNames
    APAR IZ76090 XSD date type with invalid default value causes internal build error
    APAR IZ80113 Type restriction error erroneously reported for HL7 message sets
    APAR IZ92505 BIP0113 error occurs on Linux Toolkit when changing the global group property composition to the value message.
    APAR IZ91525 Unable to validate against the events schema when using HEX binary data type.
    APAR IV09136 Incorrect validation error occurs while creating the message definition file from XML schema

    6. Navigator
    69014 NullPointerException when adding team support to project with files having no extensions
    APAR IZ22827 Validate menu item will be shown only when all the selected files are of the same file type
    APAR IZ42984 Message Broker Toolkit is slow for large workspaces

    7. Database
    70620 Multiple dbm files created during migration of single dbxmi file, and not migrating SQLSERVER

    8. Test Client
    69190 Duplicating events does not work for SOAPInput node
    69161 Source view is disabled to view the reply message in Detailed Properties panel
    69103 Test Client not deploying Java project when Msgmap/ESQL calls Java
    69603 Resource cannot be added to BAR file when invoking Test Client in run mode
    71248 Deployment progress dialog not disappearing when Test Client is run with debugger
    APAR IC54989 Test Client does not support SOAP header defined in WSDL
    APAR IC54806 Failed to send message to queue manager with a different CCSID using Test Client
    APAR IC56336 The Test Client assumes the port type and binding under the same namespace
    APAR IZ45475 Test Client not picking up CCSID specified on Queue Manager
    APAR IC68101 The test client did not reset the SOAP message header when switching operations

    9. BAR
    APAR IC54976 Empty properties on Configure Tab when using mqsiapplybaroverride
    71592 Ability to add XML files into the BAR is missing in 6.1
    APAR IC55623 mqsicreatebar fails when using a large number of Java projects
    APAR IC54910 Problem in building a BAR file when a Java project references another Java project
    APAR IZ23850 ClassCastException during BAR file creation
    78497 Message flow has to be compiled first for WTX
    APAR IZ31689 Problem in creating BAR file when using ClearCase with a message set that includes the xsdzip
    APAR IZ39345 Promoted flow properties no longer configurable
    APAR IZ41755 Changes to BAR file properties not being detected
    89459 Message Broker Toolkit 6.1 BAR file will not check into ClearCase
    APAR IC61588 BAR is picking up the unrelated Java projects
    APAR IZ55530 Unable to Change the CMF File Name in the Broker Archive editor
    APAR IC68665 Using command line to create bar file gives exception
    APAR IC72349 Change the dictionary compiler to create temp resources as derived to work around clear case SCM adapter issue.
    APAR IC73407 Add a warning message to the user log when we detect that the referenced namespace definition is missing.
    APAR IV12876 The attribute MQMDAAAOPTIONS is not set correctly with regional settings

    10. Debugger
    70794 Debugger launch progress bar is misleading
    70796 Empty text for map command without any mappings
    69949 Exception occurs when debugger tries to display a message in Map Debug
    70183 Breakpoint setting issue on map row that has no ESQL code associated
    70793 Map command does not get highlighted when stepping in from message flow to mapping node
    70186 Thread refresh issues after termination of process
    APAR PK96505 Debug not allowed unless with full admin access
    APAR IC59110 Toolkit hangs when terminate button is used during debug
    APAR IC60277 Java editor not refreshing while debugging

    11. Builder
    56881 Automatically migrate older projects with up-to-date builders
    73192 Builders in project 'Servers' are not configured properly, and cause error when creating configuration manager
    72474 MXSD, Java and DBM referential validator might start another build, which can jeopardize mqsicreatebar command
    APAR IZ23986 Workspace that contains circular project dependencies are marked with error markers
    APAR IZ26508 Missing external name for the title of a preference page
    78998 Shell sharing install of Toolkit and WID leads to build error
    APAR IZ42430 Option to disable circular dependency not working on Windows Vista
    APAR IC65071 Problem when an ESQL file has two schemas in the PATH statement

    12. XPath
    72707 Namespace is not generated in XPath when mxsd has a namespace that is not bound to a prefix
    85397 XPath builder adds loads of extra elements when Add Type is used
    APAR IZ71779 XPath builder adds invalid namespace prefix to generated XPath
    APAR IZ71779 Invalid warning when using * in XPath expressions
    APAR IZ74156 XPath: Code completion in $Environment not available
    APAR IZ74297 XPath: Nodes not under the first root object cannot be resolved
    APAR IZ74297 XPath: Incorrect "schema element matches an ANY element" warning
    APAR IZ74297 XPath: Second element in predicate condition cannot be resolved
    APAR IZ74815 Datatype added to $Root is globally available
    APAR IZ77414 Added data types sometimes do not stay added
    APAR IZ76772 Data type added to $Root is resolved to MRM
    APAR IZ75741 Poor WMB TK performance when workspace has many XSDs
    APAR IC69220 Wrong XPath when selecting enumerated value in XPath
    APAR IC68747 Invalid 'The * schema element was not found' validation warning
    APAR IC68752 Invalid warning on XPath with roots & brackets
    APAR IC72587 Once a type is added to the XPath expression builder in message editor, there is no way to change the domain OFADDED data type

