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IBM Explorer for z/OS V3.0 Aqua

The new and improved strategic integration platform for IBM Eclipse-based offerings is now available!

IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua offers a platform to obtain an integrated set of IBM Eclipse tooling, designed to enable increased productivity for z/OS developers and system programmers. Platforms and plug-ins based on IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua have been built and tested to install side by side taking the guesswork out of choosing which plug-in will install into which platform.

To download and install the latest version of the IBM Problem Determination Tools plug-ins and a compatible installation environment, please visit the new IBM Mainframe Development website below:

Download Eclipse Tools for Mainframe Development

Legacy download options

The IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio and Plug-ins provide easy access through a graphical user interface (GUI) on the workstation to the power of the host IBM Problem Determination Tools –- Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS, Debug Tool for z/OS, Fault Analyzer for z/OS and File Manager for z/OS.

Legacy Installation Options

Option Description Link
Installation Manager installation (recommended) Create your own custom workbench by selecting products from a list of IBM compatible products including the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins. The list includes IBM CICS Explorer, IBM CICS Tools, Rational Developer for System z and much more. Link to install instructions
Problem Determination Tools Studio A stand-alone solution with all Problem Determination Tools plug-ins pre-installed. The easiest approach to exploit the capability of the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins. This is built on Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) technology. Link to install instructions
Eclipse P2 installation If you are using your own Eclipse environment, the Problem Determination Tools combined P2 installer enables you to install the plug-ins into your workbench. Supports Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) and 4.4 (Luna). Link to install instructions
Prior versions of the Problem Determination Tools Studio and plug-ins If you are using a workbench which is built on Eclipse 3.6.2 technology, you need to download the older versions of the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins. The list below summarizes the supported environments:
  • IBM Rational Developer for System z V8.5
  • IBM CICS Explorer V1.2 or later (prior to CICS Explorer V5.1.1 release)
  • IBM IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer for Development V2.1.1.2 or later
Link to download page
Additional downloads Additional downloads such as beta or pre-release versions of the Problem Determination Tools Studio and plug-ins, for testing new features. Link to download page

System Requirements and Additional Considerations

The minimum hardware levels are:
  • CPU - 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, dual or core recommended
  • RAM - 2.0 GB minimum, 3.0 GB recommended
  • Hard disk - 1.8 GB available space, plus 210 MB of temporary space
One of the following levels of the Microsoft Windows operating system:
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Professional) 32-bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (Business or Enterprise) 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate) 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Standard, Web, Enterprise, or DataCenter) 32-bit or 64-bit
Any combination of one or more of the following IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS products:
  • IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS V12.1, or later
  • IBM Debug Tool for z/OS V12.1, or later
  • IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS, V12.1, or later
  • IBM File Manager for z/OS V12.1, or later
Compatibility: The latest Problem Determination Tools Eclipse plug-ins (V13.1 plug-ins) are compatible with the Problem Determination Tools V12.1 host environment as well as the V13.1 host environment. So, we recommend that you use the latest level of plug-ins (V13.1) with host product levels V12.1 or V13.1. This applies to Debug Tool (including DTSP and DTCN plug-ins), Fault Analyzer and File Manager.

The exception to the rule above is Application Performance Analyzer (APA). The APA V13.1 plug-in is not compatible with the APA V12.1 host product. You must use the APA V12.1 plug-in when working with the APA V12.1 host product, while the APA V13.1 plug-in is required when working with the APA V13.1 host product. The APA V13.1 plug-in and APA V12.1 plug-in are both included in the Problem Determination Tools plug-in installers. Select the right version depending on the level of APA on your host system.
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What's New

