IBM Support WebSphere Application Server V8.0 Fix Pack 4

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IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 8.0 Fix Pack 4 for all platforms, also known as Version

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Fix Pack 4 ( for WebSphere Application Server Version 8.0 is provided for the following components:

  • Application Server
  • Application Client
  • Web server plug-ins
  • Pluggable Application Client
  • IBM HTTP Server
  • DMZ Secure Proxy Server
  • WebSphere Customization Toolbox
  • IBM Web Enablement for IBM i
  • IBM Edge Components

A change introduced by this Fix Pack might negatively affect existing product function. Evaluate these APAR(s) for the potential impact in your environment. You can refer to the APAR(s) listed below for description of the problems as well as corrective actions:

Date Added APAR Impact Description
2/13/2013 PM76516 Medium Attempts to change SDK from 64-bit to 32-bit or vice-versa with update, modify, or rollback causes installation of new SDK to fail
2/13/2013 PM79340 Medium Native storage leak in WebSphere Application Server for z/OS servant process.
2/13/2013 PM69401 Low FormLogoutServlet fails to redirect a HTTP request after completion of logout.

WebSphere Application Server Version 8.0 is the first full version to be installed by IBM Installation Manager. IBM Installation Manager is a single installation program that can use remote or local software flat-file repositories to install, modify, or update new WebSphere Application Server products. It determines and shows available packages—including products, fix packs, interim fixes, and so on—checks prerequisites and interdependencies, and installs the selected packages. You also use Installation Manager to easily uninstall the packages that it installed.

Installing fix packs on distributed operating systems using local repository
To install Fix Pack using a local repository, download the respective .zip files listed in the Download Package section below for your respective products and then point Installation Manager to the repository.xml file on your local machine. If part1 and part2 .zip files exist, unzip the part1 and part2 .zip files to the same folder on your local machine. Both .zip files are required for installation of the fix pack. When unzipping part2, the Windows operating system might warn you that a directory with the same name already exists. Allow the tool to merge the directories; the tool does not overwrite any files.

To add the repository:
a. Start Installation Manager.
b. In the top menu, click File > Preferences.
c. Select Repositories.
d. Click Add Repository.
e. Enter the path to the repository.xml file in the location containing the repository files.
  • This is a sample path for a local repository on Windows operating system:C:\repositories\product_name\local-repositories
  • This is a sample path for a local repository on AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris operating system:/var/repositories/product_name/local-repositories

Installing fix packs on distributed operating systems using the GUI
Visit Info Center for detailed instructions for Installing fix packs on distributed operating systems using the GUI.

Installing fix packs on distributed operating systems using the command line
Visit Info Center for detailed instructions for Installing fix packs on distributed operating systems using the command line.

Installing fix packs on distributed operating systems using response files
Visit Info Center for detailed instructions for Installing fix packs on distributed operating systems using response files.

WebSphere Application Server Version 8 product offerings for supported operating systems
Visit Info Center for detailed information on List of Web-based service repositories for WebSphere Application Server Version 8 product offerings on supported operating systems.

Known Issues
  • None.
Readme for Multiplatforms US English 100
Fix list for WebSphere Application Server V8 US English 100
Detailed system requirements US English 100
Fix list for IBM Edge Components US English 100

Download package

Platform Download Download Links (Fix Central)
Distributed Application Server V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP Files containing Base, Express, Developers, ND, NDDMZ, Java SDK
Distributed Supplements V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP Files containing Application Client, Web server plug-ins, Pluggable Application Client, IBM HTTP Server, Java SDK
Distributed WebSphere Customization Toolbox V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP File
IBM i IBM Web Enablement for IBM i V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP File
zOS IBM HTTP Server for zOS V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP File
zOS Web server plug-ins for zOS V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP File
zOS Application Server for zOS V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP File
Distributed IBM WebSphere Edge Load Balancer for IPv4 V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP Files
Distributed IBM WebSphere Edge Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP File
Distributed IBM WebSphere Edge Components Caching Proxy V8.0.0.4 local repository ZIP File

Technical support

Contact 1-800-IBM-SERV (U.S. only) or visit the WebSphere Application Server Support site

