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Downloading InfoSphere Warehouse V10.1 Fix Pack 2 (V10.1.0.2)

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How do I download Fix Pack 2 for IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 10.1 from Fix Central?

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To install IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 10.1 Fix Pack 2 (, take these steps:

1. Download the Quick Start and Activation disk image for your edition from Passport Advantage using the instructions in this document. However, do not download the images for the InfoSphere Warehouse server and client because they are at the V10.1 level, not the V10.1.0.2 level; you will download the V10.1.0.2 server and client from IBM Fix Central, as described in step 2 below. While you are logged on to Passport Advantage, you can download all the other associated products and features that are shipped with InfoSphere Warehouse.

2. Go to the Support site for InfoSphere Warehouse:

and in the Support Shortcuts box, click Fixes (downloads). IBM Fix Central is displayed. For information about using IBM Fix Central, see the Fix Central online help:

3. Select the download file for the operating system on which your InfoSphere Warehouse server is installed, and download it to that system.

4. Expand the compressed file for your server and launch the installation.

  • To install using the installation wizard, run the installation program from the isw subdirectory (install.bin or install.exe).
  • To install using the installation launchpad, run the launchpad program from the top level directory of the download image ( or launchpad.exe).

See the information center for full instructions on running the installation program:

6. Repeat this process for your Client installation

Fix Pack 2 requirements English 10000

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More support for: InfoSphere Warehouse

Software version: 10.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Software edition: Edition Independent

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Modified date: 11 December 2013

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