  • v13.1.0.22 (15 April 2016)
    • General:
      • Add Keyboard shortcuts to Refresh items in the Systems View tree.
      • PSIRT 70209: EXPEDITED Java specific SLOTH - Weak MD5 Signature Hash (3091).
      • Visual styling improvements on MAC OSX; Button icons now appear the same as on Windows.
    • FA:
      • Allow viewing reports in custom codepages; Reports can now also be viewed in the codepage specified on the host connection.
      • Fixed filtering of the Fault Entry list (filters now apply without refreshing Fault Entry list).
      • Allow opening FA Reports from Job logs opened in the "z/OS" perspective and the "Remote Systems" perspective.
      • Allow adding "MVS files" in the Remote Systems view as History files; (for Datasets that are VB 10000).
      • Add a new option to allow loading the System default history file on demand.
      • Fixed loading of reports with CP930.
      • Fix disappearing context menu items, after second right click in the Report editor.
      • Performance improvements of Fault Entry List View on MAC OSX.
      • Enhanced 64bit Address link detection in Reports.
      • Resolved errors when reloading local views.
      • Fixed Double click of Fault Entry node opening the incorrect editor.
      • Removed the legacy Fault Analyzer Objects View and replaced with the Systems Information View Integration.
      • Allow deletion of multiple history files and views from Systems Tree simultaneously.
      • Enhance the local view editor; History files can now be dragged and dropped onto views to add.
      • The Fault Entry list is now refreshing after editing a local view, if the local view is open in the reports list.
      • The Fault Entry list is now refreshed after Fault entries are deleted
    • FM:
      • APAR PI47780 When changing data in a record using File Manager plug-in, unprintable characters in the record are changed to X'4B'.
      • PMR19460,122,000 APA and DT issue with TLSv1.2 when connect through Host Connections.
      • Allow specifying advanced allocation attributes when copying datasets.
      • Added search selection in lookup to formatted editor for both char mode and formatted mode.
      • Action history items now appear when allocating HFS files from lookup dialogs.
      • Allow allocating datasets LIKE datasets on remote systems.
      • Add new commands to Systems Information View systems to allow exporting and importing queries and action history; This can be used to copy queries between workspaces or to other systems if desired.
      • Allow MAC OSX users to toggle insert mode in the formatted editor by double clicking the insert mode status indicator.
      • MAC OSX fix: When editing data in the formatted editor in formatted mode - values are no longer copied to incorrect cells when leaving a cell.
      • Add Keyboard shortcuts to Delete and Rename in the Systems View tree for datasets, members and HFS files.
    • PDTCC:
      • Added remote search capability to the lookup view; the IBM Info center is searched if there are no local search results.
      • Added new menu items to allow searching for JES job abend codes from jobs in the Remotes System Jobs View and the "Z/OS" perspective Jobs views.
      • Allowed for lookup of Abend codes containing reason codes.
      • Enhance the Certificate viewing dialog so that it is readable on MAC OSX.
      • Fix: Make the PDtools log file appear inside the workspace, sometimes it was incorrectly created in the directory where the eclipse.exe was located.
      • Fix the Expand / Collapse buttons being disabled after startup in the Systems Information View.
  • v13.1.0.20 (30 October 2015)
    • FA: Fixed fault entry list title not being updated in some situations
    • FA: Improved handling of PD Tools Common Server code page selection when interpreting fault entry resources
    • FA: Improved error handling and view name validation in the local view creator
    • FM: Provide support for IMS V14 IMS Managed ACB Subsystems. These subsystems use DDL to update the IMS catalog and IMS ACBs instead of PSB/DBD/ACB IMS utilities.
    • FM: Provide Edit and Copy Remote Services for the following types of resources;
        • QSAM, VSAM
        • PDS or PDSE including load libraries
        • CICS files
  • v13.1.0.19 (16 October 2015)
    • FA: RFE 1104: Added toggle to add a second minidump column for comparing EBCDIC decoded storage with any other code page
    • FA: Enhanced error handling when illegal characters appear in the report or fault entry information
