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IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.0 Intr Fix 9(

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This fix updates the IBM provided client side Java® Runtime Environment to address documented security vulnerabilities.

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IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager 4

Download Description

This package contains the JRE plug in code for windows clients.


Tivoli Business Service Manager

Installation Instructions

3.0 IBM JRE Plugin


On TBSM, the IBM JRE 1.5 is supported with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Firefox 2.0.

The IBM JRE can be installed directly from this media, or downloaded to the Dashboard server for all clients to access.

3.1 Checking what version JRE is installed on the system

To check what version of JRE in installed on your browser:
On IE:
On your browser window go to Tools > Manage Add Ons

On Mozilla FireFox:
On your browser window go to Tools > Options > Manage Add-ons

3.1.1 Uninstalling the JRE

If you wish to remove the current version please do the following:
On Mozilla Firefox:
On your browser window go to Tools > Manage Add Ons and then disable Java plugins. Restart the browser.

On IE:
There are two different methods
1) On the Windows control panel > Programs > Java. Select the "view" button and uncheck "enabled" for any JRE listed.
2) In the search box type "regedit.exe" and press enter.
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > JavaSoft > Java Plug-in > x.x.x > Set the UseJava2IExplorer registry value to 0.

3.2 Install IBM JRE directly
The IBM Java runtime is different for 32-bit and 64-bit systems browsers

32-bit ibm-java-jre-50-win-i386.exe
64-bit ibm-java-jre-50-win-x86_64.exe


a. Copy the appropriate JRE exe to the Client machine.
b. Navigate to the directory the JRE exe file was saved. Double-click the file to launch the JRE installer.
c. Select the installation language from the dropdown list.
d. Accept the license agreement.
e. Accept the default location for installing the JRE or browse to a different directory.
f. When asked if this JRE should be installed as the system JVM, select No. You
should only accept this option if there are no other JREs installed on the
If another JRE is currently installed as the system JVM and you are prompted
to overwrite the current system JVM, select No. Overwriting the current
system JVM might cause applications to fail.
g. When prompted in the Start Copying Files panel, select the option to install the JRE.
h. In the Browser Registration panel, select the browsers with which you want
the IBM JRE to be associated.
These browsers would normally be the ones that you want to use with the
TBSM application.
i. Complete the installation.

If your IBM Tivoli Monitoring client system is running the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) affected by the security vulnerabilities associated with APAR IV31175, see the Oracle website for instructions to download the updated Oracle JRE and replace it on the client system.

This Interim Fix is only to update the IBM JRE.

Note: When you download Java from Oracle, you acknowledge that you
have read and accepted the terms of the Java end user license agreement.

After the installation is complete, you must restart the browser.

3.3 Updating the Dashboard Server to provide the IBM JRE for download
The Java runtime is different for 32-bit and 64-bit systems browsers:

32-bit ibm-java-jre-50-win-i386.exe
64-bit ibm-java-jre-50-win-x86_64.exe

After installing the TBSM Dashboard Server, you can optionally install a Java
runtime that can be downloaded to an user's Windows browser machine if a
suitable Java runtime is not already installed on that machine.

Use this procedure only if you want users to be able to install a JRE from the TBSM Server.

To install the Java runtime on the TBSM Dashboard machine, follow these steps:

a. Using the same user ID, as the TBSM Install User, create a new directory, called java, in the following location:

Windows: %TIP_HOME%\profiles\TIPProfile\installedApps\TIPCell\isc.ear\sla.war\av
Unix: $TIP_HOME%/profiles/TIPProfile/installedApps/TIPCell/isc.ear/sla.war/av


Windows: %TIP_HOME%\profiles\TIPProfile\installedApps\TIPCell\isc.ear\sla.war\av\java
Unix: $TIP_HOME%/profiles/TIPProfile/installedApps/TIPCell/isc.ear/sla.war/av/java

b. Unzip and copy all files in to the new java directory.
c. Start the browser on the computer to which you want to download the JRE.
d. Enter the following URL in the Address field of the browser:
where tbsm_dashboard_server_host_name is the fully qualified host name of the
machine where the TBSM Dashboard server is installed (for example,
Note: If you are not logged in to TBSM, you will be prompted for your user
name and password. Enter a valid TBSM user ID and password, and select OK.
e. When prompted, save the appropriate file to a directory on your hard disk drive, and continue from step b, section 3.2.

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More support for: Tivoli Business Service Manager

Software version: 4.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 4033793

Modified date: 30 November 2012