Problems (APARS) fixed
PK99700, PM08491, PM17130, PM21170, PM21451, PM21689, PM22019, PM22226, PM22482, PM24181, PM25277, PM25421, PM25931, PM26370, PM27013, PM27062, PM27261, PM27886, PM28122, PM28883, PM29586, PM29822, PM29846, PM30025, PM30134, PM30332, PM30396, PM30431, PM30543, PM30634, PM30714, PM30801, PM31401, PM31502, PM31678, PM31987, PM32110, PM32191, PM32212, PM32330, PM32342, PM32461, PM32466, PM32618, PM32636, PM32695, PM32704, PM32771, PM32779, PM32792, PM32856, PM32865, PM32980, PM33076, PM33256, PM33469, PM33471, PM33488, PM33493, PM33522, PM33545, PM33631, PM33650, PM33781, PM33787, PM34003, PM34074, PM34097, PM34156, PM34189, PM34191, PM34241, PM34254, PM34329, PM34365, PM34413, PM34414, PM34450, PM34501, PM34529, PM34547, PM34662, PM34787, PM35093, PM35145, PM35288, PM35348, PM35355, PM35395, PM35450, PM35471, PM35508, PM35509, PM35555, PM35587, PM35646, PM35691, PM35701, PM35712, PM35725, PM35730, PM35734, PM35743, PM35764, PM35804, PM35809, PM35851, PM35902, PM35951, PM36009, PM36025, PM36111, PM36257, PM36297, PM36469, PM36510, PM36540, PM36556, PM36598, PM36607, PM36615, PM36620, PM36622, PM36669, PM36696, PM36700, PM36719, PM36734, PM36909, PM36930, PM36949, PM36985, PM37029, PM37108, PM37139, PM37169, PM37205, PM37225, PM37234, PM37247, PM37248, PM37261, PM37276, PM37373, PM37404, PM37405, PM37452, PM37497, PM37589, PM37645, PM37735, PM37820, PM37824, PM37842, PM37851, PM37859, PM37900, PM37942, PM37969, PM37996, PM38052, PM38153, PM38156, PM38181, PM38244, PM38308, PM38313, PM38436, PM38438, PM38448, PM38487, PM38547, PM38550, PM38569, PM38617, PM38622, PM38627, PM38629, PM38651, PM38653, PM38679, PM38681, PM38708, PM38826, PM38852, PM38853, PM38857, PM38858, PM38864, PM38866, PM38877, PM38901, PM38947, PM38957, PM38967, PM39018, PM39074, PM39082, PM39105, PM39126, PM39130, PM39161, PM39182, PM39230, PM39265, PM39268, PM39271, PM39272, PM39296, PM39315, PM39333, PM39338, PM39400, PM39402, PM39407, PM39432, PM39436, PM39447, PM39456, PM39457, PM39464, PM39468, PM39481, PM39518, PM39531, PM39538, PM39543, PM39649, PM39651, PM39652, PM39656, PM39708, PM39726, PM39742, PM39743, PM39746, PM39749, PM39754, PM39760, PM39777, PM39832, PM39841, PM39870, PM39875, PM39882, PM39905, PM39936, PM39970, PM40004, PM40029, PM40078, PM40079, PM40083, PM40085, PM40093, PM40101, PM40118, PM40143, PM40156, PM40158, PM40167, PM40170, PM40180, PM40232, PM40248, PM40281, PM40326, PM40361, PM40404, PM40406, PM40444, PM40451, PM40494, PM40518, PM40524, PM40539, PM40542, PM40543, PM40549, PM40550, PM40556, PM40568, PM40570, PM40582, PM40596, PM40649, PM40658, PM40660, PM40677, PM40678, PM40680, PM40682, PM40691, PM40705, PM40736, PM40751, PM40763, PM40787, PM40796, PM40797, PM40811, PM40817, PM40824, PM40830, PM40856, PM40898, PM40911, PM40913, PM40961, PM40967, PM40981, PM40985, PM41030, PM41047, PM41049, PM41055, PM41131, PM41133, PM41166, PM41167, PM41171, PM41173, PM41174, PM41181, PM41236, PM41292, PM41305, PM41314, PM41323, PM41362, PM41388, PM41393, PM41397, PM41412, PM41483, PM41520, PM41524, PM41527, PM41532, PM41591, PM41601, PM41620, PM41639