    • FA: Now correctly uses PD Tools Common Server host default encoding value when presenting fault entry reports and associated resources (including source files)
    • FA: Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
    • DT: Added support for installing into RDz 9.5
    • FM: Various improvement including message processing for IMS
    • FM: Various improvement in base processes including connection management
  • v13.1.0.18 (11 August 2015)
    • Studio: Updated Studio Eclipse base to use v4.4.2 (Luna)
    • DT: Changed IP address combo box from readable only to writable for DTSP Plug-in.
    • CC: Make system information view tree expand / collapse state be saved so it can be restored to same state on startup
    • FM: Extend/Update Help contents available in plugins
    • FM: PI44805 File Manager plugin doesn't translate copybook correctly
    • FM: Better support for TSQ names with non-printable characters
    • FM: Adding Export preferences page to FM.
    • FA: Added an editor for local view files
    • FA: Added additional progress information to long running operations
    • FA: Numerous additions to the FA API
    • FA: Made large dialogs scrollable to avoid issues with low screen resolutions
    • FA: Column configuration dialog now supports setting filters as well
    • FA: Added validation for column configuration filters
    • FA: Column filters are now reset when the enabled columns are reset
    • FA: Disabled open, move and copy fault entry options when fault entry list is empty
    • FA: Fault entry list sub options now always appear in the first column under the fault entry
    • FA: Added confirmation dialog when deleting a local view
    • FA: RFE991: Added support for retrieving list of recent Views to provide suggestions when adding a new View. Requires Fault Analyzer v13 PTF UI29962
  • v13.1.0.17 (3 June 2015)
    • CC: Enhanced Common Client to create connection to the host using the protocol specified by the host
    • DT: PMR 31271,077,724 fixed when using DTCN plugin to deactivate and then activate a profile, the profile fails to trigger
    • FA: RFE 470: Automatically add the default history file when connecting to a new host (requires future host APAR PI40802)
    • FA: Various minor fixes
    • FM: APAR PI39287 Non-printable data not displayed correctly when using file manager plug-in in unstructured mode.
    • FM: PMR 16402,010,678 Fail to open CICS-TSQ resources with hex values in the name.
    • FM: PMR 16375,101,678 Codepage error in FM showing Message Queue description
    • FM: Enhanced FM Export allowing to specify Separator for delimited variables(CSV) in Window->Preferences->File Manager->Export Options
    • FM: Enhanced FM Formatted Editor to keep Overwrite mode after Insert
    • FM: Apar PI38922 (for host Apar PI22448) File Manager plugin changes to allow:
      • The specification of Date and Time fields in the Template Editor by double click on the Type column
      • The scrambling of Date and Time fields via the template editor.
      • The use of the CMP_DATE and CMP_TIME in selection criteria to perform conditional test against a date/time field.
  • v13.1.0.16 (24 March 2015)
    • DT:  Enhance the Load Module and Function Names field to support up to 80 characters for DTSP plug-in. The enhancement requires Debug Tool  V13 with PTF UI24062 or later
    • CC: Raise minimum encryption protocol to TLS V1.1
    • FM: Making FM Plugin fully compatible with FM host V12
    • FM: Applying APAR(PI36694) If DB2 table is open in edit mode user can't export it to desktop using File Manager
    • FM: PI36252 File Manager Plugin loses custom data set query filters after upgrade to FM 13.3.1
    • FA: Added support for entering 64-bit minidump addresses in the format <higher order bytes>_<lower order> (e.g. 12_12345678 or 12_123) and improved address seeking performance
      • File Manager PTF UI22705 or later for File Manager V12
      • No minimum File Manager PTF requirement for File Manager V13
      • PDTCC Common Server PTF UI22989 or later for PDTCC V1R6
      • PDTCC Common Server PTF UI22990 or later for PDTCC V1R7
  • v13.1.0.15 (28 January 2015)
    • FM: PI28955 revised. Initialized the Formatted Editor's Navigator command combo with the valid commands
    • FM: PI32751 Enhance the FM plugin to make the messages 'FMNBA313 DSN IN USE' and 'FMNBE123 MEMBER IN USE' more visible for users
    • APA: Support for new PD Tools communications protocols
  • v13.1.0.14 (17 December 2014)
    • DT: A new field is added to optionally specify a program or C function to further quality the load module name for the DTSP plug-in. This enhancement requires Debug Tool V13.1 PTF UI23176 (APAR PI24559).