    13. Admin
    APAR IC61691 STRTransfrom10 element generated outside Algorithm Policy
    APAR IC62663 Policy Set editor does not set keypass for data encryption initiator
    APAR IZ57510 Allow multiple keystore access from Message Broker Toolkit
    APAR IC65325 Unable to add new policy sets or binding in non-English
    APAR IC67122 Initiator token type does not set Trust as Truststore
    APAR IC64841 Set user trace level fails authority check
    APAR IZ95714 Enable/disable trace node from toolkit cause a sync with the broker

    14. Adapters
    APAR IZ60110 Adapters properties exposed in WMB Toolkit which are not supported by Message Broker
    APAR IC73337 Unable to set a parameter for a node can be changed within an individual instance.
    APAR JR38640 SAP JCA 7: Null pointer exception thrown if non-mandatory level 1 IDOC segments are omitted when sending IDOC to SAP
    APAR IV12663 SAP node propagation fails due to adapter component mismatch with message set

    15. Samples
    71253 Browser cannot be run on a remote computer to the message flow due to hard-coded localhost
    70870 Email sample is not compatible with the Firefox browser
    71020 Add translated files for samples
    72129, 73173, 78250 Fix and edit samples
    74470 Japanese Sample Pager document shows corrupted characters
    83846.1 Updated SAP Connectivity sample with the latest version of SAPBusinessObjectMetaData.xsd file
    88800 Missing dequeue files in SAP sample
    88311 Updated samples
    APAR IC62169 Data Pattern example from samples gallery causes errors
    APAR IC66976 Thread safety and performance enhancement for MDB

    16. Redelivery of V6.1.0.5 documentation plug-ins
    No fixes specified.

    17. National Language Translations
    109841 Update V6.1 NLV Toolkit docs
    112096 English and translated doc for

    18. WebSphere Adapters Components
    85561 Invalid validation SAP "Folder for RFC Trace Files" property

    19. Rational Application Developer Components
    No fixes specified.

    20. Update site URL migration
    No fixes specified.

    21. Documentation
    113487 Error loading file: com.ibm.etools.mft.bipmsgs.doc/toc.xml
    APAR IZ90252 When selecting Toolkit Help/Help Contents, "Error occurred processing file toc.xml" is recorded in the Toolkit .log
    Documentation update for WebSphere Message Broker toolkit v6.1 fixpack 11


You must install IBM WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit Version 6.1 (or above) and IBM Installation Manager Version 1.3 (or above) before downloading and applying this interim fix.

For information about Installation Manager Version 1.3.4, click the IM 1.3.4 information center link in the following table. To download the compressed file for local installation of Installation Manager, click the IM release and download link.

IM 1.3.4 information center English 999
IM release and download English 999

Installation Instructions

To install the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit fix pack, complete the following steps:

1. Click the HTTP link below to download the fix pack file. If you are using Internet Explorer with a medium-high security setting, you might need to click the HTTP link twice before you can download the file.

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded file into a new local directory.

3. Close your existing WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit, and any Rational products that are running.

4. Ensure that you have installed Installation Manager Version 1.3 or later.

5. For more information about installing a fix pack, click the Installation instructions link in the following table:

Installation instructions English 999

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is DD?
MBToolkit 6.1 Fix Pack 11 18 Dec 2012 English 949870949 HTTP DD

Product Alias/Synonym

WMB MB WebSphere Message Broker MQ Integrator WBIMB WBI-MB MQSI WMQI

Problems (APARS) fixed
IZ12261, IC54656, PK61224, IZ13720, IZ16256, IC54989, IC54806, IC54976, IC55537, IC55547, IZ18380, IC55933, IC56234, IZ20913, IC55864, IC56030, IC55863, IC55803, IZ20818, IZ20522, IZ20013, IC56336, IC56336, IC55623, IC54910, IC56537, IZ23850, IZ24412, IZ22827, IZ23270, IZ23986, IC57220, IC57321, IC57448, IZ28621, IZ28739, IZ26508, IZ26400, IC57040, IZ33399, IC58111, IZ33202, IZ31361, IZ31291, IZ31689, IZ30964, IC58294, IZ39345, IZ38881, IZ37941, IC59064, IC59065, IZ40668, IC59218, IC59110, IZ41755, IC59517, IC59923, IZ42984, IZ42430, IC60140, IC60277, IC59894, IZ45475, IC59796, IC60611, IC60736, IZ49816, IC60947, IC60937, IC60816, IC61274, IZ51326, IC61114, IZ52234, IC61546, IC61588, IZ54441, IZ54231, IC61814, IC61908, IC62050, IC61691, IC60967, IC62163, IC62748, IZ58998, IZ55530, IZ59832, IC62663, IZ57510, IZ11150, IZ60110, PK96505, IZ63199, IC64803, IC65036, IC62169, IZ65178, IC63411, IC65071, IC65012, IC65325, IC66832, IZ71779, IZ73699, IC67483, IZ74156, IC67122, IZ74297, IZ76547, IZ77713, IZ80464, IC69527, IZ76090, IZ80113, IC68101, IC68665, IC64841, IC66976, IZ74815, IZ77414, IZ76772, IZ75741, IC69220, IC68747, IC68752, IC65963, IZ69899, IC66635, IC65567, IC58531, IC58611, IZ35886, IC66057, IC58297, IZ34971, IZ36491, IC66404, IC66140, IZ70648, IC66220, IZ66872, IZ71779, IZ74297, IZ86445, IC71749, IZ92505, IZ91525, IC72349, IC73407, IC72587, IC73337, IZ90252, IZ95714, IZ97096, IV00742, IC76719, IC76981, IV09136, JR38640, IC80266, IV24916, IV12876, IV12663

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