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Fix Pack 1 for IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise v3.6

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Fix Pack is the first fix pack for IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise 3.6. On Windows and AIX platforms, this fix pack installs “on top of” existing IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise 3.6 installation as an upgrade. Installers for Windows and AIX platforms are available at IBM Support Fix Central web site.

Also, a full installer for Linux, x86-64 platform is available from IBM Passport Advantage web site.

Following are the editions of ODM Enterprise available on different platforms.

On Windows 32-bit:
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise Clients Edition
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise Developer Edition
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise Servers Edition

On Windows 64-bit:
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise Clients Edition
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise Developer Edition
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise Servers Edition

On AIX 64-bit:
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise Servers Edition

On Linux 64-bit:
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise Servers Edition

This fix pack resolves following problems identified in ODM Enterprise 3.6:

ODM Enterprise IDE

  • The ODM Enterprise IDE was running slow and was consuming too much memory when several columns were part of a foreign key.
  • Using a WHERE clause on a string in SQL entered through the database data source editor caused single quotation marks to be replaced by double quotation marks.
  • When reverse engineering a database schema to create a Data Model, foreign keys were disabled in the mapping editor (and hence could not be mapped) even after the parent tables had been mapped.

ODM Studio
  • ODM Enterprise 3.6 introduced a regression in the capabilities of the docking framework. It was no longer possible to rearrange windows horizontally and vertically.
  • Menus and actions were not correctly updated when switching to another view by clicking the view title bar.
  • The ODM Studio default settings captured in odmStudioDefaultSettings.xml were not used.
  • View hooks were passed an incorrect data location for the pivot table cell data when the filters were active.
  • Clearing a large number of pivot table cells was slow.
  • Large pivot tables were very slow on startup and during zoom changes compared with V3.5 (taking minutes instead of seconds), due to ODM Studio computing the width of all cells in the visible columns.
  • The version of JViews Enterprise installed in Developer/JViews was not using the same fix pack as the JViews libraries delivered under the "lib" folder of the ODM Enterprise installation.
  • Exporting a scenario whose Data Model had derived columns as foreign keys caused an incorrect relational model schema to be generated.
  • For Derby databases, indexes were not created which resulted in performance regression during data checking.
  • Creating a scenario with workspace.createChildScenario(-1) failed if a scenario named "Scenario 0" existed.
  • Derived table dependencies were resolved in the wrong order.

  • Any JBoss configuration which used automated scripts failed on theWindows 64-bit platform.
  • odmdeploy was not correctly handling backslashes in the deployment settings during deployment on theAIX® platform.
  • Automatic configuration of WebSphere® Application Server V6.1 ( on AIX failed when executed with the "auto" option.

  • The Nurses example was performing slowly when deleting thousands of Nurses.
  • IloTableDateHook.getReferenceValue was not correctly written in the case where the order of the columns in the view was not the same as the order in the data table.

Other changes included with the fix pack are:
  • New synchronized support for the object model.
  • Support for Date-related data types.
  • New API to store and restore ODM Studio view set configurations.
  • New Custom Task configuration properties for the Optimization Server.
  • Performance improvements for Data Server including better memory management and optimized communication between Data Server and ODM Studio.

Download package

Installation packages for Windows and AIX platform are available on Fix Central at: IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise

Installation package for Linux platform is available at Passport Advantage website. Details on accessing ODM Enterprise product from passport advantage is available at: Downloading IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise 3.6
Assembly part number, CRH1GML and image number, CI7P6ML should be used for ODM Enterprise on Linux x86-64.

Problems (APARS) fixed
RS00830 RS00892 RS00907 RS00958 RS00956 RS00972 RS01009 RS00984

Document information

More support for: IBM Decision Optimization Center

Software version: 3.6

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 4033390

Modified date: 30 August 2012