    • DT: An improved screen resolution algorithm is used to show the scroll bar on the wizard page when re-sized for both of the DTSP and DTCN plug-ins.
    • FA: Consolidated error messages to avoid duplicate error dialogs being shown
    • FM: PI30844 User Can not edit PDS member in FM plugin if path to member starts with #.
    • FM: PI28955 FM plugin implement content assistance for Navigator command in Formatted Editor
    • FM: PI23328 Added support for FM/IMS enhancements which addressed IMS LOG processing deficiencies.
      With HOST PTF UI23950 applied you will notice the following differences.
      • The IMS log field will have been moved from the IMS Editor Options 
           screen to the IMS Subsystem Configuration screen.
      • The IMS Subsystem Configuration screen will have a new button to validate the IMS Subsystem settings.
  • v13.1.0.13 (7 November 2014)
    • All: PMR78152: Added service repository URL to Installation Manager packages to prevent showing an error when no updates are found
    • DT: Removed invalid XML characters in profiles
    • FA: PMR16639: Fixed custom column configuration being lost when closing and reopening the fault entry list
    • FA: Added option to configure the highlight color of cached fault entries which have been deleted from the host
    • FA: RFE921: Added option to enable automatic refreshing of fault entry lists at a specified interval
    • FM: PI28956: Use Library Information for query when adding member to a copybook.
    • FM: PI28957: Allow filtering on members when using Lookup Resource dialog with a data set.
    • FM: PI28361: When attempting to connect to the common component server using the host connections view, receive exception thrown error.
  • V13.1.0.12 (23 September 2014)
    • FA: PMR79763 Customised columns are no longer lost when refreshing a View data set fault entry list
    • FA: PMR16638 Large number of performance improvements to fault entry list operations, such as refreshing and sorting a list
    • FA: User is no longer asked for credentials after restarting the program and opening a cached history file
    • FA: Fixed Minidump EBCDIC/ASCII encoding selection remaining selected after picking an option directly from the drop down selection menu
    • DT: Updated Debug Tool perspective to the latest RDz 9.1 GA level
    • DT: PMR69070 Fixed NullPointerException in DTCN plug-in when opening local profiles
    • FM: APAR PI25239 Added 'KEY' command to valid navigation commands
    • FM: APAR PI25247 Added a filter on the Field Name in the "Locate Field" dialog of the Formatted Editor
    • FM: APAR PI25587 Enabled Dump and Unstructured View mode in Single Mode when editing a resource in the Formatted Editor without a template
  • V13.1.0.11 (21 August 2014)
    • DT: Added scrollable displays to DTSP and DTCN wizards
    • FA: RFE 750: Added support for viewing/editing fault entry "open files" using File Manager plug-in
    • FA: Fault Analyzer API will now create a local history file for a fault entry if it no longer exists
    • FM: PI19364: When suppressed records are grouped, the layout name (and number of records) is not displayed in the prefix area.
    • FM: PI21593: Enable selecting 'Wide Listing' option for 'Compare' in the FM plugin.
    • FM: PI21805: FM plugin: Layout name field not being refreshed
    • FM: PI21830: FM plugin: Problem editing large MQ messages
    • FM: PI24057: Receive message 'Error occurred while performing step up editor cache window action' when paging up using scroll slide bar.
    • PD Tools Studio: updated bundled Java Runtime Environment to 32-bit IBM Java 1.7.0 (v7r1 SR1-FP1)
    • PD Tools branding: "About" text should now correctly display version number and build timestamp
  • V13.1.0.10 (3 July 2014)
    • FM: APAR PI20933: File Manager plugin adding 'Structure Mode' to Single Record view.
    • FM: APAR PI13489: Receive message FMNIA527 when using IMS Editor in the File Manager v13 plug-in to access a database in DLI mode.
    • FM: APAR PI19306: With a translation table in place for National characters, translation does not occur in 'Edit Copybook Selection'.
    • FM: APAR PI21028: File Manager plugin add 'Compiler Listing' to the error dialog if there is compiler error.
    • FA: Implemented FAAPI.OpenReport function which enables users to open a Fault Analyzer report from their own application
    • DT: CICS/TS 5.2 - Support "applications" in DTCN remote plug-in.
