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This document describes how to download and install eDiscovery Analyzer Version 2.2.1 by using the Passport Advantage Online web site.

Download Description

IBM eDiscovery Analyzer is an Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) tool for the conceptual search and analysis of cases. Together with IBM eDiscovery Manager, it is the foundation for the IBM eDiscovery solution. This solution enables organizations to respond to litigation with a lower-cost, in-house approach that negates the need to fully outsource the eDiscovery process.

Product announcement

See the product announcement for the following information:

  • Detailed product description, including a description of new functions
  • Product-positioning statement
  • Ordering information

Space requirements

The following amount of disk space is required for IBM eDiscovery Analyzer:


  • 1000 MB of temporary disk space to install the product.
  • 1000 MB of disk space for the installed product.

  • 1000 MB of temporary disk space to install the product.
  • 1000 MB of disk space for the installed product.

Downloading the product

  1. Go to the Download packages section and click the HTTP link to access the IBM Passport Advantage Online web site.
  2. Sign in with your IBM ID and password. If you are not yet registered, follow the prompts to request access.
  3. Click Software download & media access. All entitled products are listed on the Software Download and Media Access web page. This page provides a guided process for selecting a platform and the product version that you want to download.
  4. If you are licensed for more than one product, select the program offering that you want to download.
  5. Click Download finder to see a list of available products. Follow the on-screen prompts to select and download the IBM eDiscovery Analyzer software image and Quick Start Guide image.
  6. Extract the images into a temporary directory on your system.
  7. Go to the Installation Instructions section that follows and click the "Installing eDiscovery Analyzer" link to find the installation information online.

Download packages

Package release date
IBM eDiscovery Analyzer AIX
IBM eDiscovery Analyzer Windows

APARs fixed in this release

Below is a list of the APARs that were fixed in this release.

APARs fixed in version 2.2.1 of IBM eDiscovery Analyzer

IC84679 'Delete Index' icon for a case is disabled for a case in recrawl state
IC84931 eDiscovery Analyzer continuously polls the repository for users that have logged in once.
IC85776 Indexing in eDiscovery Analyzer remains stuck in a "stopping" state if the crawler receives a fatal time out exception.
(If an APAR link does not work, the detailed information for that APAR is not yet available from the Support page. Try again in a day or two.)


Ensure that your system meets the hardware and software requirements for installing IBM eDiscovery Analyzer Version 2.2.1.

Installation Instructions

The IBM Archive and eDiscovery Solution Information Center contains installation instructions in addition to overview, configuration, managing cases, and troubleshooting information. Click "Installing eDiscovery Analyzer" for installation information.

For information about problems that were discovered before the product shipped, click "Known Problems." As problems are discovered and resolved throughout the product's life cycle, the eDiscovery Analyzer Support knowledge base is updated. You can search the IBM Software Support site for eDiscovery Analyzer to quickly find fixes, solutions, or workarounds to problems.

Installing eDiscovery Analyzer English 1
Known Problems English 1

Technical support

Product support is available on the web at:
IBM eDiscovery Analyzer product support

Problems (APARS) fixed
IC84679, IC84931, IC85776

Document information

More support for: eDiscovery Analyzer

Software version: 2.2.1

Operating system(s): AIX, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 4033249

Modified date: 21 September 2014

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