, PM41651, PM41653, PM41679, PM41687, PM41691, PM41692, PM41696, PM41697, PM41698, PM41699, PM41700, PM41702, PM41703, PM41704, PM41706, PM41708, PM41709, PM41710, PM41711, PM41712, PM41713, PM41714, PM41715, PM41716, PM41717, PM41719, PM41720, PM41721, PM41722, PM41723, PM41724, PM41726, PM41729, PM41730, PM41731, PM41732, PM41734, PM41735, PM41736, PM41737, PM41738, PM41739, PM41740, PM41741, PM41742, PM41743, PM41744, PM41746, PM41747, PM41748, PM41749, PM41751, PM41752, PM41753, PM41754, PM41755, PM41756, PM41757, PM41808, PM41826, PM41831, PM41843, PM41852, PM41853, PM41912, PM41924, PM42001, PM42032, PM42064, PM42137, PM42167, PM42185, PM42225, PM42227, PM42231, PM42271, PM42285, PM42357, PM42370, PM42375, PM42448, PM42452, PM42453, PM42458, PM42481, PM42555, PM42592, PM42600, PM42611, PM42615, PM42632, PM42639, PM42644, PM42657, PM42664, PM42672, PM42820, PM42846, PM43254, PM43511, PM43705, PM43799, PM43843, PM44146, PM44173, PM44349, PM44394, PM44509, PM44590, PM44642, PM44691, PM44708, PM44786, PM44851, PM44867, PM45096, PM45110, PM45131, PM45140, PM45217, PM45322, PM45371, PM45992, PM10321, PM19536, PM20978, PM22498, PM23448, PM28343, PM30683, PM31737, PM32305, PM32320, PM33575, PM34028, PM34178, PM34869, PM34957, PM35404, PM35661, PM35726, PM35890, PM36035, PM36303, PM36341, PM36842, PM37107, PM37315, PM37821, PM37840, PM37886, PM37925, PM37947, PM37976, PM38019, PM38223, PM38224, PM38283, PM38369, PM38672, PM38888, PM39049, PM39070, PM39075, PM39125, PM39127, PM39131, PM39164, PM39304, PM39345, PM39363, PM39549, PM39559, PM39613, PM39676, PM39690, PM39702, PM39794, PM39817, PM39845, PM39876, PM39926, PM40043, PM40051, PM40146, PM40175, PM40214, PM40220, PM40261, PM40278, PM40442, PM40551, PM40618, PM40749, PM40769, PM40802, PM40926, PM40943, PM41046, PM41056, PM41069, PM41088, PM41128, PM41161, PM41180, PM41200, PM41287, PM41306, PM41338, PM41418, PM41476, PM41490, PM41530, PM41693, PM41773, PM41799, PM41850, PM41930, PM41961, PM42073, PM42075, PM42120, PM42155, PM42172, PM42174, PM42234, PM42263, PM42266, PM42282, PM42335, PM42368, PM42381, PM42438, PM42465, PM42533, PM42571, PM42575, PM42582, PM42583, PM42618, PM42702, PM42755, PM42762, PM42823, PM42874, PM43012, PM43037, PM43050, PM43077, PM43079, PM43080, PM43196, PM43228, PM43260, PM43269, PM43304, PM43353, PM43354, PM43364, PM43373, PM43415, PM43427, PM43429, PM43455, PM43456, PM43462, PM43492, PM43561, PM43572, PM43578, PM43581, PM43582, PM43585, PM43588, PM43617, PM43624, PM43639, PM43657, PM43663, PM43666, PM43700, PM43712, PM43714, PM43729, PM43742, PM43748, PM43770, PM43779, PM43789, PM43797, PM43805, PM43810, PM43832, PM43852, PM43897, PM43945, PM43953, PM43978, PM43988, PM44024, PM44025, PM44028, PM44032, PM44052, PM44084, PM44112, PM44136, PM44165, PM44186, PM44240, PM44243, PM44272, PM44276, PM44284, PM44303, PM44341, PM44359, PM44430, PM44500, PM44512, PM44515, PM44579, PM44593, PM44635, PM44643, PM44675, PM44677, PM44682, PM44683, PM44710, PM44725, PM44743, PM44750, PM44776, PM44789, PM44793, PM44795, PM44816, PM44858, PM44859, PM44866, PM44944, PM44950, PM44958, PM44991, PM45000, PM45006, PM45018, PM45023, PM45049, PM45069, PM45072, PM45095, PM45122, PM45125, PM45170, PM45193, PM45196, PM45217, PM45256, PM45258, PM45260, PM45263, PM45289, PM45306, PM45309, PM45320, PM45328, PM45352, PM45373, PM45398, PM45423, PM45437, PM45439, PM45452, PM45472, PM45487, PM45501, PM45538, PM45592, PM45618, PM45622, PM45631, PM45648, PM45676, PM45693, PM45697, PM45708, PM45738, PM45802, PM45816, PM45828, PM45860, PM45932, PM46017, PM46098, PM46111, PM46133, PM46147, PM46159, PM46180, PM46206, PM46219, PM46243, PM46254, PM46270, PM46308, PM46321, PM46324, PM46326, PM46331, PM46339, PM46346, PM46347, PM46348, PM46369, PM46370, PM46421, PM46423, PM46428, PM46436, PM46444, PM46450, PM46451, PM46452, PM46466, PM46468, PM46482, PM46493, PM46511, PM46540, PM46542, PM46554, PM46557, PM46608, PM46638, PM46642, PM46643, PM46651, PM46652, PM46680, PM46698, PM46699, PM46717, PM46742, PM46772, PM46785, PM46815, PM46831, PM46834, PM46839, PM46846, PM46892, PM46950, PM46971, PM47008, PM47031, PM47036, PM47048, PM47062, PM47064, PM47067, PM47079, PM47089, PM47107, PM47113, PM47114, PM47194, PM47196, PM47199, PM47224, PM47236, PM47296, PM47304, PM47305, PM47310, PM47315, PM47339, PM47349, PM47359, PM47370, PM47390, PM47402, PM47409, PM47429, PM47433, PM47435, PM47444, PM47446, PM47450, PM47460, PM47462, PM47469, PM47506, PM47513, PM47514, PM47521, PM47553, PM47560, PM47574, PM47594, PM47614, PM47616, PM47637, PM47654, PM47655, PM47656, PM47658, PM47661, PM47662, PM47688, PM47738, PM47740, PM47746, PM47761, PM47772, PM47776, PM47786, PM47817, PM47832, PM47834, PM47845, PM47846, PM47851, PM47852, PM47856, PM47862, PM47904, PM47968, PM47974, PM48007, PM48032, PM48033, PM48036, PM48052, PM48136, PM48153, PM48157, PM48163, PM48200, PM48297, PM48360, PM48384, PM48458, PM48470, PM48509, PM48513, PM48558, PM48581, PM48585, PM48594, PM48600, PM48655, PM48717, PM48719, PM48723, PM48785, PM48786, PM48791, PM48804, PM48807, PM48817, PM48822, PM48831, PM48833, PM48837, PM48838, PM48842, PM48888, PM48898, PM48910, PM48918, PM48922, PM48945, PM48946, PM48951, PM49001, PM49011, PM49025, PM49033, PM49041, PM49047, PM49078, PM49145, PM49170, PM49198, PM49220, PM49249, PM49300, PM49360, PM49379, PM49394, PM49395, PM49398, PM49406, PM49414, PM49430, PM49447, PM49476, PM49485, PM49489, PM49497, PM49509, PM49528, PM49573, PM49588, PM49610, PM49712, PM49725, PM49807, PM49974, PM49999, PM50023, PM50098, PM50100, PM50105, PM50147, PM50204, PM50212, PM50357, PM50363, PM50367, PM50426, PM50491, PM50554, PM50565, PM50591, PM50649, PM50711, PM50980, PM51080, PM51165, PM51184, PM51265, PM51279, PM51296, PM51389, PM51508, PM51523, PM51916, PM52049, PM52176, PM52245, PM52520, PM31740, PM33382, PM38854, PM40631, PM40936, PM42516, PM42643, PM42847, PM42959, PM43426, PM43864, PM43978, PM44124, PM44368, PM44700, PM45011, PM45080, PM45181, PM45259, PM45446, PM45750, PM45775, PM45970, PM46226, PM46393, PM46408, PM46827, PM46855, PM46863, PM46948, PM47034, PM47065, PM47143, PM47209, PM47306, PM47418, PM47458, PM47486, PM47487, PM47528, PM47677, PM47892, PM47896, PM47941, PM47956, PM47959, PM47960, PM48044, PM48098, PM48161, PM48206, PM48286, PM48402, PM48423, PM48438, PM48489, PM48503, PM48578, PM48622, PM48631, PM48637, PM48802, PM48805, PM48818, PM48820, PM48829, PM48842, PM48849, PM48884, PM48958, PM49034, PM49048, PM49123, PM49205, PM49214, PM49223, PM49232, PM49236, PM49243, PM49247, PM49292, PM49308, PM49396, PM49421, PM49452, PM49471, PM49506, PM49567, PM49608, PM49625, PM49633, PM49641, PM49715, PM49729, PM49790, PM49821, PM49844, PM49919, PM49926, PM49953, PM49956, PM49995, PM50025, PM50111, PM50156, PM50214, PM50217, PM50224, PM50225, PM50232, PM50260, PM50313, PM50326, PM50360, PM50398, PM50399, PM50450, PM50564, PM50634, PM50815, PM50829, PM50904, PM50932, 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PM53961, PM53964, PM53989, PM53997, PM54080, PM54088, PM54119, PM54153, PM54241, PM54254, PM54263, PM54268, PM54289, PM54350, PM54357, PM54367, PM54387, PM54417, PM54464, PM54465, PM54477, PM54521, PM54544, PM54565, PM54614, PM54618, PM54620, PM54654, PM54665, PM54673, PM54703, PM54785, PM54789, PM54852, PM55151, PM55166, PM55170, PM55234, PM55240, PM55326, PM55332, PM55349, PM55365, PM55371, PM55374, PM55401, PM55402, PM55415, PM55416, PM55423, PM55495, PM55504, PM55527, PM55529, PM55558, PM55587, PM55669, PM55726, PM55760, PM55784, PM55858, PM55861, PM56021, PM56128, PM56139, PM56162, PM56181, PM56192, PM56268, PM56295, PM56365, PM56411, PM56706, PM56707, PM56709, PM56754, PM56762, PM57104, PM57116, PM57137, PM57273, PM57716, PM57797, PM57985, PM58071, PM58207, PM58328, PM58333, PM58499, PM58816, PM58817, PM58928, PM59094, PM59463, PM59694, PM59819, PM59861, PM60027, PM60104, PM60206, PM60707, PM06623, PM09447, PM19152, PM36733, PM45321, PM45354, PM46406, PM46561, PM47212, PM47250, PM47857, PM48799, PM48806, PM49129, PM49195, PM49222, PM49316, PM49349, PM49615, PM49800, PM50128, PM50390, PM50498, PM50672, PM50719, PM51121, PM51209, PM51216, PM51301, PM51310, PM51393, PM51460, PM51630, PM51727, PM51802, PM51856, PM51996, PM52351, PM52527, PM52696, PM52869, PM52964, PM53027, PM53083, PM53130, PM53278, PM53390, PM53452, PM53514, PM53583, PM53640, PM53759, PM53930, PM54006, PM54094, PM54129, PM54235, PM54323, PM54414, PM54474, PM54559, PM54584, PM54890, PM54923, PM54932, PM55023, PM55047, PM55131, PM55176, PM55240, PM55244, PM55271, PM55286, PM55296, PM55338, PM55375, PM55377, PM55394, PM55510, PM55526, PM55534, PM55570, PM55588, PM55601, PM55680, PM55700, PM55781, PM55881, PM55903, PM55922, PM55934, PM55970, PM55982, PM55985, PM56009, PM56082, PM56122, PM56128, PM56143, PM56170, PM56181, PM56183, PM56187, PM56209, PM56230, PM56238, PM56259, PM56267, PM56286, PM56317, PM56327, PM56328, PM56331, PM56484, PM56485, PM56543, PM56585, PM56596, PM56600, PM56632, PM56642, 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More support for: WebSphere Application Server

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Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Software edition: Base, Express, Network Deployment

Reference #: 4033190

Modified date: 21 June 2013

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