    • DT: Add capability to trap DB/2 SPs based on client ID when using the DTSP remote plug-in.
  • V13.1.0.9 (28 May 2014)
    • DT: Added two new fields Job Name and Step Name for DTSP plugin. Job name and step name are two new pattern match arguments for the batch environment. It provides additional filters that allows you to specify a job and step that you want to start a debug session.
    • DT: Fixed NullPointerException for JCL Plugin during plugin starting up.
    • FA: Major performance improvement for loading large fault entry reports
    • FA: Improved error message display when multiple status messages are returned
    • FA: Added confirmation dialog when deleting fault entry/s
    • FM: Added DB2 options page in File Manager preferences
    • FM: Added support for padded blanks in CREATOR of DB2 Databases and Tables
    • FM: APAR PI14011 when using the FM plug-in to display/edit data with a template, column headings are not translated to a national language.
    • FM: Simplified Export dialog and options
    • APA: Miscellaneous improvements
  • V13.1.0.8 (3 April 2014)
    • FM: APAR PI14668 when using the fm plug-in 'export to desktop' function, with a copybook, fields are not transferred correctly.
    • FM: APAR PI13646 enter key in character mode of formatted editor causes the line to be split and data on other lines is overwritten.
    • FM: APAR PI12021 Receive message - <SSID>: ** not defined in installation module when attempting to browse a DB2 subsystem using the FM plug-in.
    • FM: APAR PI13509 using FM GUI plug-in to edit a file using a copybook with large number of columns, the headers and data do not stay in synch
    • FM: Support files with huge number of columns in formatted editor by implementing segmented columns
    • FM: Support browsing files with huge record length (more than tens of thousands) by implementing segmented records
  • V13.1.0.7 (21 February 2014)
    • FA: Improved memory efficiency when displaying fault entry reports with extremely large sections
    • FM: Fixed text selection occasionally causing context menus to only partially load, when running under RDz 9.0.1
  • V13.1.0.6 (6 February 2014)
    • FA: Fixed fault entry report links being hidden, can now click minidump addresses, error message codes and source code references again
    • FM: APAR PI07214: Fixed File Manager not showing 'ZZZ9' fields in RDz 9
    • FM: Fixed ordering of OK/Cancel buttons in Certificate Viewer dialog window
    • FM: APAR PI10650: Fixed field widths being wider than what the data requires, when working with data using a template
    • FM: APAR PI10236: Fixed PD Tools Studio hanging after selecting a second PDS member for editing
  • V13.1.0.5 (15 January 2014 )
    • DT: Fix installation problem with RDz 9.0.1
    • FA: IDITRACE logs are now displayed automatically in the case of a failed fault entry reanalysis to help diagnose the source of the problem
    • FA: APAR PM96423 : Added optimization to reduce memory usage when downloading many large minidumps simultaneously
    • FA: The fault entry list will now be sorted by the DATE column by default (as in the ISPF interface)
    • - FM: Allowed large dialogs to resize correctly on low resolution displays.
  • V13.1.0.4 (13 December 2013 )
    • FA: RFE648: Added editable fields for the "User Name", "User Title" and "Lock Flag" values to the fault entry Properties dialog. Note: Fault Analyzer v13 PTF UI13465 is required for saving modified values.
    • FA: Fixed occasional error being thrown when sorting a column in the fault entry table
    • FA: Improved error message information when trying to delete a locked fault entry
  • V13.1.0.3 (10 December 2013 )
    • FA: Added selected message code lookup option to right-click context menu
    • FA: APAR PM96423: Improved memory efficiency to support very large minidump downloads
    • FA: Improved source file parsing efficiency to support very large files
    • FA: Improved error message dialog information
    • FM: APAR PI05862: Allow viewing MQ Message Descriptors in Formatted Editor.
  • V13.1.0.2 (15 November 2013 )
    • FM: Enhancement APAR PM97265: Improve connection status discovery.
    • FM: Fix for PMR 59822,227,000
  • V13.1.0.1 (12 November 2013)
    • APA: Allow installation of either v12 or v13 plugins from the Combined Packages
    • FA: PMR04018: Enhanced error message display to consolidate multiple messages and prevent excess dialogs from being created.
    • FM: Update documentation.
  • V13.1.0.0 (18 October 2013)
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Install using Installation Manager

