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WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V7.5.0 Fix Pack 3.

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This is Fix Pack 3 for WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V7.5.0

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Fix Pack 3 is the third maintenance release for the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V7.5.0 product released in June 2011.

Ensure that your environment meets the requirements specified in the V7.5 system requirements document: System Requirements.

Business Space requirements
Since V7.5.0.2 WSRR has a prerequisite on Business Space V7.5.1. See the details below in the prerequisites section. If Business Space needs to be updated then the WSRR Business Space widgets will also need to be updated. Please see the "How to apply a WSRR Fix Pack" link in the Installation instructions section for full details.

Installing without internet access
If you are installing without internet access and you have applied a WebSphere Application Server Fix Pack after Fix Pack 17, then you must provide IBM Installation Manager with a WAS_SYNC repository so that it is able to synchronize with your updated WebSphere Application Server. Please see the following product documentation for further details:

Problems with repositories in Installation Manager

Configuration Profile changes
The Governance Enablement Profile provided with WSRR V7.5.0.3 does not contain any significant changes since V7.5.0.2. It is therefore recommended that you continue to use your existing V7.5 profile with V7.5.0.3.

APARs included
For details of the APARs fixed in this Fix Pack, please see the WSRR V7.5 Fix List.


WSRR Fix Pack 3 requires Business Space V7.5.1. Note: If you are updating from WSRR V7.5.0.2 you will already have Business Space V7.5.1 installed.

Business Space v7.5.1 US English 1

Installation Instructions

WebSphere Service Registry and Repository v7.5.0 Fix Pack 3 is now available from IBM Installation Manager. See the link to the product documentation for instructions on how to apply the update for systems with and without internet access.

If your WebSphere Service Registry and Repository server does not have access to the Internet, you can download the IBM Installation Manager repository from the Download Package section.

Since Fix Pack 2, WSRR has required Business Space V7.5.1. If you are already have WSRR V7.5.0.2 installed you do not need to update Business Space. If you have an earlier level of WSRR installed you will need to update Business Space. The Business Space V7.5.1 update will be available on IBM Installation Manager automatically. If you are installing without a connection to the internet then you will need to provide a repository for Business Space V7.5.1. Please see the prerequisites section for details on how to obtain and install Business Space V7.5.1.

For customers using z/OS the following PTFs are required:


How to apply a WSRR Fix Pack US English 1

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Fix Pack 3 31 Jan 2013 US English 251789344 FC

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Problems (APARS) fixed
IV14971, IV10022, IV10243, IV11197, IV11564, IV12309, IV12367, IV12866, IV13218, IV13441, IV13885, IV14291, IV35803, IV36094, IV15691, IV17282, IV18351, IV18350, IV19526, IV19981, IV20307, IV20525, IV20643, IV20670, IV21267, IV21754, IV21768, IV22715, IV23266, IV23308, IV23787, IV24351, IV24386, IV24733, IV24924, IV24930, IV26047, IV26309, IV26404, IV26727, IV27386, IV27434, IV28477, IV29576, IV29693, IV29752, IV30009, IV30523, IV31928, IV31929, IV32047, IV32092, IV32539, PM68753

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Software version: 7.5,

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4033817

Modified date: 19 September 2014

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