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Downloading IBM Business Intelligence Pattern version 2.0

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This page describes how to download IBM Business Intelligence Pattern 2.0.

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IBM Business Intelligence Pattern (BI Pattern) 2.0 uses proven practices to optimize all versions of Business Intelligence (BI) version 10.2.1 deployments to your private cloud.

Because it uses standard IBM Cognos BI licensing on a supported system, BI Pattern reduces the time and effort required to build, deploy, and administer BI. Using BI Pattern, your BI deployments can be up and running faster in an optimized, fault-tolerant environment with elastic scaling that ensures maximum resource optimization and availability.

Downloading and assembling the product

  1. Access the IBM Passport Advantage Web Site (
    Tip: If you get an error, try using a different web browser to access Passport Advantage.
  2. Sign in and navigate to the software downloads page.
  3. Find the eAssembly or eAssemblies for your product using one of the following methods:
      • Find by search text using the product name as shown below.
      • Find by part number if you know the eAssembly Part Number (for example, from your order).
      • Find by categories.
  4. Download all parts in an eAssembly by selecting the check box beside the name of the eAssembly or download individual parts of an eAssembly by expanding the eAssembly and selecting the check box for a part.
    When the download finishes, a Download Complete message displays. The location of the downloaded files displays in the message window.
  5. Unpack each of the parts into a single temporary directory on your system.
  6. To install the product, follow the instructions in the IBM Business Intelligence Pattern V 2.0 Quick Start Guide included in the product image.

For additional information on how to download products from IBM Passport Advantage, you can search the web for videos such as How to Download Software Products from Passport Advantage Online.

The following parts are available for the IBM Business Intelligence Pattern product:

Parts and Platforms Details eImage

Installation Instructions

To install the product, follow the instructions in the IBM Business Intelligence Pattern Quick Start Guide located in the product image.

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Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Business Analytics Cognos Business Intelligence Cognos Mobile AIX, Linux 10.2.1
Business Analytics Cognos Mobile Cognos Mobile AIX, Linux 10.2.1

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