If you don't have Installation Manager on your desktop machine, follow the instructions to install IBM Explorer for z/OS first.

There are two options available to install the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins using Installation Manager install:

  1. Installation over the Internet: Open Installation Manager, add URL to Preferences > Repositories. Select the Install option and select the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins.
  2. Installation using a zipped file: Review the Readme PDF ( Click me to download14KB). Download the zip file ( Click me to download81MB) containing the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins in the Installation Manager format and perform the local installation.
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Install and use Problem Determination Studio

  1. Review the "System requirements and prerequisites" section in the Readme PDF ( Click me to download10KB) and verify that you have met all the requirements and installed all the prerequisites.
  2. Download and save the zip file ( Click me to download303MB) to your local machine.
  3. Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder of your choice. Ensure that the directory you choose does not contain any other files.
  4. Review the "Installing IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio" section of the Readme PDF for any further instructions on how to complete the installation.
  5. To start the Problem Determination Tools Studio, double-click the file PD_Tools.exe from where you extracted the install zip file.
  6. Review the "Getting Started with IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio" section of the Readme PDF for any further instructions on how to begin using Problem Determination Tools Studio.
  7. The Problem Determination Tools Studio help documentation is integrated with it and includes a basic overview and first steps on configuring a connection on the welcome screen. More detailed help can be found by selecting "Help Content" from the Help drop-down menu.
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Install using Eclipse P2

There are two options available to install the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins using Eclipse P2 installation:

  1. Installation over Internet: In your Eclipse IDE, add URL In your Eclipse IDE, add URL to Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites. You can choose to install the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins along with other IBM's compatible products.
  2. Installation using a zipped file: Review the Readme PDF ( Click me to download13KB). Download the zip file ( Click me to download76MB) containing the Problem Determination Tools plug-ins in the Eclipse P2 installation format and perform the local installation.
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Technical support

The IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio and plug-ins are available at no charge to all licensed users of any of the following five IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS products:
- IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS V12.1, or later
- IBM Debug Tool for z/OS V12.1, or later
- IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS, V12.1, or later
- IBM File Manager for z/OS V12.1, or later

The IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio and plug-ins are supplied under the standard terms and conditions of the IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA) and of the associated License Information and other documentation, and provides a defect correction entitlement for those licensed users entitled to service for any of the IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS products listed above. Service is available for the Studio and plug-ins for as long as the IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS product which the Studio and plug-ins are to be used with are generally supported by IBM. In addition, IBM reserves the right to discontinue service on the Studio and plug-ins when they are withdrawn from marketing by IBM. Please reference the IBM Problem Determination Tool for z/OS product that you are using as the entitled product when contacting IBM and requesting support for IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio and the plug-ins.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS Plug-in Windows 12.1, 13.1
Software Development Debug Tool for z/OS Plug-in Windows 12.1, 13.1
Software Development Fault Analyzer for z/OS Plug-in Windows 12.1, 13.1
Software Development File Manager for z/OS Plug-in Windows 12.1, 13.1

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Debug Tool for z/OS

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12.1